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    Main interest is collecting original WWII and Korean war photos. P-38 photos first then nose art. Military aviation models.

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  1. He is just another of a growing number of ebay Japan sellers listing kits at crazy prices. Look at his other items. I ran into one the other day when he had just listed items and it was just page after page of this guys crazy items. I looked at total number of kits listed by him and it was over 5K. Mike
  2. Hit the brakes, he'll fly right by. LOL Mike
  3. So very sorry for your loss. Mike
  4. Welcome! Enjoy yourself and and don't forget to share some pic's of your work! Mike
  5. They played a behind the scenes trailer for it before the movie 1917 today at the theater I go to. Showed some of the flying scenes being filmed which was cool. Mike
  6. At work we ship Hazmat packages air with UPS but it has to be small quantities and packed/labeled a certain way and with proper paperwork and the people doing it have to go through special training. If I remember right the fine a few years ago started at $7K. It could be more now. I ship pallets of Hazmat air packages every Tuesday and Friday to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and Saipan. For a hobby shop I don't think it would be worth the hassle and risk to do it. Mike
  7. That's one of the shows I thinking about going to. Mike
  8. Just got back from seeing it. Never originally intended to until I saw everybody's comments here. I agree it's worth seeing and I'm glad I did. It was encouraging was see how many people were there to see it. Mike
  9. My third one arrived today. Must of tangled with a box full of Zero's on the way here. Not happy but they are sending me a replacement. Mike
  10. Sprue Brothers. The next two I order will likely be from Scale Hobbyist. I also have a order from them due monday but it's just for paintbrushes, tape and sanding sticks. Mike
  11. My kits are here! Time to get started! Mike
  12. Oh wow those are great too! I had been thinking about doing Pat II too. Thats why it was at the top of the stack. Decisions, decisions.... Mike
  13. While looking around to see what might be coming out to go with the new Tamiya P-38 I found these listed as a future release. Got to say I'm happy to see these. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48215 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48214 But my stack of P-38 decals is already 4 inches thick! LOL I'm so ready for my 2 kits to get here and get started. Don' think I've been this excited about a kit in a long time. Model desk is clear and ready to go! Mike
  14. A first for me was the KC-46A Pegasus at the Grissom Air Show 9/7/2019. Mike
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