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    This is gonna hurt.
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    Main interest is collecting original WWII and Korean war photos. P-38 photos first then nose art. Military aviation models.

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  1. A first for me was the KC-46A Pegasus at the Grissom Air Show 9/7/2019. Mike
  2. It’s really just the way the real things work that until Tamiya came out no one has made a good way to attach them. On the real thing they swing out and over the edge of the well. Best I ever did was to remove the two center ones and attach them. Not perfect but made for a better looking fit. Mike
  3. Yeah they charge $15 to cover shipping cost and they give you the missile set as a bonus. Mike
  4. The post office wasn't very kind to mine but no parts were damaged. Mike
  5. WestPac Restoration that restored it also referred to it as White 33. Just causes confusion in my opinion. Mike
  6. Mine was delivered today in a smashed box. The contents were in good shape. There was some white stress marks on the flap tracks for the smaller set but none were broke. So good to go. Mike
  7. Last update on mine shipping reads "Airline departs Beijing" July 18. What ever that means??? My first shipping notice is dated June 22. Mike
  8. There was more than one White 33. You are confusing two completely different aircraft. Mike
  9. I’ll start out ordering a case of them! Lol Mike
  10. Ok thanks. Maybe it won’t be to much longer then. Mike
  11. Last updates I got were on 7/5 and 7/16 with same message. "Processed Through Facility BEIJING, CHINA" Dave did it come by boat or air? Mike
  12. Surprised to see Norwegian F-35 at Toledo Air show. Mike
  13. My daughter told me when they get the info on what is to get marked down they have X amount of time to get it done by. So maybe those other stores just have not got around to it yet. Mike
  14. Glad to help. I'm going to stop in for myself this time and look around but I think my daughter already got most everything for me. 🤣 Mike
  15. My daughter ended up getting me the Hobbyboss 1/48 UH-1C easy build for $6.49 when she got me the 1/72 F-5E. Mike
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