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    Main interest is collecting original WWII and Korean war photos. P-38 photos first then nose art. Military aviation models.

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  1. You can't go in but can drive around and see in from different areas. We did that plus the bus tour and air show in 2000. One of the scrap dealers had an area set up with stuff for sale that your run of the mill aviation collector might want. I picked up a couple of things but that was 23 years ago. Not sure if they are still around. Guy there tried to sell me an Arkansas ANG F-4 Phantom forward fuselage that was complete for $15K. Newly divorced, child support equaled no money for fun stuff like that.😑 Pima is a great museum. Mike
  2. I just got the point of test fitting the cockpit and don't have a problem. There are groves top and bottom that match the lips on the cockpit sides and it lines right up in those and does not move. Maybe double check your alignment again. Mike
  3. Best pic I could find of the wings is in here. https://www.projectrecover.org/national-air-and-space-museum-b-26-bomber/ To me it looks like 5. At least on the bottom. Mike
  4. I got mine a few days ago. Just the regular version. Going to do one of the East German machines. I noticed the back of the instructions show other releases. 8510 Mig-17F Shenyang J-5, Vietnam, China, North Korea 8514 is the premium 8509 Mig-17F Lim-5, Poland, Cuba, Angola 8513 is the premium. I am going to start this and set aside my current build that has lost some interest for me the past couple of weeks of inaction. Mike
  5. Sweet pic's as always! I helped work on that F-86 when It was stuck in Zanesville with a bad ground connection back in July of 2020. Was supposed to be in the mass fly over of Washing DC. They needed to make a patch and didn't have anything in the hanger so I got a scrap piece of F-105 I had and they used it to make the patch. Something I'll never forget. Paul beat up the field a couple of times when he left. That's me in the gray shirt. Mike
  6. Sweet pic's. I have not had the chance to see seaplanes in action. Mike
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered one of the regular versions. Mike
  8. Nice job and what a super way to have them displayed! Mike
  9. Another beautiful photography job! Mike
  10. Wow nice job. Looks like you had a blast! Mike
  11. Nice shots! Glad to see you back at it. Mike
  12. Nice job and welcome! Mike
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