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  1. Sorry for your loss. He was an amazing artist. Mike
  2. Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon goes away this month. It will be no more unless they change their mind and bring it back. They say they will run more sales in place of it. I also agree that ebay is not what it used to be. Mike
  3. It looks really good and easy to navigate. 👍 Mike
  4. I've gone back and dug out the original and there's no info on the back. I've always been a bit stumped on this one. The artwork on the nose I haven't seen anywhere else. Looks like a woodpecker maybe. The closest i've seen to it is the 67th FS unit emblem and it's boxing rooster. No idea about the serial except the last three being 865 and that's looking at it with a loupe. One of many mystery photo's I have. Mike
  5. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/cmk-4398-f-4a-1-recon-lightning-conversion-set--1290307 https://pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/p-38/41-2130/8prs-F4-41-2130-14mile.html Mike
  6. I don't think would of been delivered unpainted. Some had their paint removed in field. Most common would of been war weary hacks but there were others like below. A number of U.S. and Australian Photo recon units used stripped down photo recon ships. 34th PRS below. Off the top of my head the 8th & 9th PRS did along with an Australian unit. Mike
  7. I have an order coming from Russia. Shipped Aug 4th. Arrived Chicago customs Sept 2nd and has not moved since. Will be calling the customs Friday to see what is going on. Mike
  8. Yes that's Paul Woods plane. He has 14 total from what he told me. They are getting ready to take delivery of a Corsair. Mike
  9. I know and agree with him. Just excited I got work on an F-86 of any make. Mike
  10. Would be nice. I was working on the real thing just the other day! Me in the gray shirt. and now he's gone.... Mike
  11. Same here I use Imgur. Mike
  12. That's good news. I was just looking at my Revell kit the other day thinking it would be nice to have those markings. Now I can just get a couple of these. Mike
  13. Yes, I think it came here in the late 90's. Mike
  14. Thanks for all the info. I have all the specs. Just needed the starting size for the star and bar. When we restored it in 2011. I painted but wasn't involved in getting the marking for the plane. The place that did them went out of business so I'm taking care of them since I did all the ones on the local F-105 we have. From 2011. From 2019 Mike
  15. That’s what I was thinking too. I have the diagram on how to make them. I did 30” ones awhile back for the F-105B at my local airport. That thing was big when done. Lol Thanks, Mike
  16. Yep full-size real bird. Vietnam combat vet. Museum is closed until June. If It doesn’t workout here I’ll try other sources. Mike
  17. I have to make new star and bars for an F-4C (not a model one) I help take care of. Everything I find shows the sizing for the pre SEA camo with 30" star. Anyone know what size they went to when they went with SEA camo? Google has not been my friend today. Thanks, Mike
  18. I was working on 4 AMT P-40's at the same time. 3 P-40F's and 1 P-40K all desert scheme's. Simple kits and same paint figured I'd kill 4 birds with one stone. I did get kind of bored at times I have to admit. Mike
  19. Nice find! If you haven't seen it critical past is a good place too. https://www.criticalpast.com/ Mike
  20. Been hearing about this the past week or so. Guess there has been some C-17's using T-birds call signs flying around some of the city's that are planned to get flyovers. Guess they are figuring out a route. There is also a picture out there of a Thunderbird's with blue and red smoke trails on Airshow Stuff FB page. So maybe colored smoke this time?? Mike
  21. Yep. The only thing in my area I still see maybe happening is Cleveland, Labor Day Weekend. Fingers crossed. Mike
  22. https://airshowstuff.com/v4/airshow-calendar/ Mike
  23. He is just another of a growing number of ebay Japan sellers listing kits at crazy prices. Look at his other items. I ran into one the other day when he had just listed items and it was just page after page of this guys crazy items. I looked at total number of kits listed by him and it was over 5K. Mike
  24. Hit the brakes, he'll fly right by. LOL Mike
  25. So very sorry for your loss. Mike
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