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  1. I have a list, but heaven only knows where I put it. Just look at photos from the time, it'll be obvious which ones are bravos and which ones are novembers. There's a pretty popular picture of 4 jolly Roger's phantoms flying in a diamond formation from late 1973. 3 of the jets in formation are bravos and 1 is a November. Easy enough to get bunos off that list. I dont think the Bs had names stenciled on the canopies
  2. I mean... are you painting it yourself? Just make sure the decals are the right for the cruise you want to depict.
  3. If you're doing a jet from 1965, make sure you get decals specific to that... the skull looked different
  4. The tamiya F-4B it should be fine as-is. If you want to build a jet from the 73 cruise, some them had the RHAW blisters on top of the tail, you should research the specific airframe to figure out which ones.
  5. They did not initally have the all black tail for their F-4B cruise. On the way home from Vietnam, they painted the tails all black. These can be identified by the yellow vagabond stripe on the fuselage (as opposed to black), black radome, and the USS Independence markings on the side. VF-84 lost 3 jets on that cruise ('64-'65) ALSO, according to Don Hanna, who commanded the squadron during their final phantom cruise, when they were switching from F-4Js to F-4Ns, they received a number of F-4Bs as placeholders until enough N models came out of rework, so there were all-black tail F
  6. They re-pop another run every 10 years or so. Theyre at the nadir of their availability just now. You're better off chasing the meng sets unless you absolutely have to have the hasegawa set... in which case, be prepared to take out a small loan
  7. The words "make sense" and Tamiya's marketing strategy seldom belong in the same sentence. Mr Tamiya builds what Mr. Tamiya wants most of the time. Here's the thing... there are a million 1/48 F-4 kits on the market (or at least, easy to find). None of them are outright terrible... the minimal-detailed esci/italeri kit, which still nails the shape of the C/D very well... the testors F-4S misses a few details, but again, very accurately captures the shape. Those are generally hailed as the worst two in the scale. Some of these kits require a little more elbow grease, bu
  8. They come standard in the academy bombcat kit, the special F-14B/F-14D boxing of the Revell kit, as well as the Tamiya F-14D, presumably the GWH kit, and I believe there were resin ones in one or two boxings of the hasegawa kit (but just a couple that are long out of print) For aftermarket, I know the black box bombcat update set had some, and steel Beach did as well... beyond that, im not sure who else has some. The 1/72 hasegawa weapons sets have some, but they are curiously absent from the 1/48 sets. This list is by no means exhaustive, but its all the sources I ca
  9. I've got the article bookmarked already 🙂 fantastic resource and much appreciated! I've got the means to draw my own decals, do that's not a huge concern either. I've got some idea of what I'm in for, I just know the Pete's Hangar kit would be a better starting point than nothing at all!
  10. There's a pretty popular photo somewhere of a number of late VF-84 jets (post Desert Storm) in a dive releasing dumb bombs... also a popular series of photos from VF-84 (actually shot by a guy from VF-32 as I recall) showing 3 VF-84 Tomcats flying in formation showing the three major configurations for a tomcat (air to air, air to ground, recon), which also pre-date LANTIRN (though not by much). Somewhere in my collection, I've got photos of both a VF-51 and VF-111 Tomcat sitting on deck with bomb racks on the LAU-93s. I'll have to see if I can dig those up.
  11. my bad, I evidently missed the part where it came with the later parts.
  12. I haven't been on facebook in 2 years now 😕 Don't suppose anyone wants to shoot my email address to him? (jhousdan at hotmail dot com)
  13. title says it all. I'm gonna do a shelf of every F-111 variant, and the B conversion will obviously be the hardest to do, so I'm starting early. Anyone have one they can let go, or at least loan me long enough to take measurements?
  14. I got their A-10 LASTE upgrade set a few years back.... and somehow managed to land a nose from their Academy F-22 upgrade set in the process, lol.
  15. That.... is not a late model F-14A. Most of us would consider that mid-life at best.
  16. The Decelerons are easy enough to close up on the monogram kit. The biggest problem with the monogram kit is that it represents pretty much a brand-new 1977 delivery A-10, with all the period-appropriate lumps and bumps. A LASTE upgrade set will take care of most of that, but you're still left with an A-model cockpit... though that pretty much puts you on the same ground as all the other kits. I'm not in to rescribing and I don't mind raised detail, so that's not an issue for me. I've got a monogram kit I'm in the process of building up as an Arkansas A-10C. I used the Sierra Hotel
  17. any decal sheet you buy should have proper painting instructions with it.
  18. they need to do a second JASDF weapons set with that also includes the J/AAQ-2 FLIR/Targeting pod! Maybe now that they've got their AMRAAM derivatives online along with these missiles and a few others, maybe a new set will reveal itself someday.
  19. The weapons boxes mean nothing to us at this point
  20. And now Sio is evidently gonna build one....
  21. If they have kits available for a build-off, then why are they bothering with this circle-jerk when they could be shipping kits to people who have been on the hook for a pre-order? Sio, how did you guys possibly think this would be seen as a good thing? You missed your window for showmanship, SHIP THE KITS.
  22. I think they look just fine. On the plus side, now they'll be easier to paint
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