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  1. Way to go Matt. A big thanks to everyone who showed up. I don't have firm numbers but it seems like we had around 90 people entered and over 200 models. We had over 40 vendor tables. All in all, it was a great day.
  2. Just to let everyone know,The Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids clubs will be holding our 2014 contest this Saturday September 27. The new location will be the Bernhard Center on the Western Michigan University campus. Details can be found on the club website; 2014 Contest Click the "2014 Contest" tab for all details. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Clare
  3. Sorry to hear the sad news. You know that we all loved your choices of photos and stories.
  4. It appears that Borocay came out ok. See Borocay
  5. Clare

    Salt Mask Issue

    I have used the salt masking with some success but I use it opposite the way that you are trying. I mix up a small lid full of salt and a few drops of water to make a paste. I then apply the paste. at the edges, some grains of salt separate from the main mass but they stick ok.
  6. Looks great. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I am going to have to check some of their products out. One way to avoid the model being a tail setter is to glue a pin into the bottom of the front wheel. Then glue it into a simple base. Clare
  7. Thanks for the good comments Paul. Not sure what happened with the GPS but it could have been looking for EAST Centre, not West Centre. We will have to make a better map next year. Clare
  8. Try the link again. It should work. Not sure why the ... is shown but try again. We loved the Air Zoo also. Problem was that they ran out of space for us. Clare
  9. Thanks from Kalamazoo to everyone who attended our contest last Saturday. We had 88 modelers with 298 models. It was a pretty good turnout plus, we had lots of great vendors. Thanks again to all. We have a few overall photos posted on our club website. Check out; http://www.ipmskalamazoo.org/events/kalamazoo-kontest/ Also, click on the "Contest Time" tab to see the naked facility. More photos of models to come. Clare
  10. Details are available on our club web site - Kalamazoo Kontest Click on the Kalamazoo Kontest tab at the top of the page. We have a new location this year. We loved the Air Zoo but they ran out of space. We will have more space this year and better lighting. We still have some vendor tables available so contact Gordon Vader as listed on the form. We hope to see everyone here again at the new venue. Clare
  11. We look forward to seeing you there Aaron. Clare
  12. Just a short note to all of our friends around here. We will be holding our contest here in Kalamazoo again in 2012. We are not able to use the Air Zoo this year but we feel that we have found a good alternative site. In many ways, it will be better. Our contest will be held on September 22 at the Stanley Center, which is just behind the St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church. The address is 1150 West Centre Ave., Portage, MI. More details available shortly. Add the date to your calendar. Clare
  13. At this point, we have not found a way to hold the contest. We are still looking but so far, we can't seem to get the space. Clare
  14. Glad that you guys enjoyed the contest. Also, Splat, I am glad to hear that you and your son were able to take in the museum as well. The docents there are very good guys, have lots of experience and are well trained to know the aircraft in the museum. Did you try the Flight Simulator? I love to take off and then roll inverted. Fun!!! For those of you who don't have an imagination, I am attaching a photo of the same area full of people. CD and Bish are out of the photo at front left and the models are way back. Look in front of the MiG-15. We had enough space to allow 10 feet!! betwee
  15. Sorry that you didn't get to see all of the models. Steve, Mandie and I were probably running around judging. We actually finished all judging around 2:30. You probably left just a little too soon. Clare
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