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  1. Just bought a sheet on EBay. Only need F-15 markings now. Thank you. Chris
  2. I'm interested in the Hasegawa releases of the 1/48 F-15 and F-18. In reality, I only need the decal sheets, so the kit isn't necessary. (I've got a few of each already; just no NASA markings.) i have lots of interesting things for trade or I can buy outright. Thanks, Chris swimmer25k@hotmail.com
  3. Wolfpack AT-38B

    I went ahead and bought the Trumpeter C kit just in case. It seems to be a pretty easy project for them to handle. One small sprue takes care of the new parts. Ill continue to wait until my patience gets the best of me. Chris
  4. I'm considering picking one of these kits to fill a slot in a NASA collection I'm building. What's the build quality of this kit? Is it closer to Tamiya or Mach 2?? Thanks, chris
  5. 1/48 XB-70 question

    I bought mine from Greg Cooper. You can find him in EBay and Facebook. He has the best prices on HpH kits, by far. Chris
  6. 1/48 XB-70 question

    So far I think I'm the first person to give the HpH 1/48 XB-70 a try. It's actually moving alone pretty well for a jet that's almost four feet long and about 3 wide. I usually try to add a little something to my builds. A few months ago I scratchbuilt the AG330 starter carts for the SR-71 LASRE Ibuilt. For or this project I'd like to add the B-2 maintenance platform/ladder that went up to the crew access hatch. I've found a few pictures and drawings of this, but nothing that will get me there. I actually asked the company that makes the exact product for some help. I'm sure my request will be instantly circularly filed. Does anyone out there have some quality drawing, dimensions, and/or quality photos of this thing? thats all! Chris
  7. Thanks Alex. Ive already modified some Aires nozzles that look pretty good on the Academy kit. The Academy opening on the fuselage is about 25mm. What is the diameter of your nozzles where they meet the fuselage? If your parts are wider, it should be easy to sand them down to fit.
  8. I did order two sets. One for the Su-35 and the other to use on an Academy Su-30MKI conversion I've been messing with. Are you making a separate swiveled nozzle set to fit the Academy kit? Chris
  9. AMUR Reaver just released what look like some very nice thrust vectoring Saturn engines. I believe they are sized to the Hobby Boss Flanker kits. I ordered two sets. One for the Kittyhawk Su-35 (on order) and one for an Academy Su-30. The aperture to accept the nozzles on the Academy kit are about 25 mm. AMUR says that they'll fit the Academy kit with some modification. How much of a difference is there in the openings between each kit? How much of a drop-fit will they be (if HB is the standard for which they were manufactured for)? Thanks, Chris
  10. What would a typical 1967 weapons load be for an A-4E?

    How about the addition of Bullpups? I've had the nice Brassin set for a few years and I'd like to use it.
  11. I have the Victory Productions A-4E decal sheet which includes VA-46 Clansman. This is the scheme I'm going to use while it was on the pre-fire Forrestal. It's also John Mccain's Squadron. What would a typical war load be for one of these jets during Vietnam? Chris
  12. That was me for $30. Score of the century. Brestt, PM me here in a few weeks of/when I get the sheet. I'm sure we can work something out. I grabbed it solely for the Clansman A-4E. Chris
  13. A very obscure F-4/jet question.

    Perfect! Thanks for your time. Chris
  14. A very obscure F-4/jet question.

    Jari, That could very well be the shot I'm looking at. Do you think there are lenses in both ends, or just pointing in one direction? Any thoughts? thanks, Chris
  15. A very obscure F-4/jet question.

    I'm currently building the 1/48 Academy F-4N and I'm now working on some of the stores. The Daco US Navy Phantom book has an interesting item photographed on the bottom of page 171. It shows a LM-119 camera pod "used to film the delivery of" bombs in combat. It has the camera mounted on the same MER as Mk-82 Snakeyes. The body of the camera suggests that the shell of a Mk-77 fire bomb was used. All you see is the outboard side of the cannister, so the fore and aft faces along with the inside are obscured. Does anyone have any photos or info on this pod? Thanks, Chris