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  1. He’s the one. Gold star for Habu2! Thanks for the help. Chris
  2. There was a guy/company selling them on EBay a while back.
  3. swimmer25k

    Skunks 1/48 F-16XL aftermarket question..

    Cockpit, exhaust, and maybe the speed brakes. Aires and Eduard market resin and brass of all types for the Kinetic kit. Chris
  4. I’m guessing that if I wanted to add aftermarket to this kit I would use parts made for Kinetic F-16s. Is that correct? Thanks, Chris
  5. Peter, Can you please post some pictures of the parts? Thanks, Chris
  6. swimmer25k

    1/72 Tupolev Tu-22M3 "Backfire" by Trumpeter

    Absolutely. Thanks Ken. Chris
  7. swimmer25k

    1/72 Tupolev Tu-22M3 "Backfire" by Trumpeter

    Jan man, Great work. Im currently building the Northstar boarding platforms for this jet (I’m on the road for work and brought a project that doesn’t require paint until the end). Can you please give me the height of the canopy sill down to the deck, so I can position my platforms to the correct height. Thanks. Chris
  8. I recently bought the New Ware 1/144 Titan set with the five configurations it flew (Gemini, ICBM, etc). There are a few books on Amazon, however, I'm checking here first. I'm more interested in pictures over technical jargon. Thanks, Chris
  9. swimmer25k

    SU-34 nose replacements by QuickBoost

    How does the Cold War Studio 1/48 nose correction compare to the kit and/or Quick Bust noses? Chris
  10. swimmer25k

    Multicast F-16D conversion for the Tamiya C.

    .......which will be more expensive than buying the conversion outright.
  11. swimmer25k

    Multicast F-16D conversion for the Tamiya C.

    Here's the link to Hannants. It's a pretty straightforward conversion. I went ahead and ordered it today. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MC-48001 Chris