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  1. I'm looking to start my RC-135 with the Combat Kits set. How did you keep your engine nacelles off of the deck? Chris
  2. Here's my Clearprop Skyshark done up using Caracal's TA-7C markings from the Naval Weapons Evaluation Facility in New Mexico. There's a big fat nuke on the belly as well.
  3. Yes. The F-15 belongs to Mike Witkowski and it's been shown around several times.
  4. This picture was taken at Paxcon 2023.
  5. This is the only shot I have of my Pax River A-4M.
  6. Here are some pictures of my Titan Models 1/72 C-32A vac and 3D printed kit. The windows are from Airways Graphics and Air Force 2 from Draw Decals. Very different type of decals from regular waterslide. They don't react at all to solvents and the film is almost like a very thin plastic. There were some pretty big gaps at the wingroot. I was able to fill most of it by spreading the leading edges of the wing and gluing in place. The fuselage gaps were then filled with superglue and topped with Apoxiesculpt. The subsequent gaps in the leading edges were filled styrene stock
  7. I've got a Regulus and Bomarc available to loan out of necessary. Chris
  8. If that’s the case; they’ll sell ZERO.
  9. I added seatbelts for a P-51, wiring, and two LEDs. Some of the pics are WIP.
  10. Orange Blossom Hobbies in Miami was my first stop. In college I frequented George's Hobby House in Lawrence, KS (also Waldo Hobbies in Missouri). In grad school I used to love going to the Silver Springs, MD Squadron shop. Work took me to Dallas where Phil's ruled the world (MAL was a nice place as well). All are dead and buried now.
  11. Thanks. It’s Hasegawa Trytool hologram film (sticker) on clear styrene. They are several types available.
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