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  1. I’m pretty much done with the Soyuz LUT and seem to have lost one of the etched parts off of fret C (the tulips). The lost part is the support that goes underneath the main part of the tulip. I’ll have to scratch one out of brass wire. If possible, can I get a full-sized scan of that fret? Thanks, Chris swimmer25k@hotmail.com
  2. swimmer25k

    1/144 LVM Soyuz LUT

    Pete, Thanks for the comments. The model isn’t finished yet. I still have to add the yellow counterbalances and stairs to the outer areas of the LUT. I also have the artwork done for the warning ring, but I haven’t been able to find someone to make it into a decal for me. I also have some cabling to add to many of the umbilicals. Chris
  3. swimmer25k

    1/144 LVM Soyuz LUT

    The picture immediately below is a composite of the LVM kit (gray square), Good Smile carrier rail section (black), and scratchbuilt Styrene added by me. One of my reference shots has a pad with the anti-fouling red, so I went with it. There’s a lot more going on “real world”, but I went with the 22”x8” display out of convenience. I haven’t seen too many pictures of the real thing, so artistic license has been taken on my part. Chris [/URL]
  4. swimmer25k

    1/144 LVM Soyuz LUT

    Here are a few pictures of my LVM Soyuz LUT. A few more kit parts to add and then some final detailing. I have a few Armory and Eastern Express vehicles to put on the base along with some little Prieser figures. Do you have any suggestions on other items I can stick on the base? The only reference shots I have are from the LVM reference CD, which shows several configurations. My model is pretty much an amalgamation of several of those pictures. Any suggestions are appreciated. Chris
  5. swimmer25k

    DC-130A VX-30...1/48

    That kit ain’t gonna scribe itself.
  6. swimmer25k

    Apollo Saturn LUT by LVM Studios 2015

    Is there any recourse to those who invested in the kits development? It’s sad that LVM has become a fraud.
  7. swimmer25k

    DC-130A VX-30...1/48

    Damn you. Scribing that sucker?
  8. swimmer25k

    DC-130A VX-30...1/48

    What a rube he must have been. I’m sure you got a great deal.
  9. swimmer25k

    DC-130A VX-30...1/48

    Where’d you find that kit?
  10. swimmer25k

    Black Dog F-35A weapons bay

    I made the same mistake thinking they were for the Meng kit. I don’t have the Kittyhawk A, but do have the B and C. The weapons bays fit the C fine. Wheel wells will go into the B.
  11. Could you please post some pictures? Thank you. Chris
  12. I’ve built the the base to pose my LVM Studios Soyuz TMA LUT and Good Smile rail carrier. I’m going to start painting it tomorrow. LVM provides a CD with instructions and lots of reference photos. No two LUTs appear to be identical, so mine will be an amalgam of several. One question I have is if I should scribe the expansion joints into the styrene base (made from a large Home Depot “No Parking” sign). Will they look stupid in 1/144, or should I go about adding them? Secondly, can any engineers in the forum suggest some dimensions of the slabs? Based on photos I’ll be able to section the base up enough where it all doesn’t look like one shade of concrete. (I’m hoping that my photobucket Links below work.) Thanks, Chris
  13. He’s the one. Gold star for Habu2! Thanks for the help. Chris
  14. There was a guy/company selling them on EBay a while back.
  15. swimmer25k

    Skunks 1/48 F-16XL aftermarket question..

    Cockpit, exhaust, and maybe the speed brakes. Aires and Eduard market resin and brass of all types for the Kinetic kit. Chris