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  1. Flat nose pliers for PE PE bending tool Punch and die set Mini razor saw mitre box for razor saw Dspaie circle cutter
  2. Here’s a closer photo showing the petal configuration. It’s different than the regular PW.
  3. Your exhausts are inaccurate. Your model has interlocking petals like on a standard PW exhaust (bottom picture). The Active exhaust is completely different. Each petal tucks underneath one adjacent petal and gets the same treatment from its other neighbor. This allows the nozzle to swivel on three axes. I’ve attached two photos below. It’s abundantly clear that this is the case. You’ve advised on Facebook that this is an illusion. I respectfully disagree. Please show us what your using to come to your conclusion.
  4. How far apart are the GWH and the Hasegawa kits in dimensions? In other words, can your kit be made to fit the GWH kit?
  5. I’ve got the top sheet available if you’re still looking. Chris
  6. Any interest in making some $$$ by selling these parts to your peers? Chris
  7. I threw some Caracal markings for a NWEF TA-7C on my Skyshark. I dig it. Chris
  8. Did someone say SR-71 LASRE?
  9. I think it’s less than 18”, but not around to measure it.
  10. I use a Waller iron. This was pretty easy to solder. Any goo that was piled up was easily spread around with some heat.
  11. Here are two WIP of my Metallic Details Antares rocket and (sort of) LUT. The brass is all soldered. It’s very thick and it took more effort than usual to bed; including scoring the opposite side of the bend. The LUT is secured to the base with soldered brass rods (@ 1/8”) and another rod going up into the rocket from below. The “arms” hugging the rocket were soldered in place once the rocket was fixed into place. I airbrushed those areas afterwards. Next up is to add a wash to bring out the detail and decals. There are four cooling ducts coming out of the ba
  12. Why is the boarding ladder partially deployed?
  13. Deleted. Posted that sheet #2 is still available. Missed your title.
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