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  1. Is the Hazmat Bronco still a go?

    I originated this thread a while back after my long time LHS decided to close its doors after a month long mega sale. I scored a few Paragon resin Bronco sets along with some decals. I was able to sell most of the sets, but kept an early A just in case Hazmat exploded on the pad. I'm kind of tempted to build my Paragon/Testors amalmagation. My question to the hazmat operators is whether to double bag what I've got and sell to someone with a hard on for a Bronco, or wait it out. What do thy HMRT Gods say?
  2. LF 1/48 Skunkmodel HH-60J

    Bob, Email was sent a bit ago. Thanks for reaching out. Chris
  3. I have lots to trade or $$$$. Please PM me if you have one you'd like to unload. Thanks, Chris
  4. Deleted.

    Nothing to see here.
  5. HAD Models from Hungary made some really nice resin airfield trucks. I'm mostly interested in the starter truck, however, the fueler/tanker is also something I'm looking for. Please let me know if you have one you'd like out of your life. Thanks, Chris
  6. What is the correct interior green for a P-47D?

    Thanks for all the replies. I went ahead and painted it Euro 1 Green. It looks ok to me.
  7. Mini-Review: BUFFMaster Products HSABs

    I'm right there with you. I love every opportunity to speak up whenever Super Bug surfaces. He is a scammer and a thief to many. Chris
  8. I'd like to add some equipment like tow tractors, fuel trucks, etc to a large base I have for jets like a Mig-31 and/or Su-24. Advanced Modelling makes some weapons carts, but that's about all I can find. There are some nice tow bars for Flankers, but they don't seem to be universal to other aircraft. Thanks. Chris
  9. What is the correct interior green for a P-47D?

    Gentlemen, Thanks for all of your replies. Thanks for your help. Chris
  10. What is the correct color for the cockpit of a P-47D bubble-top? I have a few different options for "interior green", and none of them appear to be the same. Brand and number would be most helpful. Thanks, Chris
  11. B-26K bomb bay questions

    Were there any significant differences in the bomb bay of the B-26K with regards to its predecessors? I've seen some pictures of the RB-26K with cameras mounted in the bay and clear cutouts on the doors. Was this typical for the Ks? Were stores primarily slung under the wings leaving the bomb bays empty for the most part (translation: can I get away with closing the bomb doors on my 1/48 build)? Or, buy my Cutting Edge and Paragon sets from me so I won't have to worry about this? Thanks, Chris
  12. Is the Hazmat Bronco still a go?

    I was able to score the Paragon set, Testors kit, and Cutting Edge decals for super cheap. I'll gladly send them to EBay if this project is moving forward. I'd love to see it one day (soon). Thanks, Chris
  13. Happy ending. I found the missing Fencer parts I initially posted about. They were with the vinyl wheels and are made of that as well. What's the suggested adhesive to glue vinyl to plastic? Epoxy or CA? Thanks, Chris
  14. Su-24 weapons question

    I'm working on the Trumpeter 1/48 Fencer and almost to the point where I have to start considering what kind of weapons to put on it. I have a nice array of resin candidates from North Star, Kazan, and Advanced Modeling. Some of the larger weapons like the KAB-1500L, Kh-59, and Kh-29s will limit how many stores I can use due to their (real world) size and weight. On the lighter -side, I can load up a bunch of smaller FAB bombs on MERs carried on the belly and large rockets (S-25 series) or more FAB general purpose bombs. More bombs equals more PITA to get them aligned. Do you have any suggestions on an interesting loadout while maintaining a sense of accuracy? Thanks, chris
  15. Has anyone bashed the Tamiya F-14 using Hasegawa wings?

    I can't wait until 2021. 😉