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  1. PM or hit me up at swimmer25k@hotmail.com. Lots to trade or straight up cash. chris
  2. I’ve heard these the recent RF-101C kit doesn’t have much in common (a kit redesign) with the earlier F-101A/C. Has anyone tried shoving the tub and/or wheel wells for the A/C into the RF? thanks, Chris
  3. I’m interested in either the full set or zoom cockpit. Thanks, Chris swimmer25k@hotmail.com https://www.eduard.com/eduard/b-1b-interior-s-a-1-48.html?cur=2&listtype=search&searchparam=B-1B
  4. I’m looking to start my 1/144 Revell Shuttle with the New Ware add-on parts and Warbird decals. Does anyone have a simple explanation/instruction for the colors of the tank? There’s a lot going on there and I could use the help. thanks, Chris
  5. I'm finishing one up now. I used the clear front and tinted main. You're welcome to the remaining glass, however, they'll be the tinted front and clear main. Chris
  6. I lost my instructions to the 1/48 Northstar Su-27 tow bar kit. Can anyone help me out with a scan? Repeated attempts contact from Northstar have gone unanswered. Thanks, Chris
  7. Are they any good? I’ve had some of their regular decals explode and crack in water. I’d like to know sooner than later. thanks, Chris
  8. Can anyone tell me the color for FAB-250 bombs? I’ve seen them a few shades of gray and would like to pick an accurate shade to paint some up. Also, I’m also confused on the call-out for KAB-500 tv guided bombs. Many thanks, Chris
  9. Awesome work. Makes me want to take a hammer to mine. 😉 https://imgur.com/gallery/hetmF67 Chris
  10. I’m currently painting a 1/48 GWH Su-35 and need some suggestions for weapons loadout for an air to ground mission. The jet can pretty much carry anything in the in the Russian inventory and most options are available in the aftermarket. What would a realistic assortment of weapons look like? Thanks, Chris
  11. I’ve got the full Ark decal set that I’d like to slap onto the Anigrand kit if they’ll fit. How do their sizes compare? How bad is the Ark kit? Thanks Chris
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