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  1. Hey there. I'm looking for the Furball Skywarrior sheet. I have lots to trade for or buy outright. Thank you. Chris
  2. 1/48 F-111 opinions please?

    Joeltc is on the money. The Academy kit is super-basic and lacks a ton of detail. I built the EF about 10 years ago kitbashing the Verlinden and Black Box cockpits, Cutting Edge intakes,Paragon flaps, Squadron canopy, and some scratch built parts. Hobby Boss adds most of that detail and then craps the bed with the canopy. I'm the lower threshold modeler who'll often overlook something like that, but not on this one. Mike Witkowski made a great HB FB-111 using the Squadron canopy and eliminated the weirdness. Chris
  3. Looking for reference pics of F-14 intakes.

    Thats the money shot right there. Thank you.
  4. Looking for reference pics of F-14 intakes.

    Evidently, I'm a "f-ing idiot" over on closed Facebook group for this thread. Yes I know how to use Google. More often than not, open source material doesn't always translate to what the modeler (i.e. Me) needs to capture in a particular detail and comes up short. Lots of you guys provide links or even your own photos showing a particular detail we may need to help finish a model. Here's a practical example. I live in the DC area (with all the other f-ing idiots) and VMAQ-209 was a reserve EA-6B squadron that used to be stationed at Andrews AFB. There's lots of readily available photos of their old "Darth Vader" Prowler. I shot over 200 pictures of that jet (some with a scale attached to plane) so that the f-ing idiots over Fightertown Decals could do their sheet as accurate as possible. Maybe they could have pulled it off searching Bing or a back issue of "Combat Aircraft"? My time was not wasted by helping them out. Fightertown had a deliberate need and I was happy to help out (and score a free sheet). Just the same as I wouldn't deliberately waste your time trying to look up a simple detail or fact that's plain as day. V/R Chris ARC Resident F-ing Idiot
  5. Looking for reference pics of F-14 intakes.

    He and I are old friends and we enjoy torturing one another in semi-anonymity. He wins this round.
  6. Looking for reference pics of F-14 intakes.

    Pep, Methinks you're being a dick.
  7. I've got stacks of Verlinden and Reedoak figures that need some of the available Hasegawa and/or Fujimi markings. Cash or trade for something I might have that you may want. Thanks, Chris
  8. I've got stacks of Verlinden and Reedoak figures that need some of the available Hasegawa and/or Fujimi markings. Cash or trade for something I might have that you may want. Thanks, Chris
  9. Where does the gray end and the white begin, and where to mask? Late 80s VF-111 -A is what I'm building (if that matters). Thanks, Chris
  10. 1/48 Kitty Hawk Su-35S Flanker-E WIP

    Outstanding work. Chris
  11. Smelly resin concern

    I'm building the 1/48 Tamiya F-14 utilizing the KASL Hobby wing set that includes dropped flaps and slats. Out if the box you can clearly smell a strong chemical odor coming off the parts. Once cleaned with a degreaser (Simple Green) and regular Dove dish washing soap the odor was less. However, the smell is there if you get close to the parts. Im concerned that the continued off-gassing of polymerization process will one day damage the paint and markings on the model. Am I alone all this and creating a hysterical scenario that lies only in my imagination? Super-easy kit to build so far. So easy that it should only be allowed to compete against other Tamiya F-14s (and Egg Planes) at contests. Thats it! Chris
  12. Why isn't my solder sticking?

    Thanks Fox, Im a sucker for interesting subjects and kits. I bought the Italeri MC-130E a few months back and started scribing it right away. I got sidetracked and switched to an Academy F-4. Even though I was working on a different build I went ahead and bought a few resin and PE sets for it. I had zero intent to do any work on the cargo hold, but then AIM came out with their MOAB. So, more money out the door. AIM makes a nice weapon, however, you're on your own for the cradle. When Eduard announced their kit I quickly knew I had to have it (along with their PE cargo bay parts. I'll post some pictures along the way. Right after I finish the Academy F-4..... chris
  13. I've started clipping sprue on the Skunkmodels 1/48 catapult kit. I've got a few US Navy kits, but they don't seem to have the parts to hook up to a catapult. Are any of you aware of such kits? Thanks, Chris
  14. Why isn't my solder sticking?

    Thanks for all of the replies. I'll try a lower melting solder and see what happens. Chris