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  1. Eduard and a few that came up in a search engine. No replies from any of them.
  2. I’ve emailed a bunch of companies looking for some custom etch works, but I haven’t gotten any replies. Have any of you been successful in hiring a firm to do your etch for you? All of the artwork is done. Thanks, Chris
  3. I picked up a 1/72 Academy B-50 today for a very good price. Is/Was there any aftermarket available for it? Thank you, Chris
  4. Would you like for me to take some pictures of mine with a scale?
  5. Thank you. I was able to find cross-section plans online, which allowed me to build the LASRE. You can see the slices I used for the styrene skeleton. Scaling down shouldn’t be too hard. The most difficulty part was finding someone to print the decals for me and getting the canoe to fit the spine of the jet.
  6. http://zone-five.net/showthread.php?t=29424
  7. Here’s mine in 1/48. All scratchbuilt. There’s a WIP over on Zone Five somewhere.
  8. Please hit me up at swimmer25k@hotmail.com if you have one taking up space. Thank you, Chris
  9. Attached are pictures of my 1/144 Soyuz R7 LUT from LVM and others. All of the PE parts are soldered, which I highly recommend if you have this or any other large brass sets you're assembling. I hope you like it. Chris
  10. I was able to view the whole page on a full-size computer once I got home from work travel today. Evidently the website isn’t very compatible with an iPhone. Chris
  11. I’m on an iPhone and for some reason the page is different. I looked for the British flag before I made my post. Chris
  12. I’d like to do my Revell A-225 with an Anigrand Buran camped out on the roof. There’s a Russian company that appears to make the decals I need, but the website is in Russian. Can anyone lend a hand on how to navigate this page? http://www.ruscale.ru/product/124574/ Thanks, Chris
  13. I’m nearly done with the LVM Studios Soyuz R7 LUT. It’s been a fun project. I wish I had more experience soldering brass before I started it. I’m pleased with how it’s turned out. I was able to buy their LUT for the 1/110 Mercury Atlas “Everything is Go” Kit before they closed shop. I wished I had gotten their Space Shuttle complex kits, but wasn’t ready to sell one of my kids kidneys (at the time). I’m not a fan of the Revell Mercury Altas rocket that comes in the kit. How close is it to 1/110? I’d rather drop in a 1/144 New Ware rocket if it didn’t look too far out of scale. Will 1/144 be too small to throw into this build if the kit truly scales to 1/110? Thanks for the help and sell me your unused STS sets that you’ll never build. 😉 Chris
  14. I’m looking for the Three Stooges 1/72 LLRV. Anyone out there have this kit that they’re looking to sell?? Thanks, Chris
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