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  1. swimmer25k

    1/48 - Sukhoi Su-35 "Flanker-E" by Great Wall Hobby

    What would a complete Su-35 loadout be if it was armed with 2 Kh-59 missiles on the inboard pylons? Better question: does the Su-35 carry Kh-59s? Thanks, Chris
  2. swimmer25k

    Su-35s in Syria question

    What would a typical weapons load for Russian Su-35s in the Syrian theater? We’re there seperate AA and/or AG loads or a combination of the two? Thank you. Chris
  3. swimmer25k

    HEMTT question from a jet guy

    I recently bought the big Trumpeter 1/35 HEMTT PAC-3 Patriot battery with the sweet Voyager PE set. I can only find two books on the HEMTT and nothing for the Patriot on Amazon. Do you have any suggestions for books or other references on the subject? Thanks, Chris
  4. swimmer25k

    Any B-66 experts out there?

    Thanks Paul. Thats a bummer to hear, but thanks for the information. Chris
  5. swimmer25k

    Any B-66 experts out there?

    I’m interested in bashing the 1/72 Testors B-66 to a Hasegawa A-3. I’m aware that the big differences were the shape of the forward fuselage, canopy, ejection seats in the 66, and the engines. Anyone tried this bash before? How different are the engine pods from one jet to another? A weak point of the Testors kit are the engine pods. Any other big differences out there to be concerned with? Thanks, Chris
  6. Any suggestions on painting the LEM? I covered the descent stage with gold foil, but didn’t look good. Considering airbrushing Alclad pale gold and then hitting with their clear orange, but I’m not convinced that it’ll look right. I live outside of DC and took a few pictures of the NASM LEM last Monday (ignore my kid in the shot). Any ideas on how to make this look right would be greatly appreciated. Chris
  7. I’m a fan of the G4 and have built one of the RVHP Guardrails. Is the RVHP G4 a nice build experience or a $150 pile of regret? Thanks Chris
  8. I’m pretty much done with the Soyuz LUT and seem to have lost one of the etched parts off of fret C (the tulips). The lost part is the support that goes underneath the main part of the tulip. I’ll have to scratch one out of brass wire. If possible, can I get a full-sized scan of that fret? Thanks, Chris swimmer25k@hotmail.com
  9. swimmer25k

    1/144 LVM Soyuz LUT

    Pete, Thanks for the comments. The model isn’t finished yet. I still have to add the yellow counterbalances and stairs to the outer areas of the LUT. I also have the artwork done for the warning ring, but I haven’t been able to find someone to make it into a decal for me. I also have some cabling to add to many of the umbilicals. Chris
  10. swimmer25k

    1/144 LVM Soyuz LUT

    The picture immediately below is a composite of the LVM kit (gray square), Good Smile carrier rail section (black), and scratchbuilt Styrene added by me. One of my reference shots has a pad with the anti-fouling red, so I went with it. There’s a lot more going on “real world”, but I went with the 22”x8” display out of convenience. I haven’t seen too many pictures of the real thing, so artistic license has been taken on my part. Chris [/URL]
  11. swimmer25k

    1/144 LVM Soyuz LUT

    Here are a few pictures of my LVM Soyuz LUT. A few more kit parts to add and then some final detailing. I have a few Armory and Eastern Express vehicles to put on the base along with some little Prieser figures. Do you have any suggestions on other items I can stick on the base? The only reference shots I have are from the LVM reference CD, which shows several configurations. My model is pretty much an amalgamation of several of those pictures. Any suggestions are appreciated. Chris
  12. swimmer25k

    DC-130A VX-30...1/48

    That kit ain’t gonna scribe itself.
  13. swimmer25k

    Apollo Saturn LUT by LVM Studios 2015

    Is there any recourse to those who invested in the kits development? It’s sad that LVM has become a fraud.
  14. swimmer25k

    DC-130A VX-30...1/48

    Damn you. Scribing that sucker?
  15. swimmer25k

    DC-130A VX-30...1/48

    What a rube he must have been. I’m sure you got a great deal.