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  1. ^ okay, thanks, good to know. I'll see how I get on overpainting the EE set first. My kit arrived the other day and they are a little too dark a blue.
  2. ^ Thanks, Ray. I know Greg has them but I was very disappointed with the thickness of the last set of decals I got from him, an easyJet set. So unless they're a lot thinner now, I'll be avoiding them. I think I'll paint over the EE stripes if need be. Quite easy to do while still on the sheet. Roy
  3. Ray, on the EE KLM decal sheet, are the stripes printed in blue? I've seen a report that they are printed in black. I was holding out for Ray at 26 to do this scheme but he's only done the original scheme. Thanks, Roy
  4. I'm pretty sure it's survived eight years so far. :)
  5. LGW has been 26decals for some years now. Try this: My link
  6. Is this just for reference, or are you actually doing the conversions? If the latter, for the B777-300 (in 1/144), I'd wait for the upcoming Zvezda and Revell (same Zvezda mold) kits, rather than convert any of the, at best, mediocre existing -200 kits.
  7. FYI, PasDecals do this scheme. My link
  8. buzz

    Qatar Gray

    USN Light Gull Grey FS16440 is reckoned to be a good match. I see Qatar aircraft outside my office window most days and it looks good to me. It's also the shade Revell suggest in their Globemaster kit.
  9. The MO is that the first-timer usually gets what he ordered, but outside of the PayPal time limit (there will be excuses along the way yo drag this timeline out). This sets a timeline expectation on the part of the buyer. So when he orders again, he doesn't worry too much. Bingo, he gets nothing this time and it's too late to claim from PAyPal. There are a lucky few who apparently 'always' get what they order and some of these seem to think he's the best seller ever. Physical addresses that have been quoted do not exist, so we can't even 'send the boys round'.
  10. The cabin window line on this kit is about 2mm too low (one of a number of accuracy issues - the engine and winglet shapes are off) so it's best to fill and use decals anyway.
  11. According to some conversion charts, this is equivalent to FS36473, which doesn't seem far off, maybe a little dark. Maybe you could try FS36375 too, or somewhere in between. One thing to note is that the rear fuselage should be the same colour as the diamonds. Re-do them in the same colour for a perfect match and you're good to go.
  12. Airways - I have every issue from the start (February 1994). Airliners - I have every issue up to a couple of years ago when I started to find it increasingly difficult to find in the UK, and the articles in it no longer interested me that much. I found I was collecting it, or trying to, for the sake of. Airliner World - I have most of the earlier issues but found it a bit too "busy" for my liking. I rarely get it now, only if something specific catches my eye. Modelling mags - I only buy one if there's something specifically of interest (SAMI has something occasionally). I work in the airline industry and am always interested in reading stuff. I can look out my office window to see the real things, though!
  13. I assume you mean it's not BPK you are referring to (as the BPK site does indeed say they are producing one in 1/144). You seem to enjoy informing us that you know something nobody else does. It's quite unhelpful IMO.
  14. Is it BPK who are doing a 1/144 version to go along with their 1/72 one? Edit: found it on the Big Planes Kits website but I can't link to it for some reason.
  15. If you want to start with the A300, then Jennings is right. If you do use a Revell A310, you might want to graft on the A300 nose anyway as the Revell A310 nose is off shape wise.
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