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  1. Hello New Zeland. I will not use this scheme un the future and i would send you the decals of course for free. Please send me your postal adress. Best regards Stéphane
  2. Wow what a build ! I think i will take a seat and watch the following posts
  3. Bonus ! 🤪 I couldn’t resist buying this patch on ebay even though the decoration on the final flight to Bethpage was slightly different Anytime Baby !
  4. Your bird is looking so realistic. With the carrier deck it's a really eyecatcher. Also the weathering effects on the upper fuselage is stunning, how dit you do that? I agree your fix on the front windshield, this part of the AMK kit is a bit "stange" in shape. Congratulations.
  5. Sorry too to hear that MAC, I hope you will be able to overcome back quickly. Your bird looks terrific.
  6. Can't wait to see your Pukin' Dog bird finished MAC. Any progress on the project?
  7. Thank you Red Dog. Very appreciated. I follow your build and s progressing very well. I can’t wait to see the diorama of the F-14 on the scratchbuilt catapult. This will certainly be the next best model of the show.
  8. Thank you SERNAK for your kind words. A lot of beautiful builds here. I really appreciate your encouragements. Stephane.
  9. Thank you Phantom for your kind words. You beat me in terms of speed and number! Are you going for a third model kit of the cat?
  10. Yes. You would have done it, you wouldn’t have succeeded... nice touch MAC ! THe weathering process will subdued it
  11. Hello Phantom, great looking bird! Which sheet did you take the Canadian flag from? Congratulations!
  12. Thank you guys your comments are much appreciated. Time for a new project. I will follow your builds with attention.
  13. AMK F-14D 1/48 VF-31 Final scheme before retirement
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