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  1. Yes fantastic job Yufei! comgratulations
  2. Aha! a fellow ustomizer!! It s all repainted ...exepct the eyes :P i figured why bother bother i wouldt be able to inprouve them ...... and joints have been remouved .....well ! not all the joints got lazzy! the shoulder joint under the armor is on his left is still there .only seazzed in CX glue. but next time i will do better i promise
  3. oooooo! :blink: nice job ,Granpa,* especially concidering this thing looks to be about ....20cm long???? fantastic job on balancing the drybrush/wash at that scale :lol: Ps great pics to .........so now!!! where are the tiny little vipers????
  4. Thanx! guys......glad you like it ...i apreciate the feedback ..and the kind words cheers!
  5. hi guys no flying thingies finnished to show you yet .......so i thought some of you would maybe like to see this finally finished this one by adding some scratched built vegitation at his feet the figure was finished on a naked base for almost two years ,but i thought it was missing something to tie it back to the movie . The leafy plants are made out of cut out paper , twist tie stems, sand , kitty litter,and a bit of moss..all painted and washed in acrylics ...like the figure its self . its my first atempt at scratchig plants ..the results seamed strange to me at first wasent su
  6. WOW! nice stuff on here boys! Looks like because of time constraints, i will miss this goup build like i missed the matchbox one .....oh well !...maibe maibe i can make it if someone starts a Frog goupbuild here is a couple i built some years ago . 1/72 Heller P-47N 1/72Airfix bronco
  7. Jochem As of November 1944 the new satndard for Me 262 A-1as was Rlm-81 ''Brown Violet'' Rlm -82 ''lighy green'' over lightblau Rlm 75. replasing the earlier 74/75/76 '' blitzbomber '' scheame Given that thre are several pictures of factory as well as field Techs time and time again painting light colors over dark t....hen this paint scheme is verry plausible . assuming any sense or urgency at the factory or in the field ,the RLM 81 being the darker of the two it would be aplied first and it would be aplied as the main fuselage color as well .......of course it is a point of sp
  8. Thanks ..lots of cool stuff and even a chinesse patrol frigate and cute baby
  9. What? GG It looks like Aztek Dummy painting templates were used to paint the aztek pattern on the model. http://www.culttvman.net/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=21 You dont have to get the templates you can do it with masking tape just draw a set or circles the match the diametres on some paper then lay a piece of glass over it put down masking tape on the glass cut the tape to matgh the panel shading you want to achieve,as to to match the circular shape behind the glass as you go ,,,balance it out ..paint a base coat , let dry, appli tape panel shades opn your model,in an even maner t
  10. Yeap looks great did the same type of sutle panelling on my Galor class a NX-1 only NX1 is alot more shades starship Galor class .
  11. MadMike Well if you are willing to admit that !!!then i am willing to admit the fact that i won 15 episodes of the thunderbirds :P :D
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