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  1. Hello Sir... Is this offer still good??? I've been considering doing up this kit. Paul
  2. This may be old news, but I just found out... If he needs help being dug up, how ever does he manage to get buried without a fuss???
  3. No can do... I'm in Canada
  4. I've been told that it's out of stock pretty much everywhere. That Ambroid is either not producing it, or only producing a very small amount. Does anyone have a clue as to when there will be regular stocks back on the market? PH
  5. I did up the 1/48 Studio 2 one a few years back. (heres the link: http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Fea1..._Holmes/00.shtm ) I always thought there was a slight "flare" from the top view looking down on the nose. The kit I did had the basic shape right, as far as I could tell. This kit you guys talk about here looks pretty good, IMHO.
  6. Very nice job, Sir! I've got the VF-25F Alto Custom underway... I do agree with your build synopsis (so far). Wish me luck! PH
  7. Methinketh Moai probably never had it..... :)
  8. Well, I saw the trailer at the Bond movie tonight, and I gotta say, I'm looking forward to seeing it. I draw a parallel to this whole "re-imagining" or "reset" the same way I drew with the newer Star Wars films.... We've had multiple decades of watching, re-watching, studying and formulating our own opinions of it. So, when a "new version" comes out, if it is in any way contrary to someone's own formed opinion, the first thing they do is say "I don't like it"... (it always surprises me how vehemently opposed die-hard fans are to change... I know it's something that people know and love, but why get angry or upset about it?) Give the movie a chance. And remember that it is just what it is... a movie. If people end up not liking it, so be it. After 'Enterprise' basically fizzled out, I thought the franchise had no more steam. Perhaps this is the best way to breathe new life into it... And if not... so be it. My 2 cents...
  9. Why would it be anyone else... I think it's pretty obvious.....
  10. (though I'm sure many of you have seen this already, and if it's a double post, it's not entirely a bad thing!!!) Now I know why I enjoy watching this show so much.... :lol:
  11. Perhaps the Moais eat at Taco Bell???
  12. Perhaps it's too early in the morning and I missed it, but I can't seem to find any list(s) of who won what. I'm anxious to see the Best of Show entry....... Thanks Gentlemen!
  13. paholmes

    FM Falcon

    My God, Man!!!! That's incredible! You truly are a great modeler. One question, I noticed that you were putting in some LED's and battery packs, does that come with the kit, or did you slap those together yourself?
  14. Is the Mighty Moai Vinnie still even with us anymore?
  15. I think ol' has been pimping himself on Ebay!!!!! Click here and see for yourself!
  16. The Phone Bill..... (I know, everybody's a frickin comedian!)
  17. Nice Job!!! I must admit, I like the TSR 2 a whole lot more with some colour! Keep up the good work! Paul.
  18. You could always follow the "Take pride in making a crappy kit look good" philosophy! Patience Grasshopper!
  19. Hey guys.... I used to be a regular Aircraft Modeler, but got lured to the dark side and became a treadhead. Still enjoy doing both topics, but not really sure what my next "project" will be. I used the Best Choice kit, an aftermarket "open burner can", Hasegawa targeting pod and Mavericks, and aftermarket Python missiles (I saw a pic of a Gripen with them once.) So here it is, not neccessarily accurate, but I'm happy with it...... Hope you like it. <_< (btw... the 2nd pic, the aircraft sits flat, I must have held the camera cockeyed.)
  20. This thread actually has a track?
  21. I have the Bandai Perfect Grade kit, but I'm holding off building it until I get better at weathering and diorama work.... Rest assured, Pics will be here when it's being built.
  22. You are an amazing modeler, Viperbite.... I hope my buildups of these look half as good! Paul
  23. IMHO, this is probably the best show on TV. This being said, it also has the very real chance of becoming very bad. I don't agree that the show has gone south yet, but any show this good can only go on for so long before it must end (Babylon 5 comes to mind... sci-fi series or not). I just hope there isn't an eternal cliffhanger like someone mentioned before. Also, I really hope they don't just "settle" on who the last Cylon .... I really hope it isn't Admiral Adama.....
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