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  1. The sheet you've linked to is the older hard to work with one, its not unusable, I've used it and used future to set the decals, not perfect but pretty good. The "b" sheet is the one to lookout for, its updated and is much easier to use. In fact any Astra sheet which has either a "b" in the title or in the top right of the sheet is the one to go for. Hope that helps. Jon
  2. Thanks for the info gerard, I had heard that the UK might not get both of those kits at all because of the pound exchange rates against other currencies. I'd still trade on here with anyone and get another when they hit the UK. Jon
  3. Just keepin this one in view, anybody? I'll make it worth your while!
  4. Yeah saw that Jeff. I'm not bothered about the prizes it's the principle, alot of good people and manufacturers sent him alot of monies worth of items in good faith. The thing that leaves the nastiest taste in my mouth is that I considered him a friend and had let him into the circle of trust. Learning all the time I guess.
  5. Understood Tony, I've only got two 1/32 kits I could let go a Trumpeter A-10, never opened and an Academy F-16 CG/CJ with an aires cockpit set. Jon
  6. Sorry Richard but nearly a year waiting for prizes I won in the Wild weasel GB raffle is to long. I guess you've kept all the prizes sent to you in good faith for yourself?
  7. Hi Guys n Gals, I'm looking for an Academy 1/48 F-22, they are non-existant in the UK. I can only trade for it as I've just finished moving for the third time in 6 months! (long story, involves mother in laws!) and my financies are wiped out. I have lots of USAF modern 1/48 kits and a couple of 1/32 scale kits I'm willing to trade, also quite alot of aftermarket. PM me if interested and let me know what your looking for maybe I have it. I'm in the UK, which maybe a problem to some but not to me. Thanks Guys n Gals, hope to hear from someone soon. Regards Jon
  8. Am I the only person who's a little bit P****d that Kinetic despite being told, sold alot of people kits that weren't right. Then they go and correct the problem pointed out to them in the first place. I've got two pretty useless F-16 kits with "that nose problem". So where does that leave the original DJ/DG and AM buyers? Have I got to buy the kits again to get the updated parts? Or will Kinetic replace the fuselage parts? Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Jon
  9. Revell Strike Eagle body I used Academy CFT's on mine.
  10. Fantastic Viper Guy!! Everything about it stands out for me, the attention to detail is first class. You managed to get a nice background picture of RAF Lakenheath then? Thanks for sharing. Jon
  11. Its Strikeeagle48 Dude! To answer your questions, no the Xtraparts set is not enough to bring it up to Revell standards. Close but no cigar. There are alot of differences between the D/B model and the E that the set doesn't address, mainly access panels and vents on the rear fuselage, also it doesnt address the LAU launchers. You could use the intakes for the CFT's though. My best advice is to take the trade with the Revell E get a Wolfpack update set and you're there. Use Aarons fantastic pinned article. HTH's Jon
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