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  1. Man this was a fun ride, almost sad it’s over. She’s beautiful
  2. This will be fun to follow! I’m digging that bomb loadout too, excited to see what you do with it
  3. It’s still SOP, even without patients. Asked my neighbor who’s a flight medic. At least for Army.
  4. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures, as every time I arose in one I NEEDED to be riding in it. ((All is well, lived to fight another day))
  5. Every medevac bird I was on had windows, and they fly doors closed too.
  6. I think it stems from the fact there was a HUGE blowout over accuracy on this build a while back. It’s been well established that this build has never been, nor will ever be accurate. Everyone has acknowledged and moved on, there’s no need to beat the dead horse. No one is caving to PC here, we’re just trying to enjoy the build and avoid drama. That being said, there’s also a difference between saying, “Hey just a heads up, all tractors are white now” and then commenting several times while flooding the board with pictures of white tractors. I understand
  7. Rotorman, your build makes me feel so inadequate, yet inspired. I am eagerly awaiting to see this elusive -60 being built though 😂😂😂 In all seriousness man, you keep doing you and putting us all to shame! It’s a pleasure to watch.
  8. Yeah it was a Blackwater bird, I remember the video. Baghdad was good times 😂
  9. There are more than a few glaring errors in this painting. Like the fact that Irish is a paved road...
  10. I really hate the F-35 but it’s hard to hate this build. Amazing what hanging some ordnance on the wings will do! Fantastic work!!
  11. You should see the “finesse” we use overseas. I can’t tell you how many walls I knocked down or cars a plowed into. In NATO countries though, yes we’re pretty good about not hitting stuff
  12. Piggybacking off Arty, if they’re at the firing position (and close) then load it on up full of ammo!
  13. Depends on where you’re headed. USAREUR is obviously not in a combat zone so it’s entirely possible to be headed to a simulated fire excercise in which case it’s gear. Usually ammo is brought to the range (no matter how long) by a 3rd party as ammunition (live or training) is strictly controlled in a peacetime environment, ESPECIALLY on a road march. Best bet would be loaded up with gear for 4 weeks in a field environment.
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