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  1. Unfortunately, I don’t expect that any lacquer thinner will have the desired affect. The resin binder in the enamel has been affected. It’s like trying to un-bake a cake.
  2. The components of the enamel are clearly contaminated. Sometimes it’s what’s on the stir tool or a brush, and yes poring thinned paint back in the bottle will do it. Scrap it and get some more.
  3. My 25 + year Badger 150 needs a new bearing and I know I can get it done but for those who have used both gravity and suction cup feeds what is your verdict?
  4. Hi all, I am trying to get this contra rotating prop assembly together but I am not getting it right. The outer gear part D11 is not fitting well (very loose) and the backplate D9 is not really engaging. Any suggestions? Anyone have experience with this one. Their wyvern uses the same set up.
  5. Exactly. Often I look for the modeling challenge - not interested in creating a diorama
  6. Looking at it as more of a technical exercise.
  7. I have the old Esci kit and I thought that cutting out the flaps and lowering them might be an interesting exercise. Google searches haven't scored a hit. Anyone have something? tia stan in yul.
  8. Does anyone have a preference? I had a MM bottle which has dried out; it doesn't seem to be available anymore time for a replacement. thanks in advance stan
  9. Not the same procurement policy. They have got to get that mess straightened out
  10. Having read the article, this actually makes good sense in the near to mid term.
  11. His part of the world is experiencing very bad forest fires. Smoke is very bad in several areas on the west coast.
  12. lovely old tradition. I was party to the liberation of an F-86 seat and held it ransom for the first round of drinks! regards
  13. Good news. After a full disassembly I found a set screw loose that allowed the fan cage to come in contact with the bolt tails that attach the motor to the housing. Almost back in business. thanks
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