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  1. Just for the record, the first thing he said was they were manufactured by him.
  2. Fantastic collection! Glad to hear you’re doing an F-4E. Will round out the collection very nicely!
  3. Great pics! Thanks for sharing! Some fantastic looking Aggressor schemes including the F-35.
  4. Not familiar with VitaChrome Decals & Google isn’t much help. Are they sold as VitaChrome or as something else? Have a link?
  5. Just stumbled upon this post. Would love to see somebody do “Sugar Baby.” She is documented tip tail from all sides here: http://www.rgprucha.com/prucha_brennan/lou_wwii/sugar_baby_photos.htm
  6. Beautiful BUFF! You managed to get some color on an otherwise dull paint scheme. One of those kits I think we all have but nobody build for lack of room. What do you have in mind for the AMT kit?
  7. Nice looking Tomcat. Have more pictures to share?
  8. Here’s how NOT to do it. Worst box art ever in my estimation. CF376645-9BAD-4F1C-9A6D-3ADC66CA72E6.webp
  9. Do yourself a favor and buy this book. I cannot stress it enough. Sheperd Paine was the artist behind all of the diorama brochures that came in many of the Monogram kits from the 70s/80s. Not only is the book the best general modeling guide ever printed, it directly answers your questions and gives you plenty of variables to consider that you have probably never considered. There area lot of dioramas out there that frankly don’t look good. There are no “rules” to building a diorama but most of the bad ones you see would have benefited immensely if they woul
  10. Specifically decals from these two Tamiya releases as the invasion stripes are positioned a little further aft than usual. TIA, David Cedar Rapids,IA USA davidrezabek(that funny “at” symbol)yahoo(dot)com
  11. Event was cancelled due to weather. Had a two day window. Sept 25th & 26th. Weather washed them out both days. More of the story and an amazing video here: https://theaviationist.com/2020/10/02/a-behind-the-scenes-look-at-the-preparation-for-arsenal-of-democracy-flyover-scrubbed-due-to-weather/
  12. Southwestforests please contact me offline. davidrezabek(that funny “at” symbol)yahoo(dot)com
  13. Old news that I had forgotten about. Revisited. Great stuff. I too like crew figures with my builds. Thanks for posting. - David
  14. Haven’t had any luck with my quest for Invasion Stripe decals from Tamiya P-51B “Blue Nose.” So I will try for my other Mustang build “Jackie.” I’m looking specifically for the coyote insignia from LifeLike Decals 48-052 P-51 Mustang pt. 6. There are two of them on the decal sheet of which you only need one. I can work with whichever one you’re not going to use. LifeLike’s rendition is spot one. SuperScale’s is terrible. Aeromaster obviously copied SuperScale’s. I’m in the U.S. TIA, David davidrezabek(that funny “at” symbol)yahoo(dot)com First: SuperScale’s lousy
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