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  1. Specifically decals from these two Tamiya releases as the invasion stripes are positioned a little further aft than usual. TIA, David Cedar Rapids,IA USA davidrezabek(that funny “at” symbol)yahoo(dot)com
  2. Event was cancelled due to weather. Had a two day window. Sept 25th & 26th. Weather washed them out both days. More of the story and an amazing video here: https://theaviationist.com/2020/10/02/a-behind-the-scenes-look-at-the-preparation-for-arsenal-of-democracy-flyover-scrubbed-due-to-weather/
  3. Southwestforests please contact me offline. davidrezabek(that funny “at” symbol)yahoo(dot)com
  4. Old news that I had forgotten about. Revisited. Great stuff. I too like crew figures with my builds. Thanks for posting. - David
  5. Haven’t had any luck with my quest for Invasion Stripe decals from Tamiya P-51B “Blue Nose.” So I will try for my other Mustang build “Jackie.” I’m looking specifically for the coyote insignia from LifeLike Decals 48-052 P-51 Mustang pt. 6. There are two of them on the decal sheet of which you only need one. I can work with whichever one you’re not going to use. LifeLike’s rendition is spot one. SuperScale’s is terrible. Aeromaster obviously copied SuperScale’s. I’m in the U.S. TIA, David davidrezabek(that funny “at” symbol)yahoo(dot)com First: SuperScale’s lousy
  6. Wow, that is fantastic. One of the best displays of the ever present Skyraider exhaust staining I’ve ever seen. Congrats. - David
  7. I hate painting Invasion Stripes and the Tamiya Blue Nose rendition of their P-51B has the reverse Invasion Stripes that I need. Have many decals to trade or will buy. Would also be interested in the pilot figure leaning out of the cockpit from this or other Tamiya boxings. I’m in the U.S. Willing to buy, borrow, barter or beg. - David davidrezabek(that funny “at” symbol)yahoo(dot)com
  8. Wow! That is very impressive Sir! Some decal Company needs to jump on that if they haven’t already. - David
  9. If you don't get anything better there's this: https://modelingmadness.com/scott/decals/super/ss72117.htm or this: https://www.rare-planedetective.com/product_p/micro72117.htm
  10. Gman21041: Please contact me offline davidrezabek(the funny “at” symbol)yahoo(dot)com
  11. ... and then after all of that I failed to notice you spelled Skyraider wrong. (You have Skyrider.) Still stand behind my comments though that this is a wonderfully done model. - David
  12. As this is Critique Corner I try to offer some constructive criticism. That being said, the only suggestion I have is to change the nomenclature in your title. It should be A-1H. When the nomenclature is wrong you lose instant credibility with me before I even look at the model. Just a personal pet peeve and many will consider this to be overly picky. Beyond that I can find no fault. Exceptionally nice looking model. Extra kudos for the exhaust staining and the oil drips in the centerline tank. Two definite traits of the Skyraiders and difficult to portray successfully. -
  13. Looks outstanding. What sheet number did you use? I don't see these markings on any of the Bullseye cover sheets.
  14. What a stunning model. Everything about it is top notch. Can’t recall ever seeing a better model. Thanks for posting. - David
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