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  1. I found some time to paint them, they are looking awesome! What do you think?
  2. Dear eagle fans, today I got a great aftermarket set from Kopecky Scale Models. Maybe most of you don't know this new company, but the quality of detail is very good. Therefore I started this topic and want to share with you some detailed pictures of the F-15c pylons. The surface of the resin parts is so smooth, no rework needed. Available here: https://www.kopeckyscalemodels.com/product-page/48007-f-15c-late-pylons-rails
  3. Hello my friend! That‘s an amazing idea! Please reserve 2 Cockpit sets for me. The Cockpit of the kit is great, but the sidewalls not. They are still bad in detail like on the old Hasegawa kit. Maybe it‘s enough to do just detailed side walls? Cheers Pascal
  4. I agree with Onigiri, a set for hasegawa would be awsome! The price doesn't matter.
  5. Wow Christian! What a beauty! The weathering is is quite amazing and decent too. Hopefully my future alphajet project will be also a success like this.
  6. Hello Guys, this is my first post in this forum! I hope you enjoy the pictures of my F-16 from Spangdahlem - Germany. The kit is from Tamiya and I used some aftermarket stuff to get the best results.
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