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  1. Thank you so much for the review! The decals are here available: https://www.pkproductions.de/shop/decals/48-008-usafe-phantoms-1-48-f-4d-e/
  2. Hey guys! The cockpit is now in place and look what the postman brought me! This is a fantastic 3D printed Aces II seat and the only on the market with early pad. Check them out in my shop: https://www.pkproductions.de/shop/3d-printed-resin-parts/ds48026-f-15-aces-ii-seats---fabric-pad---1-48/
  3. Hey Geoff, Your Eagle is amazing, I really love to see my decals on a finished model. The heaviest thing on the Hasegawa kit is to get the wings seamless 🙂 Thank you for sharing it with us.
  4. Thank you! It's very tricky to place those tiny white decals, but finally I managed it. Fantastic! Please provide me some pictures of the finished model! And thank you again for your order and trust in my decals. Next month I will have a new decal set for early F-16As so stay tuned.
  5. Hey Guys! The Cockpit it s now ready, here some pictures :) I used decals and 3D switched from ANYZ and the panel is a 3D decal of Quinta.
  6. The only authentic color for the F-15 metallic blue is Xtracolor X159, very old school... After a drying time of one week, I start painting the details. A mix of ANYZ models and Quinta 3D decals push the side wall on a higher level.
  7. Guys, here are more pictures of the detail work in the bay 5 area. Lead wire and 3D printed connectors from ANYZ Models were used to get this result. It was much easier to use copper wire instead of the kit plastic handles.
  8. Yes man! After the big NATO exercise Air Defender 23 I was so impressed of the F-15s... must do another one. Thank you so much! That's also a good choice! Do you build a light or mod grey one? Thank you!
  9. Let's get back to the F-15 and finish the cockpit! A base layer of FS36231 was applied by airbrush. After that I used several black color tones for the panels and finally I'm adding the decals from ANYZ models.
  10. Hello Guys, I just finished another Decal project and here is the result! This is a must have for USAFE Eagle fans, because it covers all European F-15 units. Hope you like the result. Available here: https://www.pkproductions.de/shop/decals/32-001-big-usaf-mod-eagles-1-32/
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