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  1. GW, Amen brother, my back and shoulders are shot from hefting missiles and pulling and tugging bombs off of trailers. I worked A-10s briefly but 16s were my life until 2007. I had to cross train to stay at my base so I went Intel and became an Imagery Analyst working with drones, U-2s, and satellites. On a B61 note, did the F/A-18C have the ability to carry B61s? If so, what was their primary station for carriage? Ours was the right outboard on the 16.
  2. GW, I was a weapons loader in the Air Force and Air National Guard for over 22 years and the toughest times I remember was having to do nuclear surety inspections for NATO inspection teams in Europe. We were ran into the dirt every day for about three or four days and not only did we load everything an F-16 could carry conventionally for our commitment but also the nuclear portion toward the end all while wearing chemical gear. But, I do miss it.
  3. GW, That is a thought, I tjought only the Marines trained that hard in air to ground delivery. But, if the Navy birds did as well, then I certainly have the weapons kits to do it up right.
  4. I like the Academy kits but the wheel wells and having to put the landing gear in early on are a nightmare. But, I love the options and extra parts. I have an older Hasegawa J and now the S. I have two of the Es as well which will get Osan and Taegeu markings.
  5. GW, Thanks for the info, I think that is the route I am going and I had thought about four TERs and 12X82s.
  6. Hi Kurt, Yeah, I have seen very few photos. I even dug up an olde book just on Phantoms and the few S pics were not very helpful. I did see a model on ARC that appears to have AIM-9L/Ms. I imagine that is how this one will be loaded out. I will just go full air to air and tanks.
  7. And, I also have two of the 1/32 Revell F-4Gs which one will be an E. I have gotten the GT Resin noses and outboard pylons for the G so I can use the HARMs out of my F/A-18C and max it out.
  8. I believe the other pkane is still there. I ordered decals for the S already and I believe it will be a solid medium gray scheme. That would help me since I haven't gotten a model together in forever. The easier the paint jobs right now, tge better. I have an Academy F-4B, J, and now this S. I am also building a B for a guy's dad who was with Beaufort in the early 70s.
  9. Sorry buddy!! But yes, it is. I got it last night along with the AC-47. Is all that leftover from Buck's? I really need to think about selling some of mine, the stash is growing way too much.
  10. Hello everyone, I just bought an F-4S model and want to know what a typical loadout would be for the jets stationed at Atsugi Japan during the mid 80s. I figure air to air was the norm but not sure of what type of -9s were carried by them at that time. And, if they ever did carry air to ground, what would have been usual for that time as well for them.Thanks everyone. Pat,
  11. Thanks AVNAV, yeah I know the designation system, I still use the designation system from weapons loading checklists I used for 22 years. Hard to break old habits on that. I am still trying to find more info on Clark's nuclear comittment but probably going to settle on a nuke on the centerline and call it a day.
  12. Murph, Good point, the only reason I was goung with full missile loadout was because I used to work on F-16s and our nuke alert birds were fulky loaded even with an ECM pod and four air yo air missiles. I would love to see a real photo of an F-4E loaded with a B-61. I remember seeinf one from Ramstein but cannot find it again.
  13. Thanks Murph. I think if I do go with the nuke loadout, I will probably put it on the left inboard and centerline fuel tank as well as outboard fuel tanks with 4XAIM-7s and 2XAIM-9 on the right inboard unless AIM-9s could be used as well with the B-61 under them.
  14. Thanks for the responses so far guys, I am not sure what their commitment was at home station but I would fathom a guess that they would stand armed watch at other bases. When I was stationed in Spain, we had two squadrons that rotated to Turkey and stood armed with special weapons. I am still, researching the Clark F-4E's complete roll while there.
  15. Hello everyone, I am building the Revell 1/32 F-4E from Clark AFB circa late 80s to early 90s. Does anyone know if this base had a nuclear commitment and if so, which station was the B-61 cleared for and/or carried on? Thanks everyone. Pat Green,
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