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  1. I've been storing this kit since I was a kid with the intention of building it, but I don't think that will ever happen. So, time to let it go. The box is in good shape and all parts are sealed and as they were originally packaged in the box. I never fully unpacked the kit. Kit number is S-2002-4500 Asking $200 OBO +shipping (paypal only) Chris
  2. Thanks guys! My kids really enjoy the builds, especially when we do a video. These bandai kits are pretty awesome. I definitely want to build a few more. Chris
  3. Here are a few pics. My daughter built the X-wing, I built the snowspeeder and my son built the AT-ST.
  4. I did a little Star Wars builds with my kids. These are the Bandai X-wing, Snowspeeder, and AT-ST. This was my first time building a Bandai kit and they are super nice! Parts fit was just about perfect and no glue was necessary based on the press fit design and the detail is awesome. Lots of small parts though which my kiddos needed a little help with. We did a little video of the build so, we hope you enjoy! :)
  5. My kids love making build videos with me when we have the chance to. I'm usually featuring scale RC stuff, but I love plastic modeling and have built them since I was a kid. So, I figured we'd have some fun and build some of our favorite comic book characters as Polar Lights had some pretty cool kits I was able to get a hold of. I built The Wolverine, my 11 year old daughter built Captain America, and my 9 year old son built Superman. Plastic models and super powers, what more could one ask for?! ;)/> Chris http://thercgeek.com
  6. I'm hoping someone out there has the F-16 A/B NSAWC Vipers #2 sheet from TwoBobs in their stash they'd be willing to sell? Please let me know! Chris
  7. I'm hoping to find one of the few Hasegawa F-4S kits out there. Would love to get a hold of the Midway low vis kit, but will take what I can find. Thanks! Chris
  8. I was curious if anyone out there might have the above Afterbuner Decals sheet? I'm interested in the Executive Officer’s aircraft from 1982 (Bureau number 153840, Modex 102) primarily, so the decals don't necessarily need to be complete. Mostly interested in the decals for that aircraft and the complete instructions. I appreciate the help! Chris
  9. I just came across this thread while researching the bronco models MQ-1 and thought I could shed some light on some of the questions. Regarding the wheel wells, they are flat black. It's all unpainted carbon fiber in there and the interior skin portions are typically flat based on how they are autoclaved. The notched tails are a relatively new mod (within the last few years I think). All of the new aircraft coming off of the line since that time has had them. I'm not sure if all of pre-existing aircraft have been retrofitted or not though. The large chin fairing is only if the aircraft is flying with a non standard payload in the nose. This is not something you would see for the armed MQ-1. Lastly, the large antenna underneath the fuselage is non standard. I think actually that aircraft carrying that antenna in that location may be from a number of years ago as the current aircraft doesn't carry that antenna in that location. Also, not all of the MQ-1 aircraft have the centerline hard points to carry someting in that location. So, if you do plan to model AF 99-3057, you could easily shave off that centerline pylon/fairing and essentially just copy the configuration of the pics on airliners.net. My guess would be that the airplane is probably mostly the same today as it is in those pics. BTW, I have one of these kits on the way. I'm anxious to check it out. ;) What is the approximate size of the finished model? Seems like it should have a pretty decent wing span. Chris
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