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  1. Add some of these to your HK B-17 or B-25 display -- would also work well with 1/32 Korean War-era P-51 or F-4U dioramas Available by following this link --> RESIN2detail Mk 2A (32034) Store (Purchase Link)\ Thank you!
  2. Hello! Happy to announce the following new releases, only from RESIN2detail, a maker of premium aftermarket resin aircraft accessories, detail sets and conversions. Purchase each set for only $4.99 each! 48137 Set of five (5) U.S. Jerry Cans for your Airfield Diorama – intricately detailed For the beginner through advanced modeler. Not for modelers under the age of 13. Made in USA. Click HERE to purchase! 48138 Set of six (6) assorted USAAF/RAF “Flimsies” for your Airfield Diorama – intricately detailed
  3. 48056 The B-17 is one of those iconic, almost mythical aircraft, that has been capturing folks’ imaginations for generations. It also lends itself very well to airfield dioramas. Let RESIN2detail help take your B-17 to the next level with this set, which includes Jerry Cans (x2) 200 GAL Drums (x2) Drum Stand Supercharger Wheel/Tire Fire Extinguisher Funnel 2.5 Gal “Flimsy” (x3) 5 Gal “Flimsy” (x3) 10 Gal Hydraulic Fluid Container Empty Bomb Crate Crate with 100 LB Practice Bombs loaded 2 Stacks of Loose 100 LB
  4. Hello! I am happy to announce RESIN2detail's latest product release 24001 Oberursel Engine Superdetail Set (for Merritt International Fokker DR.1). You receive 9 cylinders, exhaust tubes, crankcase, exhaust manifold and PE set which contains the push rods/rocker arms. Available for $24.99 per set (plus shipping) - click HERE!
  5. Comes with full instruction manual, and the following parts Main bed Main wheels (x2) Main Axle Main Wheel Hub (x2) Main Leaf Spring (x2) Tail Light (x2) Front Electrical Box Hitch Yoke Raising/Lowering crank (static) Front Axle Front Wheels (x2) Front Leaf Spring (x2) Front Axle Coil Spring (x2) Forward Chassis (Upper) Locker Box Locker Box Top (w/ Bomb Fin Storage) Locker Box Rear Applique (w/Bomb Fin Storage) Available HERE --> http://resin2detail.com/product/ac320
  6. AC48104 Ok, it’s time to toss the kit seats into the spares bin, and replace it with our ultra-detailed and realistic replacement set, replete with belt detail, buckles, rivets – you name it. The cockpit in the Havoc is a highly-visible area, so it is important to make a big impact here – this seat set will give your model that “wow” factor for sure. Priced at only $7.49 USD per set, you can’t go wrong! Click HERE to purchase from the R2D Store
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