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  1. picknpluck

    Super Hornet mission question

    I was talking to a RIO from VFA-2 at the Travis AFB Air Show a few weeks ago (VFA-2 brought two Fs for display). Her response to the same question was that the Fs do the fast FAC role as a unique mission set as the second crew member comes in handy. They can work the radios and the sensors and the pilot can focus on flying.
  2. picknpluck

    Great Navy Hornet (and others) Weathering Ref Shot

    THAT's F-ing HOT!!!
  3. picknpluck

    Hobby shops near Travis AFB?

    ACE in Berkeley still has models. Hobbies Unlimited in San Leandro is still around too.
  4. picknpluck

    Hobby shops near Travis AFB?

  5. picknpluck

    Best 1/48 MER & TER out there?

    The Academy F-4 MER/TER are very basic. Why not Hasegawa?
  6. picknpluck

    Best 1/48 MER & TER out there?

    Eduard's MERs are too short. Their own bombs won't fit. Aerobonus is another option. I don't know about TERs. I ordered Eduard's.
  7. picknpluck

    Hobby shops near Travis AFB?

    Head over to downtown Napa and check out Loose Caboose Hobbies. Do some wine tasting while you're at it!
  8. picknpluck


    I can't help with decals but Hasegawa is the go-to kit for Skyhawks, especially the early versions like the A-4B. I suspect there are aftermarket decals available for Argentinian birds.
  9. picknpluck

    Best 1/72 Super Hornet?

  10. picknpluck

    Best 1/72 Super Hornet?

    I'd be interested in Academy's efforts if I were looking for a 1/72 Super Bug. They have an E, an F, and a G.
  11. picknpluck

    1/72 A-7E VA-72 Desert Storm

    Wolfpak has their CAG bird on one of their sheets.
  12. picknpluck

    LF someone to print a few decals

    Cool, thanks.
  13. picknpluck

    LF someone to print a few decals

    Joe, out of curiosity how did this work out? I’m looking for a custom printer too. I tried decision height but I’m not happy with the result.
  14. picknpluck

    F-8E check pylon colour? Single or y-rack

    The LAU-7 and Y rack are clearly white in this pic
  15. picknpluck

    Sword 1/72 F3H Demons

    Thanks for the write-up. I have one of these kits en route. I've got the Sword TF-9J, F3D, FJ3, T-28C, and now this F3H and I'm looking forward to getting into them!