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  1. Admins: c'mon and green light this thing! This GB looks very promising!
  2. I just grabbed an AFV Club F-5E for a song at the Reno contest this weekend. I'll start with that, coupled with Monogram's F-5F..both as Navy adversaries. Then on to Revell's F-15E and GWH's F-15C. Maybe if there's time, I'll do the Testors OV-10A and Academy's 1/72 OV-10D
  3. Well...snap! So easy a caveman could do it!
  4. Beautiful Mud Hen! Can you tell us about the base you used? That looks really nice too.
  5. I think we all know @phantom will single-handedly produce 32 models for this build. Then there's what everyone else will build. Should make for a good GB! :-)
  6. Good point! C'mon admins, pull the trigger on this thing! Strike while the iron is hot!
  7. Why bother with votes? Most of the people who vote on group builds end up bailing anyway. What has been the most successful group build recently? The Revell/Monogram build? What made that GB successful? In my opinion, it was the quick start time (nobody moved on to other builds waiting for this GB to start) and the wide open rules. Like the Monogram/Revell GB, this sounds like a great way to clear out stashes without a bunch of stringent rules in place. Since @Kurt H. proposed this build, I'm assuming he's willing to run it. Let's get a start date as soon as possible and let it run for a year as proposed. Then market the GB in the other forums that see heavier traffic like "Jet Modelling." Strike while the iron is hot. You've got 15 members RIGHT NOW who voted their interest. 15 active builds at the start of a GB is a much better start than most of the others in recent memory. Just food for thought.
  8. Nice RF-8!!! I recently finished one too. Did you use the RVHP kit?
  9. Furball has an upcoming sheet, I think.
  10. The 1/72 kit has a late-style cockpit, though. Not appropriate for the timeframe of the markings...but LAU-7 rails instead of BOL rails. And no bomb option or LANTIRN unless you get the Hasegawa weapons sets. It does have the LANTIRN controller in the RIO pit and the pylon adapter.
  11. I've got a pair of 1/48 TA-4Js too: Hasegawa and Classic Airframes...oh, and Fujimi 1/72!
  12. I'd be down for this. Revell F-15E and GWH F-15C?
  13. Tangopapa decals hooked me up with a recent project. For clarification, I supllied Tom with the art work and he printed them for me. The result was nice, thin decals. Recommended.
  14. Awesome! Just joined the SIG Facebook page.
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