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  1. Did the refueling probe get caught up in the basket on that last S-3? It's looking decidedly unicorn-ish. 🦄
  2. This ICM 1/48 OV-10A is wearing Caracal decals.
  3. Fellow NorCal guy here...the F-106 with the state flag on the tail was the business!
  4. The AN-225 was pretty instrumental in delivering resources to communities impacted by natural disasters, particularly in remote areas of the Pacific. Yes, the aircraft is a loss for mankind.
  5. Is that jet configured as a tanker? Is "4 Wet" one of those Cat 4 no-go configurations?
  6. I took this picture of a VFA-2 Super Hornet at Travis AFB a couple of years ago.
  7. Reading your posts above and seeing the early pictures of 145646 is pretty cool. I saw that aircraft when it was displayed at the Flying Leathernecks museum at Miramar before it closed down. I ended up going with 145646 when I built my RF-8G a few years ago, as it appeared with VFP-63 aboard the Coral Sea towards the end.
  8. Definitely interested in this... I've got your OV-10A sheet and will use the VMO-2 option when I start my OV-10A.
  9. Will we see a scaled down version of your OV-10D Bronco sheet, given ICM's pending release in 1/48?
  10. I finally finished this Hasegawa 1/72 F-104.
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