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  1. Update on the Hasegawa OV-10A: I added some lead wire to the cockpit to replicate the amole wiring harness that is visible in typical Bronco cockpits and repainted everything. I also removed the stub wings and weapons stations since this is a civil fire spotter. I dry-fit the main fuselage to the tail and wing assembly, but will paint these two assemblies separately. Getting there...
  2. Wow! I'm looking at this as I contemplate the MH-53E I just bought. Nice job on the rivets! What tool did you use?
  3. @doupnik, what do you use for references to outline your rivet pattern?
  4. Not sure... which would yield a better result?
  5. I got ahold of an Academy MH-53E and would like to try my hand at riveting. My google-fu yielded old threads but with the expected Photobucket issues. Is there a good source for a how-to out there that still has good pics available?
  6. I've always thought the helmets were disproportionately large on the Aerobonus US pilots. They look like characters from Spaceballs. 😁
  7. I understand motivational lags very well! Way to push through. Keep at it!
  8. Decals and gloss are done on the OV-10D...I used Wolfpak decals. I'll do some light weathering tomorrow and try to wrap this project soon.
  9. Nice! I'm planning a pair of F-15s for this GB as well, but in 1/48. That F-15SA looks sharp with the bright orange panels.
  10. I've seen pics somewhere of VMA-214 doing CQ in their Ms. I think it was Coral Sea.
  11. It ain't happening. I don't remember the details but this project went off the rails awhile back.
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