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  1. Thanks! I've had practically zero bench time lately, but I'm home all weekend for the first time in awhile. I hope to wrap these two up this weekend and start on the next pair.
  2. Yes they do! And the markings for this aircraft especially stand out!
  3. I did this while waiting for the TwoBobs sheet to arrive in the mail. Of course, when the sheet arrived, the sundown motif is slightly different as the decals represent this airframe at a different timeframe.
  4. So I ended up painted the tail after the decal debacle...I can live with this.
  5. Check out KA Models. They make a set of 3D printed F-15 cans that are absolutely sublime.
  6. Trimming the decal would've messed up the positioning of the modex # on the he tail as well as a series of small horizontal stripes on the upper trailing edge of the tail. The decal quality isn't good in addition to not fitting; I have aftermarket replacements on the way. All good!
  7. I had a little bit of a setback last night when I tried to start decals on the F-5N. Not only are are AFV Club's decals garbage, but the focal point tail markings don't fit. I ordered a set from Two Bobs with the same aircraft so I'll have to wait on those. I can keep working on the F-5F though.
  8. Scroll down the page a bit for this thread about Hornet weathering pics. There’s a ton of great references. Your specific jet is probably in there somewhere.
  9. Thanks! I’ve got some touching up to do on the F-5F but the F-5N is about ready for decals. Hopefully the kit decals are ok. I’ll be using Furball for the F and I know those are solid.
  10. Those Mustangs look great Geoff!
  11. I masked and painted the wheel wells, air brake bays, and landing gear as well as the NMF rear area. More to follow... The Monogram wheels are in top; AFV below. Monogram's still look pretty decent all painted up but AFV's have the same crisp detail here that is seen throughout this kit.
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