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  1. I just ordered stuff from Royale Resin's website a few months ago and everything showed up in a very reasonable amount of time. Beautiful resin too!
  2. Nice work! I've got this kit and I'm working up the nerve to take on the riveting job.
  3. I read somewhere that the Hasegawa F-8 didn't sell well. That would explain a lot.
  4. There were surely examples of Nimitz doing CARQUALs where F-4's and F-14s shared a deck, if that's what you're looking for. A VF-171 F-4 alongside a CVW-8 or VF-101 F-14 wouldn't be out of place, for example.
  5. I believe this is the site you were looking for with loadout info? I'm doing an OIR F-15E and putting 3 GBU-38s per CFT and SDBs on the centerline. https://web.archive.org/web/20180410025735/http://www.f-15e.info/joomla/en/weapons/loadout-configurations/125-enduring-freedom
  6. The Victory Productions sheet lists the light blue as FS 15450 FWIW. Apparently, True North makes that color. https://www.truenorthpaints.com/paintstore/air-superiority-blue
  7. No, both sides of the vertical stabilizers were 36320.
  8. @CollinAt risk of hijacking this thread, any advice on a loadout for VS-24 during Desert Storm?
  9. My question remains: what does it mean when decals are silk screened? Is there a difference in the way they are applied?
  10. Pardon my ignorance, but what does it mean when decals are silk printed?
  11. Ok, that's a wrap! Some final thoughts on these kits: Classic Airframes The good: This kit has some nice features like resin wheels, seats, and gear bays. It also comes with an ACMI pod and a really nice decal sheet with several neat Adversary schemes from VF-126, VA-127, and VC-8. I also like the single piece fuselage halves (see comments below). The bad: This being a short run kit, it has short run kit issues like massive sprue gates (especially frustrating on small parts) and soft plastic. The fuselage fit was also a little dodgy and things got really sketchy wh
  12. My Scooters are done! Classic Airframes and "The MiG" is Hasegawa
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