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  1. Gene, are there alternate decal options in the box besides full color VF-2?
  2. I watched the trailer yesterday. It put a huge smile on my face and I felt my pulse quicken. You’re damn right I’m seeing this in the theater! Maybe they’ll do a short run of the original in theaters too!
  3. If I can find it available anywhere!
  4. I've read the Revell kit is only correct for a DS-era mud hen out of the box. Did you add aftermarket parts to yours to bring it up to modern specs? If so, what parts did you use? I know jack and squat about mud hens.
  5. Damn...I really ought to dig into my Revell mud hen. It's been languishing in my stash for a couple of years now.
  6. I converted my Tamiya F-14D kit into a B using Steel Beach parts. Ejection seats, TCS pod, ECM antennas, and RIO instrument panel. It wasn't a difficult task at all.
  7. Decals are on! I used Furball's data set along with a few custom jobs.
  8. Thanks! This has definitely been a lot of work but worth it. It has challenged me in a lot of ways and it's a subject matter that I've wanted to cover for awhile.
  9. Just came across this and following with interest as I ponder the Revell EA-6A in my stash. Nice work so far!
  10. I had decals made for the unit-specific markings (VFP-63 Det. 2) but I messed up the left side tail decal so I masked and painted the tail markings instead using a photocopy of the decals as a template.
  11. Finished up the gear doors, air brake, and Wolfpack bang seat tonight.
  12. Judge for yourself. I can't really tell--especially in 1/72. (Sorry about the crappy pic)
  13. I think the issue is with the angle of the main gear legs. I used the kit parts and you know what? Almost two years later, I'm still alive and I haven't lost sleep. 😁
  14. I had to modify the main gear a little to accurately represent an RF-8G. I also got the exhaust done. The kit part protrudes from the rear by just a bit (1/8" or so). I just sanded the end down so it wouldn't protrude. ALCLAD and a few washes later ..and voila!
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