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  1. Flying Leathernecks is working on a new Harrier sheet, should check with Dave on if it might be included.
  2. need some laughs like that these days
  3. I can't support this enough. Now we are seeing the potential loss of millions to the service industry and the closure of so many small businesses, no proposal for 1000 a month will fix that loss.
  4. That's a serious downer Darren. I'll miss seeing the new details that come out of that workshop. The 1/48 and 1/32 US Navy parts really hit a niche that many others failed to tackle at a price for those of us who just like to build. I'm pretty sure that my 15 Tamiya cats have at least 1 Steelbeach set to go with. I hope things get settled and that you get the bug to start again all the sooner. -Peter
  5. $47 to ship a Monogram B-17 to California from Mass $30 to ship a 1/32 Tamiya Spit from Oregon to Mass That was one hell of an increase.
  6. 1 fits together, the other doesn't
  7. I've got the following FS. Open to reasonable offers, shipping from 02066 not included. If interested send an email to zorak36 (at) hotmail.com or PM me here. Thanks for looking. 1/48 Monogram B-17G - $15 (white boxing, rough, small mold flow hole on the lower wing, handful of interior parts have been painted zinc chromate, appox 85% rescribed, missing kit decals) Includes: Superscale 48-17 (old set, please test) 1/72 Italeri DUKW - $10 1/350 Hasegawa Soya Antartic Observation Ship 1st Corps- $50 Includes Hasegawa dedicated PE set 1/350 Hasegawa USS Gambier Bay escort carrier - $250. Includes: Hasegawa basic detail set, Hasegawa super detail set, Hasegawa wood deck, White Ensign Models Casablanca Class detail set, Gfactor brass props
  8. Looks great and grimey, just like the CAF bugs
  9. Have you taken your complaints to the Consumer Financial Bureau? I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.
  10. Tom's build in GWH's post above doesn't show it. None of the 4 that were at my local show last year had it, didn't see it on my own. All I can tell you, maybe we just all found a way to deal with it.
  11. Because I've actually built the kit and am happy to point out where there are issues and where others are just made up.
  12. Shion won’t go near the kit, just likes diving down into different builds to find dirt to post about here.
  13. Not so much as a new year I'm looking forward to but just a new topic.....
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