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  1. Wow 😳 I’m still taking this in. Amazing job on that kit Riccardo. I like the work you put into the bracing for the speed break. It’s great to see this posted for the 30th (It’s hard to believe it’s been that long) of Desert Storm. All the best, Mr. Happy
  2. Crackerjazz, I have to agree with everyone hear your off to a great start. A word to the wise. 1. If you can get the Hasegawa A-4C kit. It’s a much more accurate and a better detailed kit than the Hobby Craft. 2. Try to take care when handling the wings. The hinges can break off easily if your not careful. You might scratch build a bumper with some material that will cushion the slat hinges. BTW; Beautiful work on your TER’s and I think you’ll really like the AOA Decals too. Best of luck on your Skyhawk and take care, Mr.Happy
  3. Curt B, Great topic to bring up for the beginning of a new hopeful year. Personally I’d like to see Big T (Tamiya) follow up on there 1/48 line of armored kits, Tanks and Soft Skin alike. I like the scale for a couple of reasons. One: It’s just the right amount of detail. Two: It’s great on space saving in display cases. Three: 1/48 Vehicles can complement most aircraft in the scale and make for a very nice presentation piece. While I realize I can not speak for everyone who is in favor of seeing more 1/48 kits and aftermar
  4. You can’t go wrong with that cool livery Nicely done. Best regards for a great 2021 and let’s all hope we have shows to attend next year. Take care, Mr.Happy
  5. Viperbite, Very nice and great job on the weathering. Mr.Happy
  6. Giovanni, Outstanding work‼️😳👍😎 I wonder if you added some JP-4 or 5 jet fuel your bird would fly. 😊 Have a Merry Christmas. Be safe, Mr. Happy
  7. There was so much more potential with that glorious big beautiful beast. Nice kitty 😼
  8. A pilot, A hero, A legend, A life well lived. Thank you for service General. God bless-’em all. 🙏
  9. Wolf el Real 🐺, Great job. I like that Vallejo SEA paint scheme. That black base on the F-4D is over looked and it’s cool to see one show up on the sight. P.S. If possible send out some more pictures. Take care, Mr.Happy
  10. Rod The Fixer, Very nice detail work and nice natural metal paint job. Take care, Mr.Happy
  11. Wow looks encouraging. Thank you for posting this HomeB. Mr.Happy
  12. Greg, I’ve used one of Techmod ‘s sets on a Tamiya Bf-109E-3 I built some years ago. Make certain that you have your decal where you want them as Techmod Decals seem to really cling to there surface quickly. My recommendation is to keep plenty of water close by to keep them from snuggling down to quickly. Once set in place they snuggle down very well. I hope this helps you in some way? Best of luck, Mr. Happy
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