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  1. GeneK, Thank you for posting this update. Mr. Happy
  2. Dave, Quite a ambitious project and historically interesting. I’m looking forward to your progress and thank you for bringing this story to light. Best of luck and take care, Mr. Happy
  3. Drew, Wow wow wow Very nice job indeed. Thanks for posting your updates as they were incredible to watch come together into this awesome build . Have a great Easter weekend, Mr.Happy
  4. George Guimaraes, Very nicely built. Attractive paint job. Nice work on the different metal shades of paint used on your build. Its not over weathered and looks the part. Take care and have a safe Easter weekend, Mr. Happy
  5. MA Cooke, Fantastic work on the build. I like that rivet work you employed on your Spitfire. EDDIE would be proud Mr.Happy
  6. Nicely done roym. Mr.Happy
  7. War dog, Incredible work on the landing gear. Take care, Mr.Happy
  8. The build is so choice, I highly recommend you tune in if you have the means......Mint.
  9. George, Do you still keep in touch with Richard Paulson? Mr. Happy
  10. Incredible work on both of your builds Steve. This a huge understatement but we all cringe and hate dealing with those $#!^ ghost seams. So glad you were able to fight threw it. Hears to your continuing success, Mr. Happy
  11. ALF18, Exquisite work with that foil technique. Nice job Alf! Mr.Happy
  12. Stef (6), Very nice P-40E. Your weathering looks and matches many of Periscope Films historic footage and other pictures I’ve seen of the Aleutian Tigers. Take care, Mr. Happy
  13. Wow! I love that Hi-Viz VF-142 scheme. Great Work Thadeus. Take care, Mr.Happy
  14. Whops ! Sorry about that 👆 Sausage fingers 🙄 Very nice build and great work on that old kit. You certainly have some nice decal choices Thadeus. Take care, Mr.Happy
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