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  1. Mr.Happy

    1/72 F-8H Crusader

    Sweet Job 👍😎 You captured the shape of the nose very well. Luv the Crusader 😍 Cheers, Mr. Happy ( In name only )
  2. Mr.Happy

    GWH 1/48 scale Lockheed T-33A early ver.

    Joel, Great job on the Great Wall kit. Sorry to hear about your difficulties with the X-22 clear. I’ve had fairly good luck with it. I wonder if it has something to do with the weather. (I.E. If your airbrushing during a high humidity day and or cold) It can make or frustrate your day at times☹️ Keep up up the excellent work I’m looking forward to seeing the final reveal😎 Cheers, (Mr.Happy In name only)
  3. Mr.Happy

    1/48 Italeri F7F-3 Tigercat

    Very nice job on that cool cat wisco8😎👍 Cheers, Mr.Happy(In name only)
  4. Mr.Happy

    F-4H1 VF-74 "First in Phantoms"

    Uwe, You might consider useing an old Eagle Strike sheet # 48008 Phantoms Phorever Pt.3 for some the VF-74 markings. Even thoe it is for a F-4J you could use the Red Lightning bolt and the white VF-74. Or if you can find it there was a sheet for a F-4H-1 Phantom II with the VF-74 markings by Experts - Choice # 48-48. As far as the USS FORRESTAL markings you might try CAM Decals #48-A024a U.S. Aircraft Carrier Names. Make certain that the F-4 you build is equipped with the McDonnell Douglas ejection seat and the rudder is Gull Grey not white. Hope this is helpful 🤔 Cheers, Mr.Happy(In name only)
  5. Mr.Happy

    Short Video of New Revell Releases.

    Thank you for posting this video 🎥👍 Mr.Happy(In name only)
  6. Mr.Happy

    1/32 Tamiya P-51D Mustang "Betty Lou"

    Dang that pit is amazing ‼️ Antonio, Was the instrument panel from Eduard, or another aftermarket IP❓ Great job👍 Mr.Happy(In name only)
  7. Mr.Happy

    Tamiya 1/48 F4U-1A

    Wow that is awesome ‼️ Outstanding job ooritz10 this is gotta be one the best tri schemes I've seen on a -1A Corsair👍 Cheers, Mr.Happy(In name only)
  8. Mr.Happy

    A-6E Intruder

    Wow 😳 ‼️ Awesome job Aigore. Cheers, Mr.Happy(In name only)
  9. Mr.Happy

    My builds so far for 2017

    You rock ‼️ Killer job job on all 😲😎✅ Mr.Happy(In name only)
  10. Mr.Happy

    1/48 Hasegawa/RVHP RF-8G Crusader

    Darren , I am glad to see a modeler build some of those awesome Bicentennial USN birds👍 Great job Mr.Happy(In name only)
  11. Mr.Happy

    Tamiya 1/48 F4U-1D as FG-1D

    Love that livery🤓 She looks right and tight👍 Man I am all jazzed up to break out my -1D 🤗 Great job ✅ Mr.Happy(In name only)
  12. Mr.Happy

    A-7E Corsair II - Hasegawa 1/48

    Great start to a great subject 👍 I'll be tuning in for the next update and great job on the intake✅ Cheers, Mr.Happy(In name only)
  13. Mr.Happy

    My Ultimate General Lee build

    Andrew, Your work is absolutely stunning 😲👍‼️ Very inspiring and I look forward to your updates 🤗 Cheers, Mr.Happy(In name only)
  14. That is amazing PE work 😲👍 Cheers, Mr.Happy(In name only)
  15. Mr.Happy

    A-6E Intruder

    Fight threw it lad 💪 and pace yourself, your going to build another great looking Naval attack jet . Cheers and and best of luck 👍 Mr.Happy (In name only)