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  1. Gorgeous work! What clear coat brand did you use ? Sweet build. Mr. Happy
  2. Very nicely done and great build thread. Take care and keep building, Mr. Happy
  3. I’m curious to see if they will provide or produce a frameless wraparound windscreen on the few E’s, G’, and RF-4C’?
  4. Very nicely built and nice weathering. You have a fine looking F-16D there. Great job and way to go with seeing it through to the end despite the set backs you had mentioned. Keep building and beautifully done, Mr. Happy
  5. I think you are misinterpreting what I am typing hear. To help clarify No I AM NOT SUGGESTING THAT THE EARLY ISRAELI F-4E’s WERE CALLED ANYTHING OTHER THAN KURNASS (Which means ‘Heavy Hammer’) The confusing was probably by me using the word Derivative (Ex; something that is based on another source) While I appreciate your enthusiasm on the subject of the Kurnass I have enough references on the Phantom and the country’s that flew the St. Louis Slugger, Smokey Joe, Double Ugly, Rhino, Tomb, Kurnass, Eisenschwein (Iron Pig), Flying Anvil, Flying Brick, Flying Footlo
  6. So much for giving a simple quick abbreviated answer to your question Dave Williams & Nebbor Lol. To clarify I did not say you could not produce a Israeli F-4E “Hard Wing from the ZM kit. That being said, should anyone that has the ZM F-4E kit and want to build an early representation of an Israeli F-4E they could. Their build could theoretically cover (exact dates vary from June to September the 5th depending on the source of references. ) 1969 when the Israeli’s took possession of their F-4E’s. Many NOT all, of the Israeli Early F-4E’s had the early Gun Blast Dif
  7. Dave Williams, If I may, pertaining to the ZM E kit is an example of a “Hard Wing’’ E model Phantom. The Kurnass (Heavy Hammer) derivative has / had the ‘’Slated Wing. ‘’ Hope that was a simple answer to your question? Take care, keep building, and have a Happy Thanksgivings holiday weekend, Mr. Happy
  8. I’m certain that ZM will produce a “Later model E” Slat Wing at some point as they had announced an F-4F sometime ago. My guess is that ZM is set to produce most of the Gun Nose Phantom derivatives. (Pure speculation on my part but the news and evidence supports my humble opinion.) The Slat Wing is now their in the form of the G, so now all they need to do is mate it up with the E fuselage to produce a “late” E. (I realize a “Late’’ and ‘or Later E can cover a broad spectrum of block models.) I’m not going to go as far to say with certainty that what blocks are going to be
  9. Cruiz, You have managed to orchestrate 1/32 detail into 1/48. Magnificent! Awe inspiring work Keep building my friends, Mr. Happy
  10. MA Cooke & RichB63, Thank you for posting and take the time to show each tree and decals of the new ZM F-4G. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday season, Mr. Happy
  11. Remember to make a C/D Phantom they (TAMIYA) needs to mold a thick wing. I sincerely hope that they will pursue those derivatives. What is obvious is that a F-4N is TBA. Let’s hope that we get the C,D,& N. PLEASE MR.TAMIYA. Take care, Mr.Happy
  12. Great stuff and I hope you continue your amazing work. All the best, Mr.Happy
  13. Hear are some more shots of the cockpit. Thank you Niels.
  14. Thank you for posting such amazing shots. Much appreciated, Mr.Happy
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