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  1. How many of you are going to SCALEFEST this June? Hope to see the great ARC crowd out there.
  2. Teeradej, sawatdi and khopkhun for your observation and kind words. Mr. Happy
  3. Cruiz, Thank you for your kind words. Yes you are correct that Monogram listed the kit as A-18 (Good memory) and yes the twin tails on the Monogram was too short. I think Monogram may have based the tails off the pre-production Hornet. I replaced my kits tails with an old Hasegawa F-18A’s tails. Take care, Mr. Happy
  4. Amazing work on your ‘Falcon Family’ Thadeus! Mr.Happy
  5. Nice ! Good to see these old Monogram kits being built and posted hear on ARC. Mr. Happy
  6. Thanks Geoff M, The kit was made/molded in America, as were the decals and glue. 🇺🇸 Build more, post more, & inspire more, Mr. Happy
  7. Thadeus, Thank you for noticing the early livery. The decals are old Microscale Decals 30 plus years or so. They worked flawlessly. Take care, Mr. Happy
  8. Hey Phantom, Many thank for you kind words. I’m a big fan of your work. Take care & Keep building, Mr. Happy
  9. My attempt at the 1/48 Monogram F/A-18A ‘Hi-Tech’ kit. Its based off some of the first early F/A-18’s received by the U.S.M.C. in 1983.
  10. This is the old 1/48 Monogram F/A-18A. (Molded in the U.S.A.) It was the ‘Hi-Tech’ boxing of the mold, which gave the modeler a small fret of P E parts. The parts included were P E seatbelts, HUD, canopy railing, mirrors, and a boarding ladder. My build was on some of the early Alpha Hornets that the U.S.M.C. received back in 1983. VMFA-314 was one of the units to have broken in the new birds at that time. Respectfully I hope I can contribute this to the Hornet Group Build? BTW; If you are able to make it June the 4th Scale Fest is back in Grapevine,
  11. If I’m not mistaken VMFA-314 was based of Chu Lai during the early years of the Vietnam War. From the pictures I have of 314 MattN you have captured the look of a well used Marine Phantom during its deployment during combat conditions. Well done and amazing job on all of those stencils too. Take care, Mr. Happy
  12. Absolutely gorgeous Giovanni! Bello! Bene, Mr. Happy
  13. Cruiz, You have set the bar on excellence with this build. It’s truly amazing to see your updates on the U-bird. I’m amazed buy your canopy handles and other attention to detail. We are eagerly awaiting the final revel. Take care, Mr. Happy
  14. Wow! Truly amazing work and history of the CF-104. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to the next update. Take Care, Mr. Happy
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