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  1. Cool, Very nicely done Zero. I like the base you came up with for the final revile. Take care, Mr.Happy
  2. Quite a turnout. Thank you for sharing and posting your pictures of the show. Mr.Happy
  3. OrangeF15Guy, Wow! Thats looking good. I’ve got the Phase-Hanger gun replacement. So it’s encouraging to see it work so well on a build. Thank you for posting your progress. Take care, Mr. Happy
  4. Great references! Thank you for posting the link. Mr.Happy
  5. Beautiful! Very well researched and built. Take care, Mr.Happy
  6. I always thought that the Ki-61 Hien was Japan’s Mustang in some respects. Nicely done NM finish. This is certainly an interesting and educational build on the fighter and the kit. Very well done, Mr. Happy
  7. Very cool representation of the VHS/DVD film. Beautiful R-2800 too. Mr.Happy
  8. GreyGhost, Incredible photos! Many thank to you for sharing these pictures. Take care, Mr. Happy FYI: If your in the DFW area this weekend is The Ft. Worth’s IPMS/USA chapter Super Con at Vandergriff Park in Arlington,Tx.
  9. Clever idea 💡 Hey who’s to it can’t happen. Very nicely weathered. Mr.Happy
  10. Beautifully built Bravo. Mr.Happy
  11. Viper-dc, Very nicely done Delta Cat. Keep building, Mr.Happy
  12. Alien Frog Modeler & Crackerjazz, Thank you for your comments and taking the time to post them. I hope to see or hear that there will be some the ARC glitterati milling about at the Nationals this year. Again thanks and take care all, Mr.Happy
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