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  1. Glad to see your build is back in the saddle. Looking good, Mr. Happy
  2. Wow! Sweet build. I remember the old Compucolor paints as a matter of fact I still have a couple left in the collection. Very nicely done, Mr. Happy
  3. Drew T, Incredible work. Your build has raised the bar several times up. I’m glad that you have posted some of your steps in your build. It’s inspiring. Looking forward to your next post, Mr. Happy
  4. Beautiful job Steve! She’s looking right & tight. Hope to see it at the Nats? Mr.Happy
  5. Wow ! This is some great progress and tweaks on this kit. Keep it up, Mr.Happy
  6. Very well thought out build. Keep building and updating. Mr. Happy
  7. Miramar Road, I have to agree that the Vic Paint looks good for the wrap around SEA paint scheme. She’s really coming alone nicely. Mr. Happy
  8. Looking good Konbini! The Tamiya LP paint mix looks great. Keep modeling, Mr. Happy
  9. Very nicely built and weathered. Mr.Happy
  10. Man ! I like this F-16 you’ve built. Love your weathering and paint work. Great job all around! Keep Modeling, Mr.Happy
  11. Micro, This is some outstanding work you’ve put into your D-Cat. Every update from the bang seats to the HUD is top notch. Eagerly awaiting your next update, Mr.Happy
  12. Falcon50EX Said: “There's rumours that Eduard is looking into an all new Corsair, but while it would probably be a great kit, it would also likely be over-engineered and fussy to assemble in places, much like the real Corsair was.’’ Yup old new now,. Vlad told us about the Wildcat’s and TBA P-51B/C’s , Corsair’s, and possibly Warhawk’s at the 2019 Chattanooga Nats. We will just have to wait and see what actually comes to fruition. We know the Wildcat is out and P-51B/C’s are in the works. Yes Eduard is a bit on the fiddly side of a build experience c
  13. This gonna be a really cool project to see. Great work, Mr.Happy
  14. RFbias, You’re off to a great start. I like your gear bay weathering. Hope to see another update from your work shop soon. Mr.Happy
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