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  1. Oh man what cool scheme for the F-35A! Very nicely done. I’m debating on weather or not to do the blue and greys scheme or the black and grey scheme. Nice ejection seat too. Mr.Happy
  2. John, Very nice work on the PW R-2800. Keep striving along, Mr. Happy
  3. Drew, Wow! Very nice job! Those Mk.7 bang seats really are choice. The Instrument Panel really looks awesome. All together a excellent representation of the real cockpit of a F-4E. Mr. Happy
  4. Thank you for posting your great shots of the air show. Very nice, Mr. Happy
  5. Great job and off to a great start. I like your kit-bash use of the aftermarket parts into the kits cockpit. Gotta say I’m looking forward to this build. Keep up the great updates, Mr. Happy
  6. Yes! Saw your video before you posted a link here. Nice work Mister G. Hope to see you at the Tulsa, Ok show this month. Hope Tamiya will get fired up to bring out some new 1/48 aircraft soon. Especially on the heals of this companies offering. Take care, Mr. Happy
  7. Top Notch. Nice work on the pilot figure. Keep modeling. Mr. Happy
  8. Phantom, Your F-4J build with the 40 year old decals a testament to how well one stores their decals in many cases. I have used some 44 old Fowler Aviation decals and they have worked well. The same can be said of some Micro-Scale / Super Scale decals I’ve used. It’s good to see some brightly colored Test Birds on the Form. Blessings and have a great Easter Weekend. Mr. Happy
  9. She’s really coming together very nicely. Your tweaks to the instrument panels coupled with the 3D printed gages really set it off. Looking forward for the next update. Keep building, Mr.Happy
  10. Nice prep work for the aft fuselage. Nicely done, Mr. Happy
  11. Very cool Matt N! I’ll have to see if I can find that MM Have Glass paint. Keep modeling, Mr. Happy
  12. Good to hear! All is well that ends well. Mr. Happy
  13. Sorry to hear about your troubles with them. In this digital world of one’s & zeroes we live in its wonder how any business can /or get anything accomplished without more problems arising and making a bad impression worse. Many companies have gotten ride of customer help lines and are switching to an automated format. This can only compounds the frustration and resentment of the company in question and their lack of customer service. And won’t even mention the skullduggery of overseas “Help Lines’’ 😡🙄 It’s a big frightening digital world 🌎 out there!
  14. Steve, What more can be said. You really captured the essence and look of the F-117. The stressed skin and variations in the paint are just the tip of the incredibly work you put into this kit. Keep building, Mr. Happy
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