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  1. You mean the Texas Flag tail flashes... Please do dig those photos out. I love those jets. Childhood memories of Phantoms from Bergstrom buzzing the house...
  2. Not so much a "business" as a little webstore that sometimes breaks even - but I do appreciate it. Maybe I should get myself a Facebook page for the bears. Hadn't thought of that...oddly enough. Never did anything with their MySpace page - heh. I'll definitely seek you out on FB and "like" you - the most I can do right now, but rest assured a purchase is in the future.
  3. Arrrgh, missed it by one poster... Love the designs, and I agree with dropping "Clothing" - though it's sweet either way. My only bit of feedback is a suggestion that you change the font on the order window - the current font seems to bleed a bit into the background and "Price" shows up on my screen as "Prloe" and "Description" becomes "Desoription" because of it. Maybe kill the boldface and go for semi-bold? Otherwise, outstanding work.
  4. Ah, cool and yet sort of a pity. I love those 924th TFW Phantoms in their unique camo.
  5. Any scene without Chris Tucker screaming...the Diva's song is an incredible scene.
  6. Those two you got with the cloud camo but without tail codes - were they destined for the 924th TFS at Bergstrom? 841's camo doesn't quite look like the cloud scheme they used, but 631 definitely looks like one of theirs.
  7. Andromeda was fun, but...it stretched suspension of disbelief. "OK, launch all the drone fighters! Tyr, you control the 47 to starboard, Bekah, you control the other 36..." And the last season...*** was that all about?
  8. UH-1Y's are all newly built. Original plan was to upgrade N's, but It didn't happen. Info is on the Internet.
  9. Doesn't change the fact that she's a piece of history. The first nuclear aircraft carrier EVER. That deserves an honor rather than a scrapping IMHO.
  10. If only...but carriers are named for politicians now and the historic names of great ships are falling by the wayside.
  11. I have a feeling they've also mentioned a pilot and an unknown number of passengers aboard, too...
  12. This is a pretty good DS9 fleet battle...Feds, Romulans and Klingons against Jem'Hadar and Cardassians, with mass casualties. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQKzZU0YViE
  13. Yeah, the UH-1Y was just adopted by the USMC a few years ago. Brand spankin' new Hueys. Officially it's the "Venom" but they call 'em "Super Hueys" apparently. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_UH-1Y_Venom
  14. DS9's final couple of seasons had several amazing massive fleet battles with dozens of ships maneuvering (sometimes even in three dimensions!) and fighting simultaneously. Good stuff.
  15. Resurrecting an old thread, but...reading all of this made me hunt down and watch the "Splash the Zeroes" scene from The Final Countdown, and I noticed something I never had before - when the first Zero is shot down, they used the actual cannon sound from the Tomcat. Seems like every movie I've seen uses an old fashioned "rat-a-tat-tat" machine gun sound (Top Gun is a major offender here) to represent the sound of a modern aircraft cannon, but this one...that glorious "BVVVVVVVVP!!!" of a high speed rotary cannon is intact in all its glory.
  16. http://annistonstar.com/view/full_story/15542627/article-Anniston-man-takes-command-of-the-U-S-S--Enterprise?instance=top_center_featured I sincerely hope Enterprise becomes a museum somewhere after this. I shudder to think that they might scrap a piece of history that was the first of her kind.
  17. Possibly more along the lines of the artist trying to give the proposal an enemy that was recognizable and identifiable as Soviet/Soviet supported, and what helo says "bad guys" better than a Hind?
  18. "Help! I'm lost! Everything's this medium blue-gray color...hello?" Get an avatar, Holmes!
  19. The Thunderbird crash in '82 was not at an airshow, and it did kill all four members of the diamond, but IIRC the solos were not in the formation when it went in. The Frecce Tricolorie crash in 1988 at Ramstein AB killed 67 people when after a midair collision one aircraft tumbled into the crowd in a fireball of aviation fuel, one crashed into the medevac helicopter that was on standby in case of emergency, and one crashed down the runway. All three of the pilots involved died in the accident as well. In 2002 at the Sknyliv Airshow in the Ukraine an SU-27 crashed due to pilot error. After t
  20. This year's special schemes are amazing - that's the first special Apache paintjob I think I've ever seen and it's definitely eye-catching, and those Vipers look great!
  21. There have been single accidents with higher death tolls in past years. It's the coincidence of two accidents in two days that's making it seem so worrisome.
  22. I believe you may be correct on this one. As for calling a 1950s era aircraft "WWII-vintage", that is just sloppy reporting, aka business as usual where anything dealing with aviation is concerned.
  23. That's the pole-mounted TXANG Phantom at Camp Mabry in Austin, btw. Couple of weeks after we were there they got a pole-mounted F-16...I sense an upcoming photo opportunity.
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