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  1. BTW, Forty - Just "Liked" your page on Facebook. Good stuff.
  2. It was done as a tribute to Maj. Gen. Charlie Bond, who lived in the area and visited "his" P-40 often. The Museum's webpage for the P-40 states: "The P-40N was purchased by the museum in 1995 from Joseph Mabee, who had owned the aircraft since 1978. Today, the aircraft is painted in the scheme of Major General Charles R. Bond, Jr.'s No. 5 and is representative of P-40Bs and P-40Es flown by the Flying Tigers in the early days of World War II. The aircraft often appears at air shows across the country."
  3. Damn. I'd heard about structural problems with T-28s...hope this isn't that issue again. No speculation, just a recollection of it having been mentioned as a recurring issue. RIP to the pilot.
  4. More fun: a Phantom on a stick suddenly sprang to life for my sons...
  5. Horrible news and a painful video to watch. Hoping nobody else is lost to this tragedy. I also hope it doesn't spell the end of air racing in Reno.
  6. I helped build a 1:1 scale Dalek...his name is "Joe".
  7. My wife's great-uncle, Colonel J.D. Collinsworth, passed away on the 12th. Jerry was a USAAF Spitfire ace in North Africa with the 31st Fighter Group, and was a hell of a guy. I only got to meet him twice, but both times I was very impressed with this humble hero. When I managed to coax war stories out of him, he usually began with "Let me tell you about this one time I probably should'a died..." Godspeed, Jerry. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/azcentral...p;pid=142782253 http://www.roygrinnell.com/InsultInjury.htm Jerry in his Spitfire "Dimples" giving a Luftwaffe pilot he had just
  8. D'oh! How could I forget the Underground Tour? Yes, a must-see. There's a little place on Pioneer Square that runs tours all day.
  9. Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, Pike Place Market (even if you're not buying, it's just really cool), Seattle Aquarium, taking a ferry out to Bainbridge Island or Bremerton Island, finding Chief Seattle's grave...there's lots of stuff to do there.
  10. Hey, you can still be historically accurate and have a cast of characters who are nothing but legend - just pick a date and make everything period-appropriate. Um...like the Pythons did in "Holy Grail"...
  11. There's a pretty good set of novels by Parke Godwin called "Sherwood" and its sequel "Robin and the King" that set Robin and company during the aftermath of the Norman invasion, so instead of Robin vs Prince John it's Robin vs William the Conqueror. A lot of it holds up really well for the change. Very believable, and there are tie-ins to actual historical events - including wars between Norman England and France. That's not to say I expect this movie to be as well crafted...in fact, as soon as I saw Cate Blanchett in armor I knew historical accuracy was going out the window. Might be a fu
  12. What I want to know is, who is Number Six?
  13. Ah, but wasn't that really just an animated copy of the Errol Flynn movie?
  14. Doesn't sound to me like this is something people are doing with the cheap laser pointer keychains they sell down at the local WalMart. A high-intensity green laser doesn't quite fit that description - so someone's going out, shelling out money for a fairly powerful laser, and shooting it at aircraft cockpits nationwide and in Europe... I'm no conspiracy theorist, but this does sound like more than just a bunch of copycat ******* with a $5 laser pointer.
  15. Yeah, we watched the Errol Flynn classic last night. Just gets better every time.
  16. OMG...I've watched that trailer a couple of times without noticing - now it's all I can see. At least there's no barrage balloons... I suppose it wasn't exciting enough for the Normans to lead their horses down gangplanks then form up on the beach. *sigh*
  17. Google is your friend. http://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/factsheet...eet.asp?id=2283
  18. Man, she's lookin' GOOD! Last time I saw that aircraft the wings were off and the rear fuselage was sitting on a shipping pallet beside the front section. Glad to hear that none of them seem to have gone to the scrap heap. I can't remember if there was an RF-80 either, now that you mention it...
  19. Man, I remember that RB-66 at Bergstrom's Recce Air Park. Sad to see her off rotting in a field. Wonder what happened to their RF-84, RF-86 and RF-4...
  20. Glad there weren't any fatal injuries, but damn that sounds painful. Send 'em our best from the US - over there, all the allied forces are "our troops", whatever nation they're from. Glad to hear our guys are gonna be all right.
  21. Great pix! They GOTTA move the location of the star and bars on the F-35, though. Looks like an afterthought.
  22. Scotland. I always recommend Scotland. Specifically Aberdeen and the Highlands. This time of year it should be incredible.
  23. Pretty sure that's footage from flight sim...
  24. Yeah, some subtle weathering will really make the statue seem "real". In the movie, his armor was pristine for all of five minutes...
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