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  1. Yeah, that star-and-bar just looks awkward in red dashes.
  2. When you finish (and it's looking good!) you should consider sending pics to www.cebudanderson.com - there's a whole section of the website for 357th FG models, especially Col. Anderson's "Old Crow".
  3. Yes, how dare any fun be had in a thread about a Russian airplane. We must be serious and reverent.
  4. Could it be that big F-4 in the middle of it?
  5. OK, that's damned cool, Waco. Can't wait to see how this turns out.
  6. Isn't it obvous? He's gonna gas it up and fly it around the living room...
  7. He's got the wing shape better, but I'm not sure either drawing really captures that long Sukhoi neck.
  8. Forget it, Waco. Some folks are dead set to disagree with you no matter what, and others just won't see the resemblance between this aircraft and an F-22. Nor will they understand the difference between pointing out a resemblance and claiming it's a stolen design.
  9. Kind'a looks like a slightly squished Raptor with Sukhoi engines and forward fuselage. Pretty, though - and I don't often say that about Russian designs. Definitely not a "copy", but definitely thinking along the same lines.
  10. I'm loving the pics of the 67th TRW RF-4C's. I grew up in Austin, and I fondly remember Phantoms from Bergstrom AFB roaring over...
  11. I suspect one factor in the soot-less slot these days is that F-16 engines don't throw out the amount of soot and smoke the Phantoms and Huns did...
  12. Eh, I'm one too - life long, got dozens of the novels, seen every episode at least once (except for a handful of "Voyager"...), own several of the movies...I loved the recent reboot. It wasn't the Star Trek we were used to, but hey. If it doesn't evolve and change, it'll be time to put the last nail in the coffin. Or torpedo casing, whichever the case may be. As for Ms Bujold...yeah, she clearly wasn't comfortable with the role and wasn't sure how to approach the subject matter.
  13. Seriously, Internationalblu - you've gotta kill those hotlinks from Airliners.net. You'll get the owner of this site in a LOT of hot water.
  14. It's an illustration of the answer to the question, "Hey, what happens if I pull on this?"
  15. When the USAF preps 'em for display, the gear doors get welded shut with cut-outs for the gear struts to poke through. Keeps birds from nesting in 'em, I guess. Also makes 'em look weird with the nekkid gear struts sticking down...you'd think they'd just put some sheet metal over the gear bays if they're worried about it.
  16. BAM'n'IVM


    OK, Clave - how 'bout an F-4D or an F-4E from the 704th TFS/924th TFW with the gray "cloud" camo? A favorite of mine...
  17. I really like the fact that the aircraft haven't been "prettied up" for display - they've got dings, dirt, and chipped paint just like when they were active. The way airplanes really look.
  18. Taken at the Cavanaugh Museum in Addison, Texas.
  19. Did this show have a theme song about "The bells of Hell go ding-a-ling for you but not for me?" If so, I caught a few episodes years ago when I was a kid on my local PBS station. Always wished I could've seen all of it.
  20. OK, I'll ask...what does "Moon Equipped" mean? This isn't a term I've run into before now.
  21. Tell that to SSgt Sameul O. Turner and A1C Albert E. Moore, both of the USAF. They were B-52 tail turret gunners in VietNam, and both scored MiG kills - both on MiG-21s.
  22. It's Poland...maybe the pilot went to college in Arkansas and has school spirit, then moved home and joined the Air Force...
  23. AFAIK, Starblazers is not Macross. Starblazers was called Space Battleship Yamato or somesuch in the original Japanese, while Macross came to these shores as Robotech. Folks who know the genre better may, of course, feel free to correct me.
  24. I doubt if it'll work with cured paint - I used it to take the used car dealership's sticker off the paint on my car. Paint wasn't harmed at all.
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