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  1. I've been looking for this thread... Last week (Thursday?) I saw a P-3 on approach to Love Field. Had hi-viz US roundels on a gloss light gray paintjob, but no other markings I could see - and he was fairly low and near the freeway. I did see a couple of long fairings along its belly that I didn't recognize - could it have been an EP-3?
  2. Nothing professional, just what I've pointed my camera at - usually on vacation. Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness Dunnottar Castle, Scotland Inverugie Castle, Scotland Cancun, from the balcony of our hotel room Blue Hill, Maine
  3. Keith, where is this museum you keep posting pics from? I wanna GO there!
  4. I was told the bump was a radar beacon - and that they're removed for operational missions... Could be wrong, it was fifteen years ago an F-117 maintenance guy told me that at an air show.
  5. Same way Reliant's crew got into that pod on her "rollbar", prob'ly...(by walking down the hall to the next set!)
  6. Word play on "E-2D" maybe? Call it the 'Tude.
  7. Wonder if the reason is related to the event in the photo...
  8. LOL Yeah...I think my reaction would've been similar. Someone's been doing more than just painting with that flat black spraypaint, I think.
  9. Any idea what that tiny black jet that looked cobbled together was? The one that had the half-flat main gear tires and the canopy that appeared to be riveted on and spraypainted black? I noticed you went by it a couple of times - I know I would've kept going back and trying to figure it out, too...
  10. No. The Tweet is actually the topic of all threads. This thread has been un-hijacked now.
  11. Any and all pics you can share...
  12. Quick correction: "Most crew chiefs think they're tough" Other than that, pretty cool.
  13. Well, we'll have to agree to disagree on this one.
  14. Ugh. A classic airframe ruined.
  15. Yeah, but she's still gotta be tall enough...
  16. Very true...but budget-wise, ya can't beat "free"... :blink:
  17. It's viewable in its entirety, and legally, at www.hulu.com
  18. What the heck is this? I don't think I've ever seen an aircraft like it!
  19. ...and here it is. A grainy photo from my poor little point-and-shoot digital.
  20. Went to the "Addison Kaboom Town" Fourth of July celebration - which featured flybys from the Cavanaugh Museum. Stearman PT-19 T-6 (four of 'em) T-28 FM-2 Wildcat FG-1 Corsair (lovely checkers on the cowl) P-51D Mustang AD-5 Skyraider CV-2 Caribou OV-1 Mohawk And the icing on the cake - a B-24A Liberator. You read that right - an "A" model. That made my day.
  21. That Vulcan's really getting around over there - this is at least the third airshow thread I've seen pics in in the past couple of weeks! Good to see - I wish someone could do that with a B-47...(pipe dream, I know...)
  22. No worries, Laurent. Just one of those amusing little things.
  23. Yeah, I was expecting a MiG up on cinderblocks...
  24. I now have my second-favorite Phantom paint scheme - right behind the 704th TFS "Outlaws" cloud scheme.
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