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  1. The pilot's cover and nose radar were fitted. On the ceiling I put a panel of instruments, a blue skyscreen for the pilots and a curtain on the left side. The ceiling glasses were made with darker sunscreen using from an old laptop screen film It has staircases in the application of the cover with the fuselage The work is continuing
  2. The wheels fixed on gear system difficulty. The axies were hedgehogs. The white wheels coronets made of white insulating tape cut with special diabetes. Other mazohist senario.I coloured by hand with a paintbrush without masking glasses the nose cover ( Parkinson dont strikes me yet). The landing gear is very weak. I made a patent to make it more sttrong. Generally the kit is a continuous problem. Still has job.
  3. The first painting took place except of nose that still wants to place some antennas. I did a pre-shade,I also put wing navigation lights of green and red transparent plastic . The colour is AGAMA Light ghost gray. Very good coating for paint-brushing and leaving an intermediate matte-satin finish
  4. There was a lot of sanding, there were scratched 12 air ducts, two exausts on fuselage at the height of the windows each, 10 antennas? rounded on the fuselage side The only possible and good application was fixing the wings strongly , the motors were placed inside the nests (In case of the battery, they are currently rotating as much as possible) . There is a lot of work on the exausts of the engines to because of bad design. I choose anorthodox application with much sanding. The Ukrainians are not good in the design
  5. Scratches continued. Each side of the nose and the antennas were placed on each side of the fuselage below the wings. Below of fuselage, the base of the electronic instruments and pods were made of the balsa and pods was made of spru. The 3 radomes of the cylindrical antennas were made of pencil rubber gums. Work continues. The ten air ducts on the sides are in progress.
  6. For anyone who wants to construct this aircraft I have identified these problems. The right fuselage part has shorter lenght for the 2nd interior seperating part 1cm than the left, so you must scratch second base 1 cm longer to stay correct the seperator. The ceiling must cut to fix correct with the second seperator. The ceiling must cut from one side because the positions to fix with the side of fuselage cannot be able to contact when you try to close the fuselage. You can see the cut place of ceilling in fotos. One side must be straight cut and dont follow the manual of construction. The floor must be cut from the two sides in front to fix correct with the parts of fuselage. The decals quality is nt good. The table of nose observer must cut for 2 mm. The cockpit floor must cut to 2 mm to fix with the first seperator and stay correct on the bases. The fuselage has no good contact between each other part, pieces have not good fitting.
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