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  1. I start Antonov 12 BK (Cub) Soviet Union main transport on Cold War. Dimensions are as much a C-130 at 1/72, 46 cm long (fuselage). I wanted to turn it into SAANXI with a Venezuelan camouflage, which is also impressive, but the protrusion of the front fuselage has been a reflection of the diminution of the windows. I will turn it into PPS electronic warfare. The Roden kit is available for PPS. There are three types of PPs. One with a new tail without guns. second with a cabin but without guns and a third with a cabin and guns. I will make the third type as in the design. For this reason I built the pods with balsa. There should also be a dozen air intakes on fuselage and spindle antennas (circular). Because I want to get away from the simple look of the simple transport aircraft. I 'll try put lights. motors and open-close the rear door. That's what I'm saying ..
  2. nikolaos

    EC-135 ARIA "Snoopy"

    I 'll make the s/n 374 in white-grey colour
  3. Thank you guys. Dutch , the next is an EC-135 Aria USAF in 1/72. About to make a film in dark . I have aproblem with the interior -exterior lights. I put the lights in parallel contact with motors. The motors want much energy from thatIi calculated and they dont leave the lights turn on so to make a film in dark will have not a result.