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  1. For anyone who wants to construct this aircraft I have identified these problems. The right fuselage part has shorter lenght for the 2nd interior seperating part 1cm than the left, so you must scratch second base 1 cm longer to stay correct the seperator. The ceiling must cut to fix correct with the second seperator. The ceiling must cut from one side because the positions to fix with the side of fuselage cannot be able to contact when you try to close the fuselage. You can see the cut place of ceilling in fotos. One side must be straight cut and dont follow the manual of construction. The floor must be cut from the two sides in front to fix correct with the parts of fuselage. The decals quality is nt good. The table of nose observer must cut for 2 mm. The cockpit floor must cut to 2 mm to fix with the first seperator and stay correct on the bases. The fuselage has no good contact between each other part, pieces have not good fitting.
  2. Work in progress
  3. Work in progress
  4. Scratching the interior
  5. I put more electronics, an air tube, air condition, a TV on the roof. The rooms seperators need more job. Work in progress...😏
  6. There are no photographs about the interior of that aircraft, so I will move into the hypothetical sphere of what if. For sure, the aircraft would be divided into three sections. Pilots cockpit, accommodation, cargo area. And a stun gun in the tail. The pilots cockpit would be unchanged. The cargo area would be converted into an airspace control area and would be filled with consoles, electrical and electronic maps, screens, a mapping table. It would have a heating and ventilation system. and conductors that would shut down the devices and would simultaneously coat the air elementally and perhaps more to remove moisture since there are no high temperatures in such spaces, and so the abundance of air vents in the inlet and inlet shaft. It would surely have a generator (since the plurality of electronics can not be supported by the existing electrical system of the aircraft) which would be located in the accommodation space to have noise insulation from the rest of the control area and an air outlet for the combustion of the diesel engine and exhaust fumes. If this space was not used for the generator, then the rear cargo loading doors could be locked wherever the generator would be located, because in the back we also see air ducts. However, you will need a basic insulation between the control room and the tail section. It could have been so. If the generator was in the accommodation space then the crew would be spartifully drawn in the control room with beds and the toilet at the position of the gun. In conclusion, the toilet would be the best part of the aircraft !!!. Things to do
  7. Thanks guys. I used for interior, pieces of mobile electronics, aluminium foil from Nescafe package, blue velvet paper, black leave very thin polyurethane for cockpit floor. The interior plan is in my fantasy because there are not fotos of Soviet special aircrafts interior. So all are in Democracy fantasy modelling world .Your oppinion is helpfull Work in progress .....
  8. I start Antonov 12 BK (Cub) Soviet Union main transport on Cold War. Dimensions are as much a C-130 at 1/72, 46 cm long (fuselage). I wanted to turn it into SAANXI with a Venezuelan camouflage, which is also impressive, but the protrusion of the front fuselage has been a reflection of the diminution of the windows. I will turn it into PPS electronic warfare. The Roden kit is available for PPS. There are three types of PPs. One with a new tail without guns. second with a cabin but without guns and a third with a cabin and guns. I will make the third type as in the design. For this reason I built the pods with balsa. There should also be a dozen air intakes on fuselage and spindle antennas (circular). Because I want to get away from the simple look of the simple transport aircraft. I 'll try put lights. motors and open-close the rear door. That's what I'm saying ..