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  1. Then I started to install the bow doors and the ramp. None of the pieces are the right size. I found that the ramp does not fit in the gap with the side parts of the door. I started cutting the left and right of the side walls so that it would not fit. After the massacre, the ramp started to close somewhat but I did not proceed with further cutting because the joints of the side walls would weaken. In addition, the connector of the ramp with the boat is now shorter, so I made a new one from wire with longer stems. Finally, the doors do not go into the holes up and down to open and close. Of co
  2. If you want to escape from your calm and you want to break your nerves, take this model of Revell. The application of this Revell kit is very bad. The Germans simply make it difficult. Basically one side of the boat is 1-1.5 mm shorter even though the gluing followed the absolute instructions of the guides and instructions .. This creates all these side effects that I have circled and you can not do much because the model has muled and is not under more pressure because it will break. I'm sorry that I paid 50 euros for Revell and it is considered a relatively new model, although I avoid it as
  3. More fotos in Display case
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