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  1. For the presentation of the aircraft I made a wheeled elevated workbench for engineers from thin wire. Of course, to protect them from the Mediterranean sun, I added a beach umbrella made of wire and colored strips of insulating tape. The staircase will also serve as a decor. It also takes a little humor to lighten the "rational" modelist dogmatism.
  2. Final electric test. Big problem with the application of wings to fuselage. Design is bad in many steps
  3. The fuselage closed. With the WHIP. German "precision" rational design­čśá
  4. The interior was glued after lights were placed on the entrance staircase, in the main compartments of the cockpit ammunition depot and a red backlight. Resistors have been installed at red lights to reduce load consumption so that all LEDs light up. From the placement of the LEDs, I understood that for everything to work together i.e. red, smd and common LEDs, resistors must be placed in the first two, otherwise they will not light up not all together. I think I will close the fuselage soon. It remains to make a connection for an SMD LED to the front wheel lights.
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