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  1. I have all the parts you need for the floats and struts for a 1/72 DHC-3 Otter. Whats your address?
  2. Looking for a set of 1/72 Aviaeology Decals RCAF Short Sunderland In Coastal Command 420 and 423 Sqn.
  3. Hellier 1/72 Boeing 707 still in plastic. New set of Air Graphics Beechcraft 1080 Refuelling Pods. To make it a CAF CC-137. Only in Canada. $140.00 CAN for plane. $20.50 CAN for the refuelling pods. Shipping by Canada Post with tracking and ins.
  4. I have 2 both in new condition. ! Premiere Shorts Tucano T.Mk. 1.$20.00 US. Pay-Pal Canada Post shipping.. 2 Airfix Shorts Tucano T1. $30.00 US Pay-Pal plus Canada Post shipping. I live in Barrie, ON Canada.
  5. Well that sure covers the CF-101 Voodoo. They look great.
  6. Thank You. I'll take them. I'm really after the RCAF and CAF wording. Rick McPherson 22 Mowat Cres Barrie ON L4N 5B3
  7. LF 1/48 decals for CF-101B Voodoo. Looking for early Royal Canadian Air Force and Canadian Armed Forces set
  8. They look great. I like it that you made one with open doors..Will look really good with the North Star. Thanks.
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