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  1. Presented my model of 'Uncle Joe' to my friend last night. She was really pleased.
  2. Great, I look forward to hearing from you. Turns out 'Uncle Joe Again' is a bit of a red herring as, in spite of having the same squadron I.D. it was a different crew. Regards Ross
  3. That's absolutely great Chuck. Do you have a PayPal account? If so I'll send you the cost of the decals and the postage. A very merry Christmas to you. Sounds like you have the weather for it. Many thanks and regards. Ross
  4. Hi Chuck, did you have any luck finding the decals?
  5. If you do have them Chuck that would be great. I've managed to source the decals for 'Uncle Joe Again' which I believe was the replacement aircraft as it has the same call sign but I would still like to build the original.
  6. A good friend of mine has discovered that her father and uncle both crewed the 'Ton Up' Lancaster 'Uncle Joe'. I'd really like to make her a model of this aircraft but I'm having trouble sourcing the decals. I believe they were made by Tally Ho! under the reference number 72 042. Anyone out there have a set or know where I could get them?
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