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  1. This is outstanding news! I am in for multiple copies in both 1/48 and especially 1/72. Thanks Kursad!! I'll need to search back through my storage boxes as I recall that I photographed NASA's F-15STOL/MTD ACTIVE several times at various Edwards AFB Open Houses. If I find any interesting photos, I'll post them here. I believe any photos I shot were pre-digital so there won't be many photos as I was miserly with my rolls of film at the Edwards shows to prevent me from running out of film and missing something. (Yes, that did happen once!) Have fun modeling! Mike
  2. Hi dylan There is an excellent Facebook group that is focused on cutting machines mostly for modelers. There is a range of topics from the beginner to some that have done amazing mask work. There is also a file section which has some mask files for sharing in addition to a useful FAQ section. Search for "The Cutting Edge scale modeling plotter/cutter users" on Facebook. Once you join, search through the posts as the question as to which cutter is best for a modeler new to cutters comes up on occasion. There are also hints and tips on the software used for the cutters. Have fun
  3. Hi crackerjazz If the parts are hidden or very difficult to see, I might skip the painting. However, in most cases, I do prime/paint all of the parts even if they are already molded in the final color. I have found that if you skip the painting step, the part has a slightly different look and stands out from the other painted parts. It is usually a subtle difference, but I have found that the look of an unpainted/painted parts appear different even with the same clear overcoat. Coincidently, I am working on a kit right now that is molded in a nice, pure white but I am planning on g
  4. Hi Masterguns My usual primer before I apply a NMF coating is Mr Surfacer 1000 or 1500. I actually use the gray or white Mr Surfacer much more often than I use black. This is mainly due to the fact I have more white and gray at my bench than black. For the NMF coating, I almost always use Alclad and am very happy with my NMF look. The only time I use a gloss black undercoat is if I need a chrome or very shiny NMF look. I would guess that 90%+ of the time, the regular gray or white MR Surfacer works perfectly fine under the NMF. Have fun modeling! Mike 🍻
  5. Glad to help you clean out some of your scrap decals, Kursad. Even if I can't use many of these individual decals, I like the idea of supporting your great work. My order has been placed! Have fun modeling! Mike 🍻
  6. Outstanding Kursad!!!!!!! 👍🏼 You just made my weekend! Let me know if and when you would like a CD with reference photos and I'll get that in the mail to you. Thanks so much for considering doing these decals!! Yahoo!! Have fun modeling Mike 🍻
  7. Thanks Mungo1974. I don't beleive that sheet was ever released by Jake. Besides, there is little to no chance that the sheet would ever be released in 1/72 even if the 1/48 sheet would happen. Have fun modeling! Mike 🍻
  8. Hi hemspilot Looking through my photos, the QF-4E with the low vis tiger stripes was not there when I photographed them. As I believe these were the last of the Phantoms in the USAF inventory, the tiger striped Phantom was already struck off inventory. Mike
  9. I am aving problems in posting photos as the usual IMGUR route is not working and I get bit with keeping all 4 photos under 100 kB. So here's 74-0643-(AF-351)
  10. On December 21, 2016 at Holloman AFB, NM, the Retirement Ceremony and Final Flight of the last F-4 Phantom II aircraft in active duty Air Force inventory was held. Would there be any interest in doing a decal sheet for the markings of the last 4 Phantoms flown by the USAF on that day?This would be a great bokend for the Early Years decal sheets. I was lucky to have attended a PhanCon at Holloman about 8 weeks before the retirement and shot a bunch of photos of what turned out to be the Phinal Phour Phantoms. I have not been able to see any change in the markings from the time I photographed t
  11. Here's hoping that this scheme makes the cut in 1/72! Have fun modeling Mike 🍻
  12. I would more than ready to put down my money for a few 1/72 sheets that contains the Edwards AFB scheme that Arrowhead posted above! Have fun modeling! Mike 🍻
  13. This is really sad news. I consider Mark a friend and we have had many a great chats in person and through email. He will be really missed. 😢 Mike
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