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  1. Revell 1/72 JBG-41 Alpha Jet

    That is some fine cockpit work! I have this kit in my stash, so I'll follow this build with pleasure. Thanks for tackling an Alpha jet! Have fun modeling! Mike
  2. 1/72 Tornado IDS "100,000 Hour" Tornado

    Thanks guys! You have definitely motivated me to try and finish this by the deadline. I have been able to mix some colors to match the places where the decal had some small splits so my brush painting touch-ups are drying. I plan on giving this an overall gloss clear coat before I leave for a week on a business trip. That should give me enough time to finish my Tornado by the end of the month. Stay tuned, it will be close! Have fun modeling Mike
  3. 1/72 Tornado IDS "100,000 Hour" Tornado

    Time to put some color on this model! I have applied the decals over the last few days and have just finished up with this step. I am using the Syhart decals and I am very impressed with their standard silk screened decals. Well done! I have had problems with the decals trying to lay down on the little vortex blades on the tail. After a lot of decal solvent, they still have not fully settled in. I plan on cutting them and doing a little patchwork with paint. Then it is on to the final clear coats and adding the nose cone, landing gear, stabilizers and fiddly bits! Have fun modeling! Mike
  4. This looks really good with the future applied. Can't wait to see those colorful decals on your Tornado! Have fun modeling Mike
  5. That black overcoat looks great! In retrospect, I should have followed your sequence of black followed by a gloss coat rather than the MM gloss black paint that I used. Your Tornado looks a lot better! Have fun modeling Mike
  6. Completed 1:144 Sunwing 737-800.

    Outstanding B737-800 build Erik! Have fun modeling Mike
  7. 1/72 Tornado IDS "100,000 Hour" Tornado

    I think I will go ahead and finish this build rather than go back and work some more on my gloss black paint coats. I am still not happy with it but the GB deadline looms close and I am ready to move on to other model projects. Here's how it looks this morning: I will be heading out to the IPMS Nats convention tomorrow morning so I'll have an almost 2 week break before I can resume this build. This will allow everything to dry nicely while I am gone. Next step when I get back is putting on the decals. It will be nice to have some color on this Tornado! Have fun modeling Mike
  8. anyone excited for Nats?

    Hi Steve This is a tough call but I would opt for the Thursday through Saturday timeframe. This will be my 20 something Nats and they have been consistently great. While you might miss some of the rare/hard to find vendor items by not being there on the first day, note that the Wednesday only starts after lunch and ends early evening. I think you make up for this loss by being there on Saturday to see all of the entered models on Saturday morning and having the chance for some really good last minute vendor deals. Enjoy the convention! Mike
  9. Another IMGUR Question - Resizing

    Thanks Echo139er! Now that is a method that I never would have discovered. I have been modifying each photo to a 640x640 size so changing the link to a large thumbnail size would work. Mike
  10. Another IMGUR Question - Resizing

    Thanks Habu! I had not thought of resizing the photos before I upload them. I do have an App to do that on my computer so that migt be a good way to go. Mike
  11. Another IMGUR Question - Resizing

    Thanks Dave! This was the method that I have started to use to change each upload to a more reasonable size. I am now looking for a way to resize my uploads automatically when I upload them into IMGUR so I don't need to do this for each photo when I do a large number of uploads to IMGUR. Mike
  12. Another IMGUR Question - Resizing

    Howdy Fellow Modelers! Like many of us, I also got burned by the recent Photobucket action. Fortunately, I don't think I lost any photos as I would back up to a hard drive whenever I posted something to PB. After reading the many posts here and on some other forums, I just made the move to IMGUR. It looks like it will work well, although I have a funky problem where the separate upload window is very faint and superimposed over the IMGUR background. My problem is getting the image to be resized to something more practical for our forum. I read through the various postings and I cannot find any resizing button when I upload or when the photo is in my IMGUR folder. I can individually edit each photo manually and save it at another size but this is rather slow. Is there any way to automatically resize my photos to something more realistic when I upload the photo or a 1 click method to resize when the photo is already in my folder? People seem to be able to do this but darn if I can see how! Thanks! Have fun modeling! Mike
  13. Shameless Plug (my book is out!)

    Outstanding Jay!! You have earned a well deserved Congratulations. I am looking forward to seeing you and the book in a few weeks at the Nats. Have fun modeling Mike
  14. 1/72 Tornado IDS "100,000 Hour" Tornado

    Thanks! That is my plan and I tried some careful sanding yesterday. I was not able to remove the orange peal on the underside of the nose, though I did reduce it some. I was afraid of breaking off some of the antennas so I was conservative. I then touched up a few areas where I sanded a bit too much and brush painted them gloss black. My Tornado is now drying happily away on my bench. I will give it a few extra days and perhaps gloss coat it on the weekend. Hope this works!! I really want to complete this build before the deadline so I am thinking of not waiting until the model is perfect before moving on. I'll be gone over 3 weeks between holiday and business travel before then so my remaining build time is limited this summer. Have fun modeling Mike
  15. 1/72 Tornado IDS "100,000 Hour" Tornado

    Methinks I need to learn how to shrink these photos a bit! Mike