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  1. OUTSTANDING Kursad!!!!!! You just made my day with releasing these in both 1/48 AND 1/72! Have fun modeling Mike
  2. Any chance for a 138th NY ANG P/F-51H out of Syracuse, NY on a future decal sheet? That would make this "Boys from Syracuse" fan rather happy! Have fun modeling Mike
  3. Stephane from Stratosphere Models is still around. I received a few emails from him several weeks ago regarding 3D printing. Perhaps he is just away from home? I am not sure what websites he currently frequents. Have fun modeling Mike BTW, I have a copy of his X-31 kit and your post reminds me that I should get around to building it one day!
  4. Kursad The "almost final" decal sheet you posted looks fantastic! I REALLY appreciate you including the NASA markings on this sheet. This will be one of the few times where I will buy both the 1/48 and 1/72 sheets rather than my usual 1/72 version! Have fun modeling Mike
  5. Hi Kursad Thanks for releasing the 1/72 SR-71 decals! I am planning on pre-ordering a few sheets of the SR-71 decals but I may want to throw in one or two sheets that are in stock now. I am fine waiting and having everything sent later after the new decals arrive but will this cause any problems on your end? I am in no rush to get the decals I plan on ordering and can wait until everything is available. Or do you prefer that I order the existing decals separately from the new September decals? Thanks! Have fun modeling! Mike
  6. Building aircraft flown by NASA has been one of my longest running themes. As the NASA F-104 has been served in model form by both kits and aftermarket decals in the major scales over the years, my preference would be for the more unusual/less aftermarket decaled NASA aircraft from Kursad. In 1/72, the NASA Tomcats, Harriers, Hornets all would be appreciated along with the ex-transports in 1/144. For those of you with an interest in NASA aircraft, I started to put together a database years ago of NASA aircraft that I could confirm with a solid reference or photos. It can be found at this link: http://www.ninfinger.org/models/nasacrft.html . Note that I have not had the time to update it in quite a few years but I betcha you will find some aircraft that you did not know were flown in NASA or NACA markings! Have fun modeling Mike
  7. When I chatted with the ZM staff in Chattanooga, they said that a F-4EJ will follow the F-4E. They are also planning on a EJ kai. Other variants now in the pipeline are the F-4G and F. I did not get a warm & fusszy feeling about the RF series. Have fun modeling Mike
  8. And here is the ever-present request for a NASA marked aircraft! 😃 Have fun modeling! Mike
  9. Hi Sierrascale The printer is one of the high end ink jet printers that uses UV curable inks. I am in the UV curable ink and coatings business which is why I know the printers. Draw Decals keeps the brand and model they use as a trade secret so I am unable to give out this detail. Sorry! Have fun modeling Mike
  10. Hi Dutch I was talking about Jim from JBOT decals. He has decided to stop working in the decal business due to health reasons. I doubt that he will return. Although I have ordered from CanMilAir in the past, I don't know William Burns. Have fun modeling! Mike
  11. Dutch I believe JBot is not longer in business due to health reasons. His website is up but he is no longer making decals. Have fun modeling Mike
  12. Hi James I have had pretty good luck with using Draw Decals over the years. In fact, I am a big fan of Draw Decals because of their subjects and really good customer service. Sean is right, Draw Decals is using a really high end ink jet type printer that uses a different type of ink than the ones we usually see around the home. Draw Decals started out with using an Alps printer I believe but changed years ago. While Draw Decals can take a bit more work to conform into panel lines, I have found the results more than worth it. For challenging areas, I'll use a soft cloth with very warm water to press the decal into tight places. The end results looks good. Here are two models I built in the last few years that used Draw Decals along with a third model (Carolina Panther A320) that are not Draw Decals but were printed on the exact same type of printer that Draw Decal uses. Looking at them on the shelf, you can't tell that the decals are not traditionally silk screen printed. Have fun modeling! Mike
  13. Hi PvtRyan75 If Charlie no longer has a copy of the Revell ISS kit available, I may be able to help you on this one. I have two 1/144 ISS kits in my stash and realistically will only get around to building one of them. I can sell you my extra kit if you would like. I have the original release of this kit from Revell (kit# 04841). Let me know if you are interested in it! Have fun modeling Mike
  14. Kursad, thanks for giving the L-39 some modeling love! Should you ever want to do a follow-up sheet (especially in 1/72), here's one scheme that will really stand out. The Lithuanian AF picked up at least 1 L-39C aircraft from a civilian flight demo group (Baltic Bees) and put it into service without a major repaint. I can send you photos of this aircraft from different angles if needed. Nothing like having an in service blue metallic plane on the shelf next to a row of gray models! Have fun modeling! Mike
  15. Adding to Ken's positive prediction on the upcoming Chattanooga IPMS Nationals, this will have the largest vendor room of any previous IPMS USA Nationals ever. Literally. The previous record for the number of vendor tables sold was at the 2005 IPMS Nationals in Atlanta. Chattanooga has now exceeded the number of vendor tables sold in 2005 by somewhere around 30 - 50. There is plenty of space in the vendor room to fit more tables with over 3 months yet to go before the convention. It is shaping up to be a winner! Have fun modeling Mike
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