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  1. While you will not be exposed on a regular basis to isocyanates, the products that they make are all around you in daily life. Most, if not all, polyurethane foams are made from isocyanates. There are also a lot of other plastic materials that are based on isocyanates in addition to any urethane paint. If you had any fillings in your teeth over the last 20 years or so, that material has a high probability that it was made from an isocyanate as a starting point. The workhorse in the dental industry for polymer composite teeth fillings is an urethane methacrylate that was made from an isocyanate. Isocyanates are a key part of any urethane material. You can relax, however, as the likelihood of an isocyanate existing in the products you use is almost infinitesimally small. The reason it is dangerous to living bodies is its reactivity and this allows it to be chewed up and reacted long before the final product such as a foam or teeth fillings get out in the world. This is an interesting discussion for me as I spent a part of the last 2 weeks in discussions with several companies as I need a custom isocyanate made for a 3D Printing project that I am an advisor for. One of those companies spent a lot of time questioning me as to how the isocyanate would be used (medical application) so I am in a bit of an isocyanate frame of mind! Have fun modeling Mike 🍻
  2. Ronald There are at least 2 different aftermarket PE detail sets for the B737-300. I have both types and have no preference. They are ExtraTech EX 14417 and Skyline 144-43B. I used a copy of the Skyline PE set on my DACO Skyline B737-300 and it looked good. Skyline also has a PE set SKY144-15b for the B737-300/400/500 series but while I have both, I have not compared them side by side. While none of thee are explicitly for the Eastern Express kit, I suspect that either would work well for your build. Have fun modeling! Mike 🍻
  3. Hi The Underdog That is very good advice you gave on working with resin kits. I build a lot of resin kits or use resin aftermarket modifications as I tend to model the more unusual subjects. BTW, I also play a chemist in real life and coincidentally am currently involved in a commercial project that requires the use of isocyanates. They are as nasty as you mention. I would like to correct one of your comments on the presence of isocyanates. It is VERY unlikely that there would be any remaining isocyanates in resin kit parts by the time a modeler gets the kit. Isocyanates are extremely reactive and the small amount that remains after the resin hardens would have reacted with the moisture in the air in a very short time. The big problem with working with resin parts is the dust that comes from cutting and sanding. The dust is not toxic by itself but will cause lung damage in somewhat the same way as asbestos and other fine particles. Have fun modeling! Mike 🍻 "Polyurethane resin is a type of polymer that results from the chemical reaction when an organic isocyanate is combined with a compound containing a hydroxl — which are components of bases, acids, phenols and amphoteric compounds. The chief health hazard associated with polyurethane resin is the presence of isocyanates; these are highly toxic and can have adverse health effects if proper precautions are not taken when working with the product."
  4. Thanks for posting this Dutch! I have not seen this view of the NASA NCH-53A before. 👍🏼 Have fun modeling Mike 🍻
  5. Kursad If you do want to venture out to some of the non-Edwards test Phantoms, I have walk around photos of the Flight Systems "The Blue Baron" N430FS that I shot way back when. This has been really high on my To Do list as it is a rare civilian Phantom that is cool looking! Have fun modeling Mike 🍻
  6. Hi Dutch Sorry for the late reply, it has been a busy few weeks on my end and have not had the time to check in as often as I like. Habu2 is correct, the only kit of the YF-17 is the Anigrand kit in 1/72. I have this in my stash but have not yet had the chance to build it. It looks decent in the box but the best judge would be to build this baby hornet. I recall that there are some build articles online. The photo that you posted is great! I built the NASA F-15 in that photo using the prototype Hasegawa kit in 1/72. It is an early build of mine so the photo is not very good. Have fun modeling! Mike 🍻
  7. Fantastic!!!!!! While I will be eagerly waiting for the 1/72 version, I wont be able to resist this sheet in 1/48. Thank you Kursad! Have fun modeling Mike 🍻
  8. There is a much higher resolution photo of the hanger scene (I also have a photo of this shot) so it is much easier to see the NASA yellow band on the tail. Unfortunately, I had to shrink this photo down so much to post, you can't see the details! Mike
  9. Here's the NASA Phantom with the NASA tail markings. Mike
  10. Hi Kursad! I would like too nominate a candidate for a possible F-4 prototype sheet. How about adding the markings for the NASA F-4 Phantom (145313)? While this was a late F-4A, to all extents it was a F-4B in configuration so can be built in both 1/72 and 1/48 using existing kits. The markings are standard very early NAVY markings for the F-4B with the exception of the NASA tail marking seen in the hanger photo. There is a cool story about one of its missions which was to fly a container of frogs in the back seat for research on weightlessness. Not only is this a very unusually marked Phantom but it is a can't resist model for we NASA aircraft fans! Have fun modeling Mike
  11. Josh Your Boeing chase plane photos are excellent! I agree, these would make great (and a little different) subjects for a T-38 decal sheet. Have fun modeling Mike 🍺
  12. Perfect! 👍🏼 Thanks Viperbite, this was exactly the information I was looking for. Have fun modeling Mike 🍺
  13. I have a question for those who are familiar with the GWH F-14A kit. I noticed on Scalemates that there are two boxings of this kit (7206 and 7203). Scalemates mentions that 7206 is a rebox (naturally) but that it contains new parts. They don't mention what the new parts are. I would suspect that they are referring to decals but maybe not? I want to pick up one GWH F-14A to do an early Tomcat but am not sure if the plastic is the same in each boxing. Any comments ? Thanks! Have fun modeling Mike 🍻
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