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  1. 1/48 Lunar Rover from Shapeways

    Fantastic work as usual Pete! You have inspired me to pull out my copy of the EVA Models Lunar Rover and bump it up my build list. Your work is truly inspirational! Have fun modeling! Mike
  2. Badger Stynylrez Primer

    Great, thanks for the excellent response on what paint is compatible with Stynylrez primer. It looks like any acrylic or acrylic like paint works well over this primer. I have been using MR Surfacer as my go-to primer but Stynylrez looks to be a better option. You just cleared the last hurdle in my mind in trying this primer. ElectroSoldier, was the Xtracolour paint you used the enamel version or was it the Xtracrylix acrylic paint? If it was the Xtracolour enamel paint, then that opens up a wide possibility of other paints that can go over it. Have fun modeling! Mike
  3. Wow, I am very happy that I logged into this GB to catch up on any posts for the last month! Message sent! Mike
  4. A couple questions about building/painting sequence

    Thanks Ben! Your comments are spot on about the Daco kit. As I am just passed this step, I learned the hard way on the wing/fuselage joint. I ended up having to resort to Apoxie putty to clean up this area. I now know what to do (follow your tip) on my next Daco B737 build! Have fun modeling Mike
  5. A couple questions about building/painting sequence

    Don's comments on the build sequence are excellent! For the vast majority of my airliner builds, I follow for the most part Don's sequence #2. This has worked out for me quite well on a wide variety of different manufacturer's airliner kits. I am working on a Daco B737-300 right now in a West Pac scheme and am in the middle of step E with the wings painted gray but before shooting the main fuselage color. Have fun modeling! Mike
  6. Badger Stynylrez Primer

    The Stynylrez primer sounds interesting and worth a try. There is some solid praise for this primer in this thread and I don't see anyone mention a downside. My question is what kind of paints work well as the color coats over this primer? Or maybe another way to ask this is there any brand of paint (Vallejo, Model Master, Mr Color, Xtracolor, etc.) that is not compatible with Stynylrez as the primer coat? I now have quite a collect of different paint brands in my stash so I would like an all purpose primer if possible. Have fun modeling! Mike
  7. red NASA lettering in 1/32 scale

    Hi Darren I managed to find an extra copy of the correct font/size and color of the NASA logo for your Hornet. I could not find an extra copy of the Cutting Edge decals but I did find a dry transfer NASA logo that is the one that you need. It is yours if you want it. However, if Paul has a copy of the Cutting Edge NASA logo sheet, then that would be the better option. I think the red on the cutting edge sheet looks better to my eye than the red on the rub on sheet. As I only have 1 copy that I can find of the Cutting Edge sheet, I would like to keep that for myself for a future NASA Hornet project. Paul, if you do have the Cutting Edge sheet, the one that Darren needs is the larger NASA logo in the middle of the sheet that looks somewhat blocky. The length of the NASA lettering is about 27 mm at the bottom of the letters. Have fun modeling! Mike
  8. red NASA lettering in 1/32 scale

    I did some digging through my files, and it looks like this search might not be as easy as I thought! The NASA Hornets use a particular style of font on their tails that is not used on most other NASA aircraft. The only sheet that I have found with the correct font in red and in 1/32 is the Cutting Edge NASA logo sheet. There are two of these NASA logos on that sheet. The IPMS VA convention sheet has just about every other NASA font except this one. I have multiple copies of the correct NASA logo in this font but they are in black and not red. All (?) the typical NASA Hornets have their NASA tail logo in red. I have found only 1 copy of the Cutting Edge decal sheet in my stash so far. I'll do a more detailed search over the next few days and if I can find my other sheet then the NASA logos are yours. Hopefully, I can find my spare sheet or Paul will have a copy of the Cutting Edge sheet and will not be using the 1/32 NASA logo. Have fun modeling! Mike
  9. red NASA lettering in 1/32 scale

    Hey Darren! I may be able to help you out on this one. I don't know if I ever mentioned it but I am a big NASA aircraft fan, so accumulated a bunch of sheets of different size NASA logos over the years. I'll need to search through my decal sheet stash to see if any of these are in 1/32 (I think so). There have been several different decal sheets focused on NASA logos (IPMS VA, Cutting Edge) and I also had a custom sheet made years ago using the old but still effective rub on letterpress (?) type technology. Somewhere on these sheets there are markings in 1/32! I plan on doing the same but if I have any in 1/32, then I have multiple copies. Have fun modeling! Mike
  10. 1/72 RoG F-4F Phantom Pharewell

    Outstanding Phantom!!! The blue metallic scheme looks really good, this will stand out on any model shelf! Have fun modeling Mike
  11. Beautiful Tornado Hajo! You really showed how good this scheme looks. Have fun modeling! Mike
  12. Eduard Bundesfighter 1/48 F-104 DONE

    Excellent build!!! Good luck with your studying! Mike
  13. Static Airshow - The Display Case

    Here's my addition to the Static Airshow! Thanks for a great GB! Have fun modeling Mike
  14. 1/72 Tornado IDS "100,000 Hour" Tornado

    I made it to the finish line! I completed my Tornado earlier today for this GB. Here's how it looks like after I called it finished. And one sitting on my model bench after the last addition. I'll post the final photos in the completed thread also. Thanks to the moderators for a fun GB and also to everyone who worked on a model in this GB. I learned a lot and you have inspired me to add a few more Luftwaffe models to my future plans! Have fun modeling! Mike
  15. I am really glad that you, your wife and cats are safe! BUT it is a real bummer about the loss of so many of your models. After Harvey passes, you still will have what is important in life. I hope you have passed the worse part of this week! Mike