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  1. There is a much higher resolution photo of the hanger scene (I also have a photo of this shot) so it is much easier to see the NASA yellow band on the tail. Unfortunately, I had to shrink this photo down so much to post, you can't see the details! Mike
  2. Hi Kursad! I would like too nominate a candidate for a possible F-4 prototype sheet. How about adding the markings for the NASA F-4 Phantom (145313)? While this was a late F-4A, to all extents it was a F-4B in configuration so can be built in both 1/72 and 1/48 using existing kits. The markings are standard very early NAVY markings for the F-4B with the exception of the NASA tail marking seen in the hanger photo. There is a cool story about one of its missions which was to fly a container of frogs in the back seat for research on weightlessness. Not only is this a very unusually marked Phantom but it is a can't resist model for we NASA aircraft fans! Have fun modeling Mike
  3. Josh Your Boeing chase plane photos are excellent! I agree, these would make great (and a little different) subjects for a T-38 decal sheet. Have fun modeling Mike 🍺
  4. Perfect! 👍🏼 Thanks Viperbite, this was exactly the information I was looking for. Have fun modeling Mike 🍺
  5. I have a question for those who are familiar with the GWH F-14A kit. I noticed on Scalemates that there are two boxings of this kit (7206 and 7203). Scalemates mentions that 7206 is a rebox (naturally) but that it contains new parts. They don't mention what the new parts are. I would suspect that they are referring to decals but maybe not? I want to pick up one GWH F-14A to do an early Tomcat but am not sure if the plastic is the same in each boxing. Any comments ? Thanks! Have fun modeling Mike 🍻
  6. Dutch, that NASA NCH-53A is a beauty! Have fun modeling Mike 🍻
  7. While we are on the topic of T-38s (another favorite aircraft of mine), for something both colorful and unusual how about the T-38 used by Boeing as a chase aircraft or a Navy QT-38A drone?
  8. Kursad I just emailed a scan of the Hasegawa 1/72 decals to you using your Caracal email address. If you don't get them soon, let me know and we will go to Plan B. 🙂 Have fun modeling Mike
  9. Hi Kursad, will do! I had to take a business trip the last few days so I just read your post. I'll dig up the kit after work tonight and either take a high res scan or send you the decal. Have fun modeling Mike
  10. Kursad If you have not yet received a High Res scan of the 1/72 Hasegawa CCV decals, I can find my copy in my stash this weekend and send it to you. I REALLY appreciate you adding these markings to the early F-16 sheet especially if you eventually print it in 1/72! Have fun modeling Mike
  11. Dutch, that is one FANTASTIC photo!! Thanks for posting that beauty. I would almost be tempted to build another Mach 2 kit with those markings....... Have fun modeling! Mike
  12. OUTSTANDING Kursad!!!!!! You just made my day with releasing these in both 1/48 AND 1/72! Have fun modeling Mike
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