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  1. 1/72 RoG F-4F Phantom Pharewell

    Outstanding Phantom!!! The blue metallic scheme looks really good, this will stand out on any model shelf! Have fun modeling Mike
  2. Beautiful Tornado Hajo! You really showed how good this scheme looks. Have fun modeling! Mike
  3. Eduard Bundesfighter 1/48 F-104 DONE

    Excellent build!!! Good luck with your studying! Mike
  4. Static Airshow - The Display Case

    Here's my addition to the Static Airshow! Thanks for a great GB! Have fun modeling Mike
  5. 1/72 Tornado IDS "100,000 Hour" Tornado

    I made it to the finish line! I completed my Tornado earlier today for this GB. Here's how it looks like after I called it finished. And one sitting on my model bench after the last addition. I'll post the final photos in the completed thread also. Thanks to the moderators for a fun GB and also to everyone who worked on a model in this GB. I learned a lot and you have inspired me to add a few more Luftwaffe models to my future plans! Have fun modeling! Mike
  6. I am really glad that you, your wife and cats are safe! BUT it is a real bummer about the loss of so many of your models. After Harvey passes, you still will have what is important in life. I hope you have passed the worse part of this week! Mike
  7. 1/72 RoG F-4F Phantom Pharewell

    This looks great! I think you will make the deadline as the model is looking really good at this stage. Have fun modeling Mike
  8. Wow Hajo! You build faster than I think! Your Tornado is looking good. I like the color scheme you chosen, it looks sharp! Have fun modeling Mike
  9. Giving up beer for a month

    I guess I may be in the minority of ARC members after reading these posts. While I have a few close modeler friends who do not drink any alcohol, I also have a few who do. One of my other interests in life is craft beer and I make an effort to visit different microbreweries as I travel around the country. I don't drink to excess but I do love a nice barrel aged stout! (or Porter or IPA or Sour....). Combining two of my interests, I really enjoyed an event held earlier this year in Atlanta called Hops in the Hanger. It was a nice beer festival held in the Delta Airlines museum - great combination of cool aircraft and some nice beer! Have fun modeling! Mike
  10. Wow!!! That is great work on the decals!! Well done! How did it go with adding those tiny lights! I already had one of mine go pranging off into space. Have fun modeling! Mike
  11. 1/72 Tornado IDS "100,000 Hour" Tornado

    I thought I would post a little progress updater as we head into the home stretch for this GB. I am now adding the different subassemblies and detail parts/fiddly bits to my Tornado. It now looks the part! I have the landing gear on but I have not yet added the wheels or gear doors. Have fun modeling! Mike
  12. Revell 1/72 JBG-41 Alpha Jet

    That is some fine cockpit work! I have this kit in my stash, so I'll follow this build with pleasure. Thanks for tackling an Alpha jet! Have fun modeling! Mike
  13. 1/72 Tornado IDS "100,000 Hour" Tornado

    Thanks guys! You have definitely motivated me to try and finish this by the deadline. I have been able to mix some colors to match the places where the decal had some small splits so my brush painting touch-ups are drying. I plan on giving this an overall gloss clear coat before I leave for a week on a business trip. That should give me enough time to finish my Tornado by the end of the month. Stay tuned, it will be close! Have fun modeling Mike
  14. 1/72 Tornado IDS "100,000 Hour" Tornado

    Time to put some color on this model! I have applied the decals over the last few days and have just finished up with this step. I am using the Syhart decals and I am very impressed with their standard silk screened decals. Well done! I have had problems with the decals trying to lay down on the little vortex blades on the tail. After a lot of decal solvent, they still have not fully settled in. I plan on cutting them and doing a little patchwork with paint. Then it is on to the final clear coats and adding the nose cone, landing gear, stabilizers and fiddly bits! Have fun modeling! Mike
  15. This looks really good with the future applied. Can't wait to see those colorful decals on your Tornado! Have fun modeling Mike