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  1. Captain, your paint and decal work looks great! Have fun modeling Mike
  2. I am back for a few days and managed to find my modeling bench. With the cockpit complete, I have the front part of the fuselage assembled. I also added some weight (copper balls) that I epoxied to the front of the cockpit section. Now its time to start bringing together the major subassemblies (front fuselage, main body, tail, etc.). Have fun modeling! Mike
  3. That pilot looks great!! A viewer would never know that you had to correct the resin castings as it looks perfect sitting in the ejection seat. Have fun modeling! Mike
  4. Glad to see that this decal is a "Go"! Here's some other photos of two of my Revell missile builds (Bomarc and Snark) for inspiration. Kursad, I'll be glad to help with any references if needed! Have fun modeling Mike
  5. My compliments to MoFo for his excellent post reviewing the situation regarding scale modeling and 3D Printing. I am in the 3D Printing business (at least part of my professional efforts) and I also teach a course at a University in UV Curable 3D Printing (an example of this technology is the last picture of a Formlabs printer in MoFo's post). 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing is a 2 Billion dollar business and growing with over 40+ different types of this technology available so it is much more complex than most people realize. Have fun modeling! Mike
  6. I have been working on the cockpit and I am happy to report that I am now ready to move on to assembling the fuselage. Here's how the cockpit looks before I enclose it inside the front fuselage halves: I finished the 'pit using kit parts, kit decals, Eduard PE and some detail painting and washes. I am still working on the ejection seats and I plan on adding them at the end. I have an almost 2 week business trip starting next week so I'll resume this build in early May when I get back. Have fun modeling! Mike
  7. Between paint and decal sessions on my cockpit, I have started to look ahead to other parts of this build. I was not a fan of the way that Revell designed the rear stabilizers with what looks to me to be a dodgy connecting piece which you must add before assembly of the rear fuselage sections. As I wanted to add the stabilizers late in the build to make things easier for sanding the seems, I modified this part of the build to allow adding the stabilizers at the end. I removed the small connecters on stabilizer and added a thin brass rod. I then found a corresponding aluminum tube that will allow the brass rod to have a tight fit. I plan on painting the stabilizers separately and just add them to the fuselage at the end of the build, Here's how my stabilizer mod looks before gluing the rear fuselage together: Next step, completion of the cockpit! Have fun modeling! Mike
  8. I have now started work on my slow motion build! Nothing much to report as the work starts on the cockpit and there is not much interesting to see at this point. I decided to do a mix of kit decals over the raised decals and some detail painting to highlight other areas of the cockpit. So far I am having mixed results as the decals (Revell 2000 vintage) do not seem to want to snuggle down after a few applications of strong decal setting solution. Hopefully, after some detail painting and a flat coat this will look ok. A few photos I can post is some work I have been doing on the fuselage and wing while my paint is drying on the cockpit. The Tornado that I am working on is a really clean airframe with no pylons seen in this configuration. I plugged al the holes on the bottom of the fuselage and wings with plastic rod and stretched sprue. I now have these sanded smooth and also the wheel bays added since I shot these photos. With a heavy travel schedule over the next 2 months, progress may creep but I hope to have more time on this project starting in June. Have fun modeling! Mike
  9. Hi everyone! It is time for me to start my build for the GB by kicking off a new topic. I plan on building Tornado IDS 45+88 from JaBoG-33 that was painted up to commemorate the 100,000 flight hours by the Tornado. If anything, this scheme is colorful! I will be using the Revell Tornado ECR and build it as the IDS version. To help spice things up a bit, I will use the Eduard PE set for the Revell kit along with a Dr Pepper's resin correction nose along with a Master pitot tube. Here's what I am starting with: As usual for me , my build will be a bit slow as I have several other projects already underway. However, if I want to make the deadline for this GB, I need to get the work started now! Have fun modeling Mike
  10. Methinks it is time to formally commit to the cool GB! I am planning on building a 1/72 German Tornado IDS Using a Revell Tornado ECR kit that is already in my stash. (Thanks again Lancer512!) I usually like my models to have a bit of color so I am planning on building the kit as 45 + 88 in the markings it wore to celebrate the 100,000 Tornado flying hours in 1999. The aircraft was assigned to JaBoG-33 at the time. Here's what I am starting with: I plan to dress up the model a bit using some aftermarket parts (new nose, cockpit details, etc.) but I need to dig through my storage boxes and find the relevant goodies! I still need to finish a model that is already on my workbench which should happen in the next day or two before I can start this build. Have fun modeling! Mike
  11. Hi kparquette If you are looking for the Delta Widget scheme for your B-727, I have a spare decal for the various Delta Widget schemes that I can sell to you. I almost always buy extra copies of decal schemes that I particularly like as back-ups but usually don't build a second identical model if the first one comes out acceptable. Here's a Delta B737 in the Widget scheme that I built using another copy of these decals: The sheet comes with B727, B737 and MD80 Delta Widget decals. Have fun modeling Mike
  12. Thanks dn142! I have been going back and forth between adding them early and having to mask off the pitot tube then paint or painting it without losing the small piece and adding them later. It looks like a case by case basis on the best option. Have fun modeling Mike
  13. Hi Lancer512 Outstanding!!! Your information is perfect. I don't think I had realized that the ECR was not a true photo reconnaissance aircraft so I was thinking that there might be some exterior changes a bit like an RF-4C. Now I am good to go with this build! I'll post something as a starter in this folder when I can shoot some photos of the kit before I start. I'll then start a thread on my build and we will see how far I can take it! Thanks again for your great help! Have fun modeling Mike
  14. I have a question for those out there in Model Land who have used one of the Master (and other brand) aftermarket metal pitot tubes. I like the looks of these and have ordered a few for future builds. Most of the ones I received are in the original brass color. To make them look more like the original silver/steel color, they need to be painted. What is the best option? Should the pitot tube be painted separately and then added to the model in a final step or should they be added earlier, then masked and painted during the build? As these are usually rather small, I can see challenges in both methods. What have you found to be the best way to use the aftermarket pitot tubes? Have fun modeling Mike
  15. I believe the major problem with the resin dust is the actual small dust particles themselves rather than the base chemistry of the resin. I use a Dremel to grind out large sections of solid resin parts when needed. It really speeds up the process on the bench. I do use a dust mask when I grind but I do not do this under water. I tend to be safety conscious due to my day job and am comfortable with using my Dremel to speed up tasks like this. Have fun modeling! Mike