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  1. So i have just had the roden 1/144 vc10 delivered today and much to my amazement there are no parts for inflight refuelling! Does anyone know of any after market refuling "Baskets" that would be suitable for the VC-10 Refeuling 2 Typhoons?
  2. Hi All I am just starting my 1/48 Hercules I got as an xmas present. I want to add lighting to the cargo bay, cockpit and also nav lights but I cant seem to find any good reference pics. does anyone know the best size and colour LED's to use for the NAV lights? I was thinking in the cargo bay of a row of 4 or 5 3mm white diffused LED's and green for cockpit?
  3. I am looking for pilots and crew to go in my 1/32 and 1/48 Lynx's but cant seem to find any. Does anyone know of any good ones out there? Also are there any good after market decals for 1/32 Lynx?
  4. so this is my first attempt at creating a "water" base. any suggestions or comments welcome!! please ignore the hand and the mess ;)
  5. Hi All I am looking to build a base for my 1/48 Lynx, but cant seem to find any dimensions or the landing deck of the Type 45 Destroyer. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
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