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  1. Agreed but since quiet was the primary concern figured I would throw it out for consideration (along with it's downsides).
  2. If you have access to have refilled or swapped you may want to look at a CO2 setup. Zero noise and very portable when using a 5 or 10lb tank. Also no risk of moister buildup anywhere. I have a 5lb tank and do mostly 48th modern. I can get 3 models or so out of the tank including cleaning the brush investment would be the tank, a pressure gauge and whatever you need to attach the airbrush to the regulator. Home brew stores, fire extinguisher places or welding supply are all good sources initial start should be less than 200 just
  3. They are smaller but I have not noticed any issues. Here is a photo of my attachment (assuming it works) https://photos.app.goo.gl/nCFsnVrASZIyV7fh1
  4. I use these so I don’t have to open the window that much to vent it https://www.rcjaz.com/mrhobby-gsigt03e-vent-attachmentair-duct-for-gt03-mrsuper-booth-p-90068769.html
  5. The 1530 is awesome. Have had it for 10 plus years and can’t imagine not having a different one
  6. If the kit is as good as it sounds I will get one. I only have the old Acadamy SU-27 and want to do this bird and 34 and a 35 at some point.
  7. Yea their board does not conver the hyperlinks to photos. It has to be a direct link which GP does not do
  8. Firefox Picture test I used Firefox for this one. Assuming it works here is how i did it 1. Make sure image in in a shared album 2. Open image 3. Right click and choose "copy image location" 4. Go to your ARC post and paste the link 5. Double click on the image to re-size (if you want)
  9. Ok this is adding the intake walls and wing halves Some views after it is all together. There are pre done holes for the center line and the option to open up the holes for the 2 pylons on each wing. I opened them all but may not uses them. All of these holes have poly caps in them. I had one fall out. As usual i knocked down the locator pins. Wings on Top and Bottom. Control surfaces are separate pieces The intakes just end in blanks. I may
  10. Ok on to the next part. These photos are on the new hosting site Next up in the inner walls of the intakes. These attached to the bottom of the fuselage are 2 pieces and have some optional photo etch Here is the PE removed form the fret and installed More work in the next post
  11. Hopefully it will hold up. I used my Google Photo account I used some information in this post to help me There was some messages on the 2nd page that helped (I think). Here is the relevant part. I know you are on Mac so may have to do it a little differently to get the URL. If you installed the Chrome extension I linked, make sure you have the picture in a Shared Album (that's the key - thanks dnl42). In that Shared Album, click on the selected picture to expand it, and then click again - you'll get a message at the bottom that says "Image URL copied t
  12. Ok. Hopefully i have fixed it for the time being going to move to a new host tomorrow. Too brain fried right now Thanks for putting up with this BS
  13. Hi Hopefully this one worked Thanks
  14. RWR removed Also images should be fixed. Sorry forgot to move them to the shared album first
  15. Ok so I need to pull the RWR antennas. Not a big deal. I should have looked closer at the photos 1st. Those antennas seem seem to be just for the what if versions
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