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  1. In sequence of distance from the centre of the target, there is: Missed by a mile (or Mister Byamile) In the ball-park You missed it (I was watching the target, and I saw the hit in the scope's field) you just missed it you nicked the target's edge (or simply, you nicked it) hit - right on the edge of the target hit (on the target) bull('s eye) V-bull perfect bull (= a hit in the exact centre of the target) Or are you talking about catching a train / plane? In this case, you either caught the train, or you didn't, and so y
  2. Loved his little jet and his Republic Sea Bee. Many thanks, Sir Roger, for the memories of Simon Templar, Brett Sinclair and James Bond. George, out...................
  3. G'Day Greenghost. The struts lean forward by 14-degrees (forward rake). See Airfix kit 01005. I have 2 in-progress, and BOTH have out-of-register decals. Ditto the Roden ones someone sent me. Good luck with yours. George (the Loggie), out..........................
  4. small lead fishing sinkers, or stray nuts &/or bolts (found lying around the workshop), occasionally lengths of coat-hanger wire (sometimes easily inserted into a closed fuselage). Held in-place by superglue or scratch-built bulkheads or lengths of sprue. George, out.......................
  5. It is my sad duty to advise you of the passing of Greg Martin of Mackay, Australia. He died early on Fri 10 Feb 2017 after a long illness with cancer. Greg was a founding member of the Mackay Scale Modellers club, the instigator of their annual Model Competition, and he was the author of Australia's Science Fiction Modeller magazine (SFM). He was a terrific modeller who liked to illuminate them (this was before LEDs were available), and his scratch-building (and filming) style was greatly influenced by Gerry Anderson. My last contact with Greg was just last week when he sent me a SFM
  6. My Klingon Battlecruiser (KBC) modified, so far. I acquired 2 x incomplete kits (in that both were missing some parts), BUT there were enough parts to build 1.5 KBCs so THAT is exactly what I'm doing. how to screen capture George (aka, The Loggie), out.......................
  7. When does it mature? I've got a couple of incomplete KBC kits that I've got to build or bin, so this GB is terrific incentive. George (aka The Loggie), out...............
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