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  1. Echoing what others said, excellent work Joel. Very nice looking Mossie!
  2. Great progress and skill in improving the kit Joel! Thanks for posting, so looking forward to seeing this one progress. Yannis
  3. Very very nice wildcat there, congratulations! Thanks for posting it. Out of curiosity and a bit out of topic, are there any other Midway F4F-4 wildcat decals in the market? I am only able to find ones depicting #23 of Thatch and nothing else.
  4. Very nice work on the Tbolt! I really like the weathering of the olive drab paint and as others said, very interesting and impressive scheme.
  5. Bill and phantom, many thanks for your kind comments, i appreciate it.
  6. Great work Giannis! Echoing what others said many congrats for the very realistic finish!
  7. Thank you very much for the kind comments kvlazer22. The canopy really tested my patience at some points... but given generous amounts of canopy-friendly CA glue and sanding/polishing it turned out as it should.
  8. Very nice metallic finish and very clean work!!! Excellent, thank you very much for posting this!
  9. Great work David, i really like the super realistic finish that you have on your work (past subjects as well). Furthermore i appreciate the historical details that you mention, very useful! Thank you very much for posting this. OT, mind if i pm you on a question?
  10. I would personally go for "patiently scribing away". Sometimes depending on the shape to be cut i also use some hasegawa (if i remember correctly) photo-etched saws. But even then, the first several passes are with a scriber.
  11. Impressive work Darren. Very "clean" build being a scratchbuilt one, looks like modern injection thanks to your skills. From what i hear the airframe is particularly difficult with respect to making it rigid/solid enough to handle due to its shape and size.
  12. No worries chukw. It did look odd on its own! Yannis
  13. Great work Darren! You really took a great kit to an even greater level.
  14. Thanks Brian, the resin wheels were indeed a serious improvement over the kit's parts. Yannis
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