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  1. Av8fan & Edgar, Thank you very much for your help on this, I sure do appreciate it!! I think I now have enough to go on. As you may have figured out, the Beaufighter was a somewhat unfamiliar aircraft to me, having seem some photos of it in the past; however, it held little interest for me, as I concentrated more on other aircraft types. Now, I want to do something special for my friend, and I am hoping that the information you've provided will help. Thanks again!! Mike
  2. A friend's father was a member of the 455 Squadron RAAF, in WW2, based at Dallachy, Scotland. As a gift, I am building him a rep Beaufighter from that squadron, using the Airfix 72nd scale kit. I need to come up with aircraft numbers, and appropriate decals for the selected aircraft. I know that ID's for that squadron began with "UB", but that's as far as I've gotten. Any ideas or recommendations are most appreciated! Thanks in advance, Mike
  3. Great Shooting Ken - fancy colors too!!! Thanks for posting! Mike
  4. Hey Waltz41, Thanks for the Hawg shots - way too quite around CT/BDL since the 103rd got nerfed; liners are fine for practice, and when a special mod comes through, but nothing beats Mil, and the Hawg is a special beast...right Tom?! Thanks for posting so I can get my Hawg fix - Mike
  5. Great work on the Hogs guys!!!! Tempts me to build another myself Jon, I especially like your build of 621 "Black Lightning"!! She hold many memories for us here in CT, especially working on the decal project for Two Bobs - that was a great time! Although not in CT colors any longer, she's still doing her job with the AR ANG. Excellent work, and thanks for sharing! Mike
  6. Hey Tom, You did an excellent job on 646, I think it's time I started another - lucky friend you have their :D All the best for your future! Thanks for sharing! Mike
  7. Hey Great Shooting MTM!!!! :D Oh yes, yours are nice too Ken - LOL!!! Good for Michael; keep your pop outta trouble :P Say Michael, which camera were you using, the D80??!! :P I like the one of 965 too - good catch. Thanks for sharing Ken & MTM!!!! Mike "Sr."
  8. Just wanted to jump in here and say, "Great shots from all!!" <_< Nice to see you posting Zoltan, is that with your new lens?! Glad you were able to get to "BRACley" for some shooting Ken, looks like today is much better though - nice shots all the same!!! Thanks again to all for the fine posts!!! Mike
  9. Nice ladder door art guys, thanks for sharing! The 103rd FW has some nice art as well; maybe someone who has them assembled in one place can post them (Ken ) - I can't figure out the "new" posting process - lol!!! Thanks again for sharing! Mike
  10. Nice work on the Hog!!! Although a little hard to see 613 in the 188th colors :huh: 613 was flown by my niece's husband when it was at the 103rd FW, it saw quite a lot of action while on deployment...a solid aircraft Deployment Productions has done an excellent profile on 613 as well, while in 103rd colors. You did a excellent job Ark, thanks for sharing! Mike
  11. Wow Andy, great shooting !!! You did a super job; keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing!!! Mike
  12. Great shots of Ellsworth!!! Was there about five years ago with my daughter's family; her husband was stationed at Ellsworth. We had the grand tour, Ellsworth, the museum, and the other SD sights like Mt. Rushmore, The Badlands, and of course The Wall - beautiful country, nice to see it again!!! Thanks for sharing!! Mike
  13. Nice shots Andy, looks like you had excellent weather, thanks for sharing Self portrait too! Mike
  14. Can you give me the tail number(s)? Thanks, Mike
  15. Beautifully done neu - your work is superb :lol: A fine testiment to this historic unit. Keep 'em coming :) Mike
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