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  1. Thank you, it's the little things that drive me nuts ;-)
  2. Thanks for the info. I looked some more and found the ramp mounted unit (LAU-74) was like what the AC-119 carried in Vietnam. Then I read that between Grenada and Panama they were replaced with the wing mounted dispensers (SUU-25 C/A). So I guess a Desert Storm AC-130H would not have both the wing mounted dispensers and the AN/ALE-47s.
  3. I'm sorry, probably the dumbest question but I can't figure it out and google is not my friend today. TIA
  4. yes, that's the box . Thanks for the reply
  5. In building a Desert Storm era AC-130H I cannot find the following info. The loading ramp has a box structure that is a chaff/ flare? launcher. How is this deployed, is the ramp open during combat? Are the wing mounted chaff/flare launchers carried in combination with the ramp mounted launcher? I'm modeling this one 'in flight' TIA
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