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  1. Thanks for clueing me in. Now I'll pursue getting one sent over to this side of the Atlantic. Maybe I'll find some super deal. S'pose? Rick in Maine
  2. I read some test-shot reviews in some of the 2018 English model magazines that liked this new Revell 1/48 Beaufighter. Did I miss the kit release? Did it dry up and go away? There's a few Eduard parts for it.
  3. Sometimes we think of going to Canada as well! But I'm not going to discuss politics. Despite all the good things about living here, Maine is, admittedly, a hobby shop and air show desert. The last hobby shop and military base have disappeared. but, despite that, there are two strong IPMS chapters as well as modelers in the rural areas. The big air show expected this year at the former NAS Brunswick cancelled. Some businesses have had success at the former Loring AFB and some really fast motorcycles have used the long runway. Many of us use mail order and, fortunately, get great
  4. We've lived here 21 years. Maine is a neat place to live and visit. I suppose it is fair to say you'd need awhile to get into the culture like King writes about. Some people say it is hard to get to know Mainers but we have made several very good local friends. Anybody not born here is a "from away" and we don't fight it. Some do and get, shall we say, unhappy. It is a beautiful place, too. From sea coast to mountains. The summer gets pretty crowded with "from-aways" in many places. Fall is wonderful. There are two IPMS chapters: Portland and Down East. Down East group meets in Han
  5. Yes! IPMS chapter at Ellsworth/Hancock...IPMS Down East. Hancock County Scale Modelers if you will. Meets first Wednesday at Hancock VFD 2 @ 7 pm. There's also an IPMS Chapter down in Portland. Email or message me and I'll give you a phone number. Where are you? I'm doing this at the meeting right now. Rick
  6. Based on past experience, I agree with you Sernak. I just cannot figure how to get to a bigger screen from an app make for iPhone or iPad.
  7. This also ran well on a Mac back "then." An iPhone is small, though I'll give it a try. I'll lobby GraphSim about larger Mac use i.e. laptop and larger. I was glad to see even the short previews for the present app. May have to spend my money on it! Rick
  8. The Graph Sim F/A-18 Hornet 3.0 was one I enjoyed for a long time. It was easy to just go out and bore holes in the sky, shoot some landings, land and carrier.The game wasn't dependent on difficult combat but I could mess with that if I need some hostile action! I'd download it from the old-games website if I knew it would run on my current MacBook Pro. Rick in Maine
  9. My first plastic model build was an Aurora P-38. As long ago as it was, I remember my biggest problem. Too much glue. I couldn't squeeze that tube of glue gently enough. The model was a mess!. Rick IPMS 0809
  10. Yes. It has the makings of a scam. Still, check it out with Apple. Like other 'puter companies, its a rather convoluted path to a real person and the results are almost always worth it as far as I am concerned. These kinds of scammy things are still uncommon (I didn't say unknown) for Macs. Rick A 20 year Mac man.
  11. When making crosswind landings as part of my flying lessons, even that little Cessna 150 looked from the cockpit like it was headed into the woods. Thats when I learned about cross-controlling. Looks mighty impressive on that A380. Rick in Maine
  12. And the company probably had to drop some $$$$ to get rights to produce the kit. Then they turn out an F/A-18A that's still lacking, to be nice. But I'm applying logic thinking to an illogical situation. Doesn't work. Rick in Maine
  13. Just quickly scanning through these, it looks like most but not all of them are short run kits or from a long time ago, i.e. the Aurora P-38 of the late 50s. Being more positive, and not trying to stop this thread, seems like we are in much better shape than we were. Maybe the advent of computerized mold-making has made a big impact to the good. Also, I hope, the feedback we have given model kit makers has helped a lot. I've got an MRAP that is just awful. It's soon to begone. Rick in Maine
  14. This sounds like the best possibility so far. It's on a pallet and has appearance of a real aircraft in many ways. Now, anyone recall something like this in the mid to late 80s? Thanks ikar.
  15. Thanks Don and Finn and all others for checking further and mentioning other possibilities. I'm about to go looking for a serious spotter (which I am not) for help. I have gleaned the following info from the slide: The view is of the front left side. In the immediate background is an Aerostar fuselage with wings and horiz. stabs. removed. Also sans rudder. Registration is N333WT which is currently registered to a Beech King Air. The F-111 cockpit does not have any of the plexiglass installed and the frames have details like a "real" F-111 vs. the mockups.. The seats d
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