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  1. Were there any Israeli M1 or M50 Shermans with a composite hull? Where can I find specific information? Can I build a 1/35 scale model using the following kits and detail parts? Eduard profi pack M4A1 kit (small hatch hull) Turret parts from Dragon M50 Sherman kit Asuka/Tasca large hatch composit hull
  2. I have two Takom Renault Ft 17 1/16 scale kit for sale for $65.00 which includes shipping in the USA Both have the Canon armament Both are new in box in sealed bags. Email me at jfreaganjr@gmail.com if you have questions. I accept Pay Pal . TAKOM 1001 fT17 with Girod turret $65 TAKOM 1003 Ft 17 with Berlinet turret $65 Jim Reagan
  3. I want to obtain a Dragon #6359 SU-100 kit. Please contact me with your price and kit condition. I can also trade kits, detail sets etc for the kit so let me know what you are looking for in aircraft, armor, etc as I have a number of items left over from my former brick and mortar store.` You can email me directly at jfreaganjr@gmail.com or reply here. I have a Pay Pal account I can use for payment. Jim Reagan
  4. THANKS for the suggestions. It would be nice if some aftermarket enterprise offered a 76mm turret. I just sent away for the 17 pounder breech offered by Resicast.
  5. I have a couple of 1/35 scale Sherman tank models to which I would like to add detail to the turret. Are there any after market kits for this purpose? Does any 1/35 kit offer an example of the above which I can use as a pattern? How close is the Sherman 75mm breech to the 76 mm breech? I have a Replicast 75mm breech I could use.
  6. I'm selling new in box 1/35 scale Friulmodel track sets for Sherman Tank kits. I will ship by priority mail or first class mail at cost so I need your zip code. I'm in the USA and will ship immediately upon receipt of payment. You can email me directly at jfreaganjr@gmail.com. FRIULMODEL Alt12 Sherman T54E1 typt $39.00 Alt 94 British Firefly Type $39.00 Alt 138 Type 80 M50/M51 Super Sherman/Isherman for HVSS $42.00 Alt 167 Type WE210 for Grant/Lee/Ram $39.00 Jim Reagan
  7. I'm selling the following Dragon and Tamiya 1/35 Armour kits They are complete mint kits and either sealed or sealed inside. I will also entertain trading for items I want. Shipping is extra by Priority Mail at cost so I need your zip code. My email is jfreaganjr@gmail.com I accept Pay Pal DRAGON 3539 M51 Isherman $50.00 6255 M4A3 76W Battle of Bulge kit $49.00 6447 M1A1 El Alemain Sherman $37.00 6186 PzKpfw 1 Ausf B $33.00 TAMIYA 35250M4A3 Sherman 75 mm gun $24.00 WANT DRAGON 6083 M4A1 76mm Wet IDF M50 Super Sherman TurrentSet #DM5011
  8. I want the 1/35 scale DML Models IDF M50 Super Sherman Turret set # DM35011 to make an Israeli Super Sherman model using a Tamiya M4A3 Easy Eight kit. Jim Reagan
  9. Anyone know where I can obtain the 1/35 scale IDF M50 Super Sherman Turret set DM35011? I can purchase or trade for the detail set Jim Reagan
  10. Were any of the cast of the later cast hulls Shermans Israel obtained with small hatches and were any upgunned to the 76MM canon and turret? I've seen many pictures of the later cast hull tanks. I'd like to build an early pre 1967 Sherman with VVSS by using the Eduard kit and a turret from a Tamiya or.Dragon kit.