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  1. Hi John !!! Here it , may be useful , the reverse side of disk .
  2. Guys maybe I have myself confused , so they look on the GR 5 , and so they look for the AV 8B , and the GR7 ZG471 , so that depending on the modification and changed the location ???
  3. Here's a look so ...
  4. Well let's look again at your model John . Additional air intakes are circled in red , must be on the same level with the main intakes are marked with a yellow line .
  5. Hi John ! Look carefully at the white air intakes behind the cockpit , they are on the same level with the main intakes , in your model they are located incorrectly .
  6. Hi ! Good progress ! This area it finally ???
  7. That's awesome !!! Here is an assembly , that is modeling with a capital letter !!! Really awesome
  8. Yes , but in this photo it riveting shown , and on the wings of the screws which are more pronounced on the model . Sorry John but the wings need to roll , once so highly raised strap assembly . Unfortunately......
  9. There are pieces of the John plane !
  10. So it's not a riveting ??? Riveting on the wings must be present !!!!!
  11. That's what I am , riveting on the wings must be present !!!
  12. Here to solve to the author , with riveting the wing looks richer.
  13. Good job John !!! How about riveting the wing ???
  14. Good job John
  15. I always look at the photos ! Good luck