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  1. It's just incredibly cool !!!
  2. Yes it . Thanks, John . What did you decide about the riveting of the wings?
  3. John, you did a great job. Please add a photo of the reverse side canopy ...
  4. Underside photos there Riveting the bottom , mirroring the top
  5. Great work John !!!!
  6. And this photos !?!?
  7. Let's see John ... In these photos you will find the answers
  8. Hi John !!! Here it , may be useful , the reverse side of disk .
  9. Guys maybe I have myself confused , so they look on the GR 5 , and so they look for the AV 8B , and the GR7 ZG471 , so that depending on the modification and changed the location ???
  10. Here's a look so ...
  11. Well let's look again at your model John . Additional air intakes are circled in red , must be on the same level with the main intakes are marked with a yellow line .
  12. Hi John ! Look carefully at the white air intakes behind the cockpit , they are on the same level with the main intakes , in your model they are located incorrectly .
  13. Hi ! Good progress ! This area it finally ???
  14. That's awesome !!! Here is an assembly , that is modeling with a capital letter !!! Really awesome
  15. Yes , but in this photo it riveting shown , and on the wings of the screws which are more pronounced on the model . Sorry John but the wings need to roll , once so highly raised strap assembly . Unfortunately......