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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures.👍
  2. Looks good; more pics please. 🙂
  3. Great progress. Good luck with paint/pressure/thinner. (I don't have helpful info on such.)
  4. Thanks! Great resource/link. My own searches turned up similar. Figured I would ask. One never knows about special missions or unusual deployments. If all else fails; Some what-if-er-y may occur after the build.
  5. It is often the case that I join a group build with a number of first occurrences. For me: - first Hobby Boss kit - first 1:72 F-14 - first F-14 since tweenage years. About time to undertake all three. I expect to build the box VF-143 with AG tailcode. Suggests it is: VF-143 Pukin' Dogs 162926/AG143 2004 OIF - USS George Washington In my own strangeness, I have a family of models with 'AG tailcode assigned to USS Independence. (CVW-7 and others) After several hours on the internet, I have yet to find the F-14, Atlantic/ AG assigned combination. I'm all ears if the combi
  6. I'm planning to build this arrival as the boxed VF-143. Unless...There exists in the world a time when the F-14B flew from the USS Independence with "AG" tailcodes. After several internet hours I have not turned up such. Delivery was only three weeks; Hannants to Toronto. Normal for the slower delivery option. Hobby Boss F-14B 1:72
  7. Well done. 😎 Nice collection.
  8. Phantastic builds Phantom. Glad 2020 was good for something.
  9. Wonderful weathering result with the oils you mention.
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