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  1. Red Arrows Hawk 1/48 Airfix

    Spot on!
  2. 1/72 Seaking MK.41

  3. MiG I-320 - 1/72 scale kit from Modelsvit

    Front shelf result. Good stuff. I like the cannon work.
  4. Hasegawa A-4F 1/48

  5. Completed 1:144 Sunwing 737-800.

    Skyhawk174; I'm looking forward to seeing your Westjet build! BTW; The special Westjet paint scheme was recently nearby.
  6. 1/72 F-101B Voodoo Maine ANG

    Great Voodoo. I'm glad your tastes changed and you chose to share the subject.
  7. Completed 1:144 Sunwing 737-800.

    Thank-you for all the comments. MUCH appreciated! It seems another 2¢ about the kit is being gently requested. I would build the kit again. Next time I would: fill the small gap between nacelle and wing attach the wing section to the fuselage per instructions. (I kept them separate for painting until very late in the process. I had a tough time finessing the connection later. I’m not happy with my result at the joint.) re-check references: The outer gear door placement is suspect. Improve the lights/clear part. Both fit and appearance are underwhelming. reduce the nose weight, by half? (Mentioned above.) Other notes: The wipers are optional decals on the Draw Decal set. The windscreen is two layers/decals. The wipers are integral to the surface/second windscreen frames. [Edit: Separate wipers are item 33 on the kit’s “HaribAIR” sheet. Same sheet gives design credit to Nazca, but retains copyright.] The kit nacelles did not fall together nicely for me. I cut and glued some sprue inside to ensure the plate with the intake stayed aligned. The plate has an alignment pin/knob, but only on one side. The same plates are the only items I remember filing to fit. Kit has enough detail on the doors and hatches to assist with the long row of window decals. (You note I did not get it 90%+ aligned either.) SouthWestForests; Thanks for the story/link. The 737-800 intakes seem just as unique as the nacelles of the 737-200's. The '-200 nacelles remind me of the Arado 234. It has been a long time since the ARC "airliners" group build. Sounds like there are several of us with an airliner in the stash. Happy modeling. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/forum/138-the-airliner-group-build/ 1 January 2009 - 1 July 2009
  8. Star Trek group build, the rules.

    Phantom, Thank-you for championing the Star Trek group build. You did so boldly...
  9. Completed 1:144 Sunwing 737-800.

    Thank-you. Yes; I filled in the cabin windows right away. The front windscreen details and frames were filled too. I felt this would be the best way to address the open interior condition and provide a surface for decals. Such was a guess because airliners are not my regular builds. I even built a test subject in 2016 to learn more: Revell box (Matchbox?) 1:320 DC-10. I think that's where filling windows to favour decals came into my basic airliner play. A side by side image with my 2016 skill builder is linked below. The Sunwing model was given to a connection. I have not tried Nazca decals. One could probably reduce the amount of recommended nose weight on this kit. I went with instructions and feel it is hard to handle due to the extra heavy nose.
  10. Completed, Revell 1:144 737-800 TUIfly “HaribAIR” boxing. For the Sunwing detail, I used Draw Decals sheet 44s-737-800. Great product IMHO. Some reviews suspect the winglets. The kit winglets looked OK to me. This build is a departure from my usual 1:72 fighters and targets. No weathering on this one. (This is also my "Flickr" test. I can see the images in the preview. I hope it is not exclusive; because they are "cashed" in my computer, or similar.)
  11. Deep Space Station K-7

    Looking good, Admiral
  12. That looks great Kurt.
  13. Kurt, That Enterprise is looking good.
  14. Shuttle Craft , old school

    Good looking shuttle, Phantom!
  15. My first ARC group build completion is the “in-box what-if” Starfleet Shuttle Herschel.