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  1. Lost_Erik

    Yakovlev Yak-7B

    Well done!
  2. Lost_Erik

    HeritageCon coming up March 25th.

    I plan to be there.
  3. Lost_Erik

    1/144 TWA Connie

    Well done!
  4. Lost_Erik

    HobbyBoss 1/72 Hind

    Good looking build.
  5. Lost_Erik

    1/72 BO-105 Philippine Navy

    Outstanding build! Well done.
  6. Lost_Erik

    727 TAP

    Good looking model.
  7. Lost_Erik

    Aurora 1:72 - Aloha Airlines Boeing 737-200

    Very good looking build. Well done with Aloha.
  8. Lost_Erik

    1/48 Grand Phoenix Firefly

    Fantastic results. I like your interior work too! Glad you recovered from the clamp calamity.
  9. Lost_Erik

    Minicraft 1/144 Boeing 737-400 WIP

    You have it "looking the part." Nice paint work.
  10. Lost_Erik

    Airfix Mustang

    Sharing another first look picture set: http://www.network54.com/Forum/578046/thread/1508883825/New+Tool+1-48+P-51D+first+look
  11. Lost_Erik

    SpPz 2 Luchs

    Good looking Luchs
  12. Lost_Erik

    Anyone having problems logging in to Hyperscale?

    Worked better this evening, 21 Oct 2017.
  13. Lost_Erik

    2017 SAPMA Model Expo in Adelaide, South Australia

    There are some great builds in that show. Thank-you for posting.