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  1. http://www.carefreehobbies.com/ Give 'em a call. Bottom shelf, back corner, facing up, three weeks ago.
  2. I can drop decals into the mail for you; but there is a reason I didn't use them. (PM.)
  3. Consider: Are parts useful for what-ifs or replacement stock on projects you might plan?
  4. I often build two different subjects at a time. One is a primary build and the other "while the primary dries/cures/marinates, etc." I don't want to feel a production line driving my hobby time: that's "work" for me. EXCEPT: Your goal is several similar subjects; same unit, similar paint, paint shades, duty cycles, (weathering), etc. It makes sense to build several at once in a production style.
  5. Spectacular. Thanks for posting so many pictures.
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