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  1. On 7/16/2020 at 6:26 PM, pigsty said:

    Anything will fit perfectly so long as you don't apply glue.  Anything engineered to fit perfectly without glue* will be impossible to take apart after test-fitting, unless you break it.


    Items dropped on the floor become invisible to the naked eye and can be found only with the naked foot.


    You will run out of a crucial paint colour only when it's another week before you can buy more and there's absolutely nothing else you can be doing to your model to fill in the time.


    * I have my doubts about this - sounds like the "non-iron shirt" to me


    Your first point: so true. 


    Items dropped: I must disagree.  The castors on the chair I sit in are quite effective at finding things as well, particularly windscreens and so on.  Just listen for the "C...rrr..unch!"

  2. I've sometimes binned models in a fit of frustration.  Some I've felt a regret for later, thinking I could perhaps have salvaged it after a bit of a break.  Others I've been glad to see the back of.


    The most frustrating is a 1/32 Bu 131 I'm working on now.  A couple of the chaps at my model club have told me what a great little kit it is.  And it is mostly: but the cowlings have fought me every inch of the way, and it's been sitting on the shelf for a while now.  The worst part is thinking, "Others have done a good job on this, why can't I?" :bandhead2:

  3. 8 hours ago, ChesshireCat said:

    the Revell kit contains all three vent panels used. Surely somebody sell the RAF radio sets! Just need the correct tail to finish this out.


    You'll need a later instrument panel too: that on the D-5 was subtly different. 

  4. 2 hours ago, ChesshireCat said:

    I have searched for an RAF Mustang IV without the fin fillet, and keep drawing a blank.

    I rather think the D-5-NAs (ie no fin fillet) all went to US users. Serial numbers 44-13253 to 44-14052.


    Incidentally, just as a check against any photos captioning an RAF Mk IV as a IVa or vice-versa, the RAF serial batches were:

    Mk IV: KM493-KM743;

    Mk IVa: KH671-KH870 and KM100-KM492.


    (Source: The Mustang Story, Ken Delve, Arms & Armour 1999)



  5. 5 hours ago, ChesshireCat said:

    but can you build a Mustang IV?  Wish Tamiya would do one in 32 scale!



    4 hours ago, Dave Williams said:

    Isn’t the Mustang IV just the RAF name for the P-51D?  Why wouldn’t you be able to build one from one of the 1/32 Tamiya kits?  Also, ZM makes a 1/32 Mustang IV boxing, if you really want one.


    Yes, Mustang IV is the P-51D, Mustang IVa is the P-51K.   The main visible external difference is that some aircraft had louvred cooling panels in the lower cowling rather than the pattern of holes or blank (parts R7/R8 or R29/R30 in the Tamiya kit);  there may well have been differences in equipment fit (eg radio) as well: I need to dig into my bookshelves and refresh my memory.


    So long as you have a way of adding the louvred cooling panels - aftermarket if any or scratchbuilding - an RAF Mustang is certainly possible from the Tamiya kit.  And of course, the Aeroproducts prop for the K is available in the Pacific boxing.

  6. 15 hours ago, 11bee said:

    LOL, Rubbing salt into the wound, eh???  

    Just past the point of no return on the kit.   In the big picture, it wasn’t a big deal aside from spending a small bit of money for the new prop blades.  I was going with aftermarket decals anyway and all my other bits came from the spares box or were scratchbuilt.

    So often the way, isn't it?


    15 hours ago, 11bee said:

    Good luck on your F-51D, post some pics along the way!


    Thanks, although there is the little matter of acquiring one first.   Just to make life more interesting, I'm planning to use the relevant parts from the Pacific boxing (which I've recently finished as a 506th FG VLR aeroplane) to do an RF-51D.  Thanks for posting the pics above, they'll be useful reference, especially as the first one is an RF.  :thumbsup:

  7. 1 hour ago, IPMSUSA2 said:

    There are times when accuracy can be taken too far, which is the reason I tell people that we build representations, not replicas.  It is impossible to build a 100% accurate replica of a 48th scale aircraft because the thickness of the skin/bulkheads/etc would be so thin that you would be able to read a magazine through them.  What we actually do is to build representations that LOOK like replicas.  To do that successfully is where the skill is.


    Very true. 

  8. On 12/22/2019 at 8:51 PM, habu2 said:

    The Eduard produced kits are Very Nice. I have their Mig-21 and P-51 kits in 48th.  Both are Very Nice. 

    The challenge is knowing which “Eduard“ kits are/aren’t reboxes of other manufacturers kits. 


    Not a challenge at all: they tell you on their website.  Check out the product page just below the panel containing the links to Description", "Galleries", etc, where it says "Plastic parts" ...





    I've always liked Eduard.  Their 1/48 P-39 series seemed to me to mark the point at which they became a mainstream kit manufacturer (facts and others' opinions may vary).  Since then they have got steadily better, but I do feel they are now tending to be somewhat over-engineered.  I built the P-51 alongside the Airfix example, and the Eduard was far more fiddly with tiny parts my aging fingers and eyesight struggled to cope with*.  There are also some strange (imo) design decisions: others have mentioned the intake and radiators assembly, and the tailwheel proved for me almost impossible to fit as per the instructions.


    *One reason I'm now more into 1/32 scale.


  9. I feel your pain. When I worked I had one assignment where I regularly had to visit a project team on RNAS Yeovilton. All that history (the FAA Museum is also here) and I was in meetings! However, one day I walked out into the car park, and there was the Historic Flight Swordfish practising its display routine over the airfield, so there were compensations.

  10. Great collection, thanks for sharing.

    A couple of small corrections for photo 5 though: it is a Mosquito PR Mk XVI as the caption wonders (not XV) and they were used mainly for target weather reconnaissance. The red tails were added around August 1944 and were, as the caption states, to prevent mis-identification as Me 410s. I know because I've just finished one. IMG_3167_zps0a05b1ab.jpg

    Airfix kit with some Eduard etch and Carpena decals.

    Apologies for the short thread hi-jack, once again thanks for posting. Link duly bookmarked.

  11. Latest finish - only the third this year, fourth if you count one I binned immediately because I wasn't happy with it. It's the Airfix PR XVI, with an Eduard Zoom set meant for a Tamiya B/PR IV, which worked fine with a little adaption here and there. I also used Eduard canopy masks, and again with a little fettling here and there they fitted reasonably.

    Decals were by Carpena, and I had some problems. The national markings disintegrated at a sniff of the decal water. Fortunately the individual markings were OK, and the stars'n'bars in the right size were easy to source from my spares, but the fuselage markings should have a PRU blue outline - I won't tell if you won't. ;)

    The 8th AF used PR XVIs from March 1944. Based at Watton, they were used principally for bomber force target weather scouting, although radar and night photography were also roles they performed. The model shows the early scheme - guess the date :D . Later the vertical tail surfaces were painted red to distinguish the Mosquitos from Me 410s, leaving the individual letter in a PRU blue circle.

    So here 'tis:




    Not my best effort - it's a bit of a dog of a kit if I'm honest and it did get a bit :bandhead2: at times, but I'm reasonably pleased with it. Thanks for looking.

  12. You came too far (and with some great detail and paintwork0 to give any of these kits up at this late stage...

    Finish them off! - They may not look perfect to you but most onlookers would be impressed with the results! (Myself included)



    What he said. That looks a whisker away from completion to me.

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