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  1. I've built KP's Su-22 Fitter - hard work but enjoyable. If the Frogfoot is the same, let alone better, I'm looking forward to it. Only downside I do not have the Eduard decal sheet or the etched and other extras that this boxing includes. Check out the instructions from the Eduard site (needs pdf reader): http://www.eduard.cz/products/pdf/n11/1150.pdf
  2. From what I've seen it looks like a great decal sheet - whilst I already have a Kopro Frogfoot, I'm seriously tempted by this one for said decal sheet alone.
  3. I must confess to a fascination for what I think of as "Soviet Heavy Metal", best exemplified by the Su-7/17/22 Fitter series. I also happen to think the MiG-21 is one of the nicest-looking jets ever produced, ever since the Airfix kit first came out in the late 60s (iirc) when I was a boy. I tend to put Czech or Slovak markings on mine because I have a fascination for that country and its history. As for the Hind, I have to agree that it's one cool ship, and I count myself fortunate that I'm only 30 miles plus the price of admission from a real one, so can get up close and personal with sa
  4. My Sprint Jet is the third compressor I've owned, and easily the best by a long way. It's quiet, it produces the required pressure, it's reliable (touch wood) - what's not to like? Recommended!
  5. :) Good news, I've just reregistered, thanks for the info and good to see it back.
  6. Lovely Mustang - I think I'm right in saying it's a decal option in the Tamiya kit? A quick search on the ever-helpful Little Friends website turned up this: http://www.littlefriends.co.uk/gallery.php...p;searchString= Based at Fowlmere, Cambs, not far from Duxford - almost my home turf. David, thanks for sharing your Mustang.
  7. Just two words - "Eduard" and "Montex". Not sure if they do masks for the particular aircraft you want, but if they do they're a real boon. Having recently masked the canopy on an OS2U-3 using nothing but Tamiya tape, I feel your pain!
  8. Thanks guys, looks like an F-16 to add to my Woodbridge/Bentwaters collection is a goer. Now all I need to do is find decals for a 512th FIS Sabre-Dog and it's nearly complete. Thanks again,
  9. Oh dear, I was afraid that might be the case. Specifically it's an aggressor based at RAF Bentwaters as depicted on this decal sheet and which this site advises me is a block 30a. From the same site, a couple of nice shots of the bird itself: http://www.f-16.net/gallery_item39481.html and http://www.f-16.net/gallery_item308646.html on f-16Net, with due acknowledgement to copyright holders. Thanks for the help guys, any more input welcome.
  10. Question say it all people; I want to build an F-16C block 30 in 1:48th scale, can the resident F-16 experts (Viper virtuosos perhaps?) advise someone who's more used to F-4s and 104s which is the best kit and any to avoid? Choices appear to be many, but I suspect Hasegawa may well feature ... TIA,
  11. Agree, I usually spray (acrylics, mainly Tamiya) at about 15 psi, well thinned. I have an HP-CS and a Badger Anthem 155; the latter gets used occasionally for fast large area coverage, I generally stick to the Iwata. Thin to the right ratio (and I don't do numbers, just the consistency of skimmed milk or thereabouts) and Robert is indeed your Avuncular relative.
  12. Another link that may be of interest - found it a while ago when I was considering modelling an A-37 of that unit. There's a nice colour shot about halfway down. http://www.caterpillarclub.org/mexico/index.htm
  13. Incidentally, I don't know if you're an IPMS member, but if so, you may be interested to walk up Charing Cross Road to the Porcupine http://www.allinlondon.co.uk/clubs_bars/venue-425.php Here was held the first meeting of the British Plastic Modellers Society which soon became International ...
  14. Just checked - "Cabinet War Rooms" - head down Whitehall towards Parliament Square, take a right down King Charles St, it's at the end. I know, when I worked in London I went through it on the train every day.
  15. Motor Books in Cecil Court always used to be worth a visit when I worked in London, it's a small walk from Trafalgar Square. http://www.motorbooks.co.uk/ If you're into ships, HMS Belfast is one place I still haven't been but is bound to be worth a visit. RAF museum and Hannants I also recommend. iirc Colindale from Leicester Square takes about 30 minutes, and make sure you get on a train going up the correct branch of the Northern Line - the tube map will explain it better than I can.
  16. F-86D: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http...ved=0CAkQ9QEwAA Fiat G.91: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_G.91 "Wenn ich mich aufwachse, möchten ein Sabrehund sein." Looked like a Luftwaffe G.91R-3 to me. Thanks for posting Frank, nice vid.
  17. Best wishes to one of the genuine good guys, get well soon!
  18. For me, easy-peasy: http://www.montex-mask.com/html/master/kam48025.html Yes, I have this set and a Tamiya Razorback D in the stash.
  19. I suspect not - caps (or anything else loose) do not tend to do jet engines any good.
  20. Don't know about Tora Tora Tora, but the USS Savo Island in Bridges at Toko Ri was actually the Oriskany.
  21. You and me both. Also don't forget September 15th - Battle of Britain - but then again why stick to once a year?
  22. Thanks for posting, but I'm not - I've waited for this for a long time as I've wanted to build a Czech MiG-21. I know Academy did a box that said "MF" - it was more of a MiG-21 PF or -bis iirc. So I'm looking forward to this release, as if Eduard can't get a Czech MiG-21 right who can? After that, perhaps an F-13 as well ...
  23. Interesting aircraft, and one I've wanted to model for a while - perhaps (with apologies to fans of the mighty Tweet) a "WIF" using some spare A-37 markings? Anyway, in 1:48 it can now be done. http://www.heritageaviationmodelsltd.com/c...ng-111-29-p.asp (Main Heritage site http://www.heritageaviationmodelsltd.com/ ) HTH
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