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  1. Hi and thanks, That seems to be the only photo available. Same photo as in "Spirit in the Skies", but larger, so more detail - thanks for posting. If TwoBobs or anyone else is watching this thread, you know what's wanted!
  2. Forgive me if this should be in "research corner" instead, but it involves both historical fact (or as we're talking F-4s, phact ) and a modelling-related question so it seemed to phit here as well. Anyway, my question: on 18 October 1986 an F-4S of VF-202 "Superheats" landed on to USS America (CV-66) and became the very last F-4 to take the wire on a carrier afloat. No doubt many a phan shed a tear or two! Can the assembled phanatics here advise whether there any is documentary evidence exactly which aircraft this was, and does anyone do a set of decals for it? TIA,
  3. Hmm, interesting to see Revell boxing Eduard plastic (see the 1:48th Albatros and Fokker DR1). Not sure if the Hawk could tempt me into 1:32, although if I did I'd want to do a camouflaged TWU bird from Brawdy or Chivenor - perhaps the relevant markings will be included ... Thanks for posting the link.
  4. Absolutely superb. The background looks as though it could be Norfolk too - nice touch.
  5. I exepect most do, but this one didn't this time. I'll wait with anticipation. (Incidentally, for those wondering where East Anglia is, it's the bulgy bit of England to the north-east of London - quite flat, huge skies, ideal for air bases, of which there were a huge number, particularly in WWII. As my sig says, "Mighty Eighth" country, and lots of RAF too.)
  6. Very nice models Ken. Being an East Anglian, though, I did naturally think the title meant you'd done a pair of Liberty Wing birds
  7. Agree with that - "post-shading" is what I've heard it called. Whether I preshade, post-shade or do neither or both depends on the model, period, and stage in its life - on a hard-used WWII bird maintained in field conditions yes, for the squadron boss's ship in peacetime less so. As someone called Al said, "Build what you want in the way you want to".
  8. Ticked most of 'em, apart from "boring" and "dead to me" (if that means what I interpret it to mean) - and (obviously) "all of the above". If I find it getting boring I pick up something else from the "in progress" pile which usually manages to revive any flagging interest.
  9. Looking good! :D Do I get a prize for guessing right? :D
  10. Aeroclub here in the UK do stretch thread http://www.aeroclub-models.com/p.html?n=1&c=ART003 or 10 thou brass wire http://www.aeroclub-models.com/s.html Not used either myself and not dealt with them recently, so order at your own risk. However, I have used some of their accessories and kits in the past and they have a good reputation.
  11. Gary Numan (sp?)? Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd fame)?
  12. Could we not expand it to include Poles, Czechs, and everyone else mentioned who flew with any other AF? I'm particularly thinking of the 1st Czech Air Regiment which flew La-5s under Soviet colours, but there are surely others.
  13. You could try the IPMS(UK) Harrier SIG - you don't have to be a member, although much of the info and all of the perks are ony available to members. http://harrier.hyperlinx.cz/
  14. Older than that sir, I remember that kit being around in the 60s. So all the more respect for what you've done with it. Great model!
  15. A P-51D called "Lady Marion" (342nd FS, 348th FG, Phillipines). She likes dragons, and suggested I model a dragon of two - that means to me: anything from VF/VA/VFA-192 "Golden Dragons", the A-37 Dragonfly, a U-2 "Dragon Lady", F-80 "Saggin' Dragon", a SAAB Draken ... well you get the idea. She also likes Dakotas - I must get around to the Monogram one I've got in the loft!
  16. Bonjour Etienne, The major manufacturers will often use the show to advertise new releases - Revell and Airfix have shown advance test shots of various kits in past years, to name but two. They don't always, so you never know. Cottage industry often use the show to announce and market new releases. You'll enjoy the show Etienne, c'est formidable. Come and say hello to MadameC and moi, we'll be on the IPMS Avon stand. :)
  17. Hey Gary, nice shots. Where exactly are you? (I'm a Suffolk bor and have fond(!) memories of Air Cadet Wing parades at "What-a-shame".)
  18. "The aircraft were normally flown in 'Bravo' fit (high-g centre-line tank, no wing tanks) or 'Alpha' (no external tanks) ... The gun pod was seldom carried, though crews were required to fire it once a year at [Armament Practice Camp] in Cyprus." So add the standard four Sparrows/Skyflash, 2xAIM-9s on each inboard wing station, C/L tank or not as you wish, and a gun pod if you want an aircraft on APC, and your F-4J(UK) is "hot to trot". Quote from The Phantom Story, Anthony Thornborough & Peter Davies, Arms & Armour, 1994/2000. HTH. Edit: PS: Welcome to ARC, mine's a Martini, nei
  19. I have a Sprint-jet, very happy with it.
  20. CMK did various stuff for the MiG-21. Do a "find" in this page, there's lots, and the bonus is that I have bought some stuff from this dealer and got good service. http://www.eaglemodels.co.uk/acatalog/CMK.html Edit: Sorry, disregard, just spotted your Fishbed is 1:72. However, may I suggest we leave this up in case it useful to anyone else?
  21. Gary, Thanks for posting these superb pics. Why oh why did nobody ever do that at Rougham when I was growing up in Bury?????
  22. Hi Rostislav, That is useful information, many thanks. As for your English, don't worry about it, it's better than my Czech!
  23. To drag this back onto topic ... My references suggest the following fighter squadrons had at least one Czechoslovak pilot posted to them at some stage, not necessarily the BoB: 1, 3, 17, 19, 23, 25, 32, 41, 43, 46, 54, 56, 64, 65, 66, 68, 72, 73, 81, 85, 87, 96, 111, 118, 122, 124, 125, 127, 129, 131, 145, 151, 167, 182, 198, 222, 234, 238, 242, 245, 247, 249, 253, 255, 257, 258, 303 (Polish), 306 (Polish), 307 (Polish), 315 (Polish), 317 (Polish),425 (RAAF), 501, 504, 600, 601, 602, 605, 607, 610, 611, 615. In fact, the top-scoring Czechoslovak ace, Josef Frantisek, flew with 303 (Polish).
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