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  1. Couldn't speak for poles, but I think Czechs are 50/50 on the issue ... :P Michael (My 1:72 41 Sqn FGR2 is in there somewhere)
  2. MikeC

    Sea Vixen

    If you'd carried on reading SAMI you would have also noticed an MPM Sea Vixen in 1:48. Given the fact that the Airfix 1:72 Meteor F8 was a re-pop of the MPM, I'm not expecting Lightning or Spit F22 quality. Having said that, I'll probably still buy one, but I do (don't ask me why) have a preference for the FAW2 over the FAW1. Perhaps I just like the 899 (last cruise in HMS EAGLE) colours. Bring it on!
  3. The best kit for me has to be the Gavia, because I've got one in my stash and I haven't got a Hobbycraft one Seriously, I believe it is actually the Gavia by a short margin - more accurate shape overall - others may well know more, or have other opinions, or both.
  4. Hi Julien, MrsC and I will be there, on the (hopefully) joint IPMS Avon/Reconmnaissance SIG stand.
  5. MikeC


    Nice La, and always good to see Czech markings. Nice thing about the Czechoslovak AF immediately post WW2 - where else could you see British, German and Soviet types all in the same markings?
  6. NY ANG pic (and some background - fortunately pilots OK) here: http://www.caterpillarclub.org/mexico/index.htm I thinks Superscale did the decals for this unit in 1:48, regret I can't recall the sheet number.
  7. Thanks RCoulter52 et al, I'm glad I didn't imagine it. Now which stash pile did I put the kit in? .....
  8. PS - Cutting Edge did the replacement prop.
  9. Regarding the nose weighting question: it's my understanding that the real thing was something of a tailsitter given half the chance, ie with low to no fuel, payload and crew on board. I was given the impression that you could almost build one as a tailsitter and still be accurate. Anyone else heard this or was I sadly misinformed?
  10. MikeC

    ICM Spitfires

    What he said. Also I found out too late that the firewall could use a bit of thinning, so you get a better fit at the wing root. Here's one I did a few years back, with the wingtip of another one in the background. Displacing the ailerons gets round the fit issues well enough for me.
  11. Conversely, not all RAF Mustang IIIs had them; British-based ones did afaik, but certainly 112 Sqn in Italy used Mk IIIs with the standard hood.
  12. Not so sir, all the P-51Bs (USAAF boxing, with "Shangri-La" as a decal option) that I've ever bought have had both. True in my experience.
  13. MikeC

    P-51 Yoxford Boys

    Looks good, I look forward to seeing the finished model. You may be interested to know that the airfield - despite the fact that they were called "The Yoxford Boys" after a nearby town, the airfield was officially Leiston - is now a holiday caravan (trailer) park. I took these a couple of years ago - no I wasn't staying at the park, this was a "drive-by".
  14. Decals??? Nah! Been there, done that. http://hsfeatures.com/features04/b24dmc_1.htm One more B-24 in the stash, earmarked for "Dragon and his Tail, so thanks but no thanks. Great idea though.
  15. Second that: Hannants own thinner plus a drop or two of retarder.
  16. Liam, Are you airbrushing? If so, mask and paint the recognition band first, then leave it faintly visible when you do the topcoat, just like pre-shading. Alternatively, mix up a darker shade of the basic top-colour, then mask and paint the stripe after the topcoat. As a third alternative, "mist" some black onto the masked-up stripe area. My preference would be for the first, as you can vary how much shows: it can look really effective. It also replicates what actually happened - as you rightly say, I think you're referring to a painted-over recognition stripe. If you're brush-painting,
  17. OK, here's my take on the whole 8th AF P-51 recognition markings thing: Fin/rudder stripes (12"): 20 Feb 43-23 Mar 44 on all aircraft; after that, only on NMF aircraft until the end of 1944 when they were removed completely. Tailplane stripes (15"): 20 Feb 43, continued until Spring 1945, and whilst most were removed some aircraft still carried them after that. Wing stripes (15"): 20 Feb 43, then superseded by invasion stripes. Re-applied to upper surfaces when upper wing invasion stripes were removed, but not on all aircraft; cremoved generally spring 1945. Wing invasion stripes (18"): R
  18. Thanks Nick, Now you mention it, I can make it out.
  19. I always thought the Century Series was the US's Hunter myself ... :D Hey Julien, nice pics: just curious as to what the legend on the port nose of XL563 says? Can't quite read it.
  20. True Sir, but is it fair to assume the box has an F3 option as well?
  21. Looked like 43 Sqn to me (B&W checks), but it was a long time since I saw Independence Day.
  22. And exactly why has no-one mentioned the most successful of them all - commercially that is - the one and only supersonic and commercially viable - Concorde?
  23. Flying Instructors can, I understand, only qualify as such when they have learned to say "I have control" calmly rather than in an agonised terrified scream whilst watching their life flash before their eyes and the ground approach, airspeed fall off, etc. In the RAF they used to learn this on the Jet Provost http://www.jetprovostheaven.com/ an aeroplane to which a certain Tweet bears a remarkable resemblance ... :D
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