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  1. Never thought I'd see one, I'd love to have one to park next to my Il-2 when I get around to it. Look forward to it. Thanks Pavel.
  2. Hi Beaker, (If I may call you what your avatar suggests.) Fantasy Printshop in the UK do a set of generic swastikas. Homepage here http://fantasyprintshop.co.uk/ and what you're looking for here http://fantasyprintshop.co.uk/searchresult...hTerm=swastikas They're a quality act, they print decals for all sorts of manufacturers as well as doing their own: recommended. HTH, M (edit for typo)
  3. Nice Spitfire. Some years ago I did a similar thing when we went to Normandy for the first time on our hols. (Thinking about it, it was 10 years ago, where does time go? <_< ) Anyway, we stayed in a gite near Ste Mere Eglise, and enjoyed the local wine, including some in local-branded bottles. The wine was bought in a shop in the town square, Italeri's 1:72 C-47 was bought in another shop in said square, and here's the result. Happily, the boxing included markings for one of the units that dropped on Ste Mere Eglise, confirmed by doing some "on-the-spot" research in the Musee des T
  4. Thanks chaps, not only answered my question, but increased my Russion vocabulary as well. Cheers, M
  5. Happy New Year All, I was perusing the Ejection Site (http://users.bestweb.net/~kcoyne/frame_sg.htm, it's a useful resource) for information about the Soviet K-36DM, which is the seat in the Su-22M Fitter, when I noticed that the seat is built by Zvezda, who apparently have quite a track record in egress systems. Anyway, is this the same concern that now produces models as well (and if so, we can probably assume that any Soviet bang-seats will be accurate)? Can anyone enlighten us, as enquiring minds (well this one anyway) want to know. TIA,
  6. I'm with you on that one.
  7. Hi folks, Just finished my final one of the year, AmTech's Hs 123. I posted some in-progress threads earlier - follow the links from here http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....1&hl=hs+123 - and remember agreeing that it was a "top-notch" decal sheet. It is, except that mine turned out to be out of register. Anyway, here is my model, depicting an aircraft of 8./SchG1 in 1942. Built from the box with decals from the kit and a variety of spares, to whit sheets frfom a Bf 109, Hs 129, Ju 87 and Ju 88. Grateful thanks to Dave West and Phil Evans for info on this particular aircraft
  8. Methinks I must do that one - years ago I built the old 1:72nd Revell kit with those markings iirc, you remember, with the sliding canopy and red rear fuselage, it will be an interesting exercise to do it right, and in a larger scale. And I firmly believe that you can never have too many Mustangs.
  9. Lovely model, and local to me as I live less than 10 miles from Charmy Down. It gives a certain extra something to the model. For those in/visiting the UK, you can still see where Charmy Down was. Drive south on the A46 from M4 J18; cross the A420. You come to the village sign for Nimlet; the control tower and other buildings are clearly visible on top of the hill in your 11 o'clock. Must dig my old Monogram kit out of the loft ...
  10. Well I spy 356th FG nose markings (blue diamonds on red background).
  11. We've all heard the jokes, one example being "helicopters don't have aerodynamics, they're so ugly that the ground repels them." But doing a crossword today, I realised that "helicopter" is an anagram of "cheer pilot". :D
  12. Nice assembly ship - belonged to the 458th (Horsham St Faith) and was known as "The Spotted Ape". In fact I have a distinct weakness for assembly ships, here's mine in "another place". http://hsfeatures.com/features04/b24dmc_1.htm Well done Rafi.
  13. If you have the same sheet as I have (can't remember the ref number), check this book out: http://books.google.com/books?id=PtimzeNgN...amp;output=html Profile #25 is the "Flying Undertaker" depicted on the decals; the book says it's a P-51D. Profile 24 is "Snooks 5th", an F-6D which Shomo was flying when he shot down the seven a/c. (I didn't get all that from just the link, I have the book). I'm thinking I'll do Snooks 5th, even though it is less colourful, just need to source some serials. HTH,
  14. Or to paraphrase the Duke of Wellington, "Model and be d****d"!!" It's an attractive scheme, and imo balance of probability says it's correct. Now where can I find a Dauntless kit ...?
  15. Hs 123 is ready for primer (then fill/sand/prime/fill etc); the F-3's about to have the Neutral Grey undersides painted; the Fw is stalled since the masking tape lifted off the paint (my fault, used an old primer that didn't work); the Jeep will be continued when I feel like it; and the MiG is very nearly done, in fact may even finish it tomorrow - too much to do for today. However, next week is mainly preparation for SMW Telford, and who knows what I may decide to start in the meantime - maybe even a Sabre? :D
  16. Wow, I hadn't realised that this topic had revived. Thanks for all the responses chaps, looking forward to starting on a Sabre, but determined to clear the logjam of part-built models on the workbench before I do. Pardon? Oh, AmTech Hs 123, AMT A-20J being done as an F-3A, Fw 190A, all in 1:48, a Jeep in 1:35, and to keep this at least partly on topic (Jet Modelling) an old Airfix 1:72 MiG 21 "nostalgia" build.
  17. One annual "game" MrsC and I play is to spot where the AA have located the one sign that say "IMPS ..." instead of "IPMS ..." (sad I know). We will be there this year, based on the IPMS Avon stand, displaying on that plus the Recce, USAAF WW2 and Harrier SIGs, see you there.
  18. I had a moment of madness and built the Revell SE5A. Considering the comments I've heard I was pleasantly surprised. It did need filler, it did need additional scratch-built detail, but I enjoyed building it. I have the Fokker D.VII as well, bought cheaply to use as a rigging practice piece. As such, it's ideal, as the basis for a model it needs more work than the SE5A did. Message is beware, some better than others.
  19. Aaaargh! I was in the Beds/Cambs area visiting relatives and knew nothing about this!!!
  20. Yup, been there, done that. :blink:
  21. Cor blast bor, you're not far from Hannants if you're at Cromer, get you down there. (I may live near Bristol, but I'm an expat Suffolk bor)
  22. Ah yes, now I've re-read your original, that'll teach me to look too late at night. :)
  23. Small world, I used to live in Gosport and remember RN SAR Wessexes (Wessi?) at Daedalus, never mind Sea Kings or Bristows.
  24. BTW, you say "Classic Training Aircraft" yet fail to mention the Tiger Moth. (We really need a "puzzled" emoticon here unless I've missed it)
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