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  1. I bought my Special Hobby Ar 96A from Andy Pack at the Gloucester show this year, it is available this side of the pond.
  2. We've had civilian SAR for years - Bristows (under contract to HM Coastguard) is a rather attractive scheme iirc.
  3. MikeC


    For small seams I've recently discovered a model putty in the LifeColour paint range. You add it to the seam and can then smooth it with a damp cotton bud (Q-Tip for those across the Pond), finger, or whatever. May need two or three goes, but minimal time and sanding more than makes up for that. I also use Tippex, Squadron white putty or white Milliput - depends on the seam.
  4. Not so, it's not easy to get right. I decided to live with a bit of a step that fortunately sits on the metal/fabric boundary. At least the IV serie has the "razorback" integral, with only the upper cowling separate. BTW, I didn't bother with the etched brass rigging turnbuckles - a detail too far for my hamfisted "I-really-prefer-the-painting-and-absolutely-hate-etched-brass" approach to modelling.
  5. My post above may have confused also - 'twas reference to a great British Film, starring a great British actor with a great (stage) name
  6. "You're only supposed to blow the b*##%y doors off!"
  7. Nice. Be careful about the fit of the top decking. Just about to bite the bullet and start rigging my first one (Ive two more 534s the stash and plans for at least one on top of that).
  8. Not sure what you're asking? Is it: (1) Are they going to repaint the badges on 918 and 919? or (2) Are they going to repaint the rest of the Squadron to match 918 and 919? In the short term I suspect neither - these things are often an "interesting" feature of a fleet in any air force you care to name. In the long term, who knows? In any case, I say do the model as is, with the kit decals, as that's the easiest option. It can only represent the aircraft at that point in time - later on, who knows what will be added in the say of aerials, lumps and bumps or other markings. Enjoy. M
  9. As the man says, liable to change: http://www.ipms-uk.co.uk/smw_2007showguide.htm
  10. MikeC

    Hs 123

    I said I'd post some pics http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....p;#entry1148920 Well they're over on Britmodeller, here's the link: http://www.britmodeler.com/forums/index.ph...st=0#entry47978 Thanks for looking.
  11. The S-199's prop had a very wide paddle blade - very necessary to absorb the power produced by what was a bomber engine with high torque at relatively low revs. Unfortunately this was the reason it was known as the Mezek (Mule) - it was not the easiest aircraft to fly; it could, and frequently did, "bite" even the most experienced pilot.
  12. MikeC


    It's less well known that some Allison-powered aircraft, particularly Tac-R versions of the P-51A, were also retrofitted with Malcolm hoods. Actually, the Tac-R and PR Mustangs throw some more confusion in, as my understanding is: F-6A = P-51 F-6B = P-51A F-6C = P-51B or C F-6D = P-51D (and K = K). My brain hurts!
  13. Edgar, Thank you, you've just made a conversion project I'm planning much easier. As the RAF/Canadair Sabres were essentially the same aircraft it makes sense that they might be shut on the ground. Perhaps I'll include a figure caught having just "shut" the second one. Thanks again, and see you at Telford I hope.
  14. An interesting point for debate arises about the slats on the early marks of Sabre. Accepted modelling wisdom is that as the slats were not deployable "at will", they remained open on the ground, and therefore any model of a slat-winged F-86 must depict them open. But is that invariably the case? For example, would they stay closed if a crew chief, or a pilot (during walk-round checks perhaps) closed them by hand? Reason I ask is that I found a photo purporting to be F-86As, which clearly shows them closed. If this is the case it would make building an A model in 1:48 without a conversion
  15. I have a Monogram 1:48 Sabre in my stash, and the other day it poked its head out of the loft and yelled "Build me next!" (metaphorically speaking). The kit is good for its day and still reasonable, albeit needing a bit more effort than the Academy or Hasegawa offerings. The main issue I have is that the air intake and jet pipe have little depth. My options are: (1) scratch-build an intake trunking, re-working the kit nosewheel bay and cockpit to accomodate same, and then scratch up a jet pipe the other end; (2) Find some suitable aftermarket; (3) Paint the interiors black, shading and blendi
  16. MikeC


    Microscale/Superscale also did "The Huff". I made it some years ago, unfortunately I can't remember the sheet reference.
  17. I remember seeing tehse at UK airshows in the 70s - iirc the green probably started off a dark shade - slightly darker than RAF dark green - but it was generally so faded that the aircraft was rather variegated. If you like doing pre and post shading, with lots of contrasts and faded patches, Danish Draakens and F-100s fromm the 70s are just the thing.
  18. Just sprayed the top surfaces. I went with XF-51 mixed with a smidgeon of XF-60 ("dark yellow", a light-brown colour). Looking good so far, I'll post another photo or two when I get around to getting the camera out. Cheers, M
  19. Thanks Ross, I'll check it out. Still interested to hear others' opinions, not least as I'm always slightly supicious of museum exhibits. Cheers,
  20. MikeC


    It's not a bad kit, and you've done a great model from it. Very effective painting. Mind if I share mine too? The scheme was cobbled together with spare decals, this is not a kit option.
  21. Eduard's delightful little Avia is coming along well. Despite a fit issue with the top decking/cowling (stopping the fuselage sides bowing in where they join said decking) and deciding not to use the rigging turnbuckles because they are far too small and fiddly for my eyes and fingers (so drum me out of IPMS! ) it's ready for painting. Which brings me to the question of colour. I have a pot of Tamiya XF-51 Khaki (acrylic). It looks about the right colour, but is it too dark? What do you guys think? TIA
  22. Even better place to grow up I grew up under one end of the Mildenhall circuit, life was an endless procession of KC-135s, C-130s, VT-29s, C-117s/R4D-8s, C-5s, even the odd C-124, T-39, etc etc etc. Happy days ... I think you're right, no more A-10s are based here, the last ones left Woodbridge and Alconbury in the early 90s iirc. They are certainly a distinctive sight in the air.
  23. MikeC

    Did D-Day C-47's

    "Support and Strike!", subtitled "A concise history of the US Ninth Air Force in Europe" (John F Hamlin, pub 1991 by GMS Enterprises, ISBN 1 870384 10 5) has a pic on P90 of the 439th's aircraft at Balderton (the airfield - Devon is the county) on 17 Sep 1944, and the caption gives the nearest aircraft as 315159, D8:Z. And guess what, it clearly has those windows that are visible painted over. The shot is taken from the aircraft's 10 o'clock, so you can't see many, but it's arguably good enough evidence to suggest that you don't have to strip the paint off after all. Anyone else back this up
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