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  1. Hi Jen, I think we're complementary rather than competing. Avon, not small at all, but still beautifully formed, meet monthly on the third Wednesday, so between the two Bristol groups you could go to two meetings a month, and there are some who are members of both. We have about 50 members, with upwards of 30 turning up each month. Each meeting usually centres around a talk or some other "event"; we have one branch comp a year, otherwise just bring along your latest creation or work in progress and have a drink and a chat. Benefits: we have a comprehensive branch library and decal ban
  2. I went to Scale Modelworld and I bought (hey, it's just like one of those memory games you used to play when you were a child, the one where you add something each time): Gavia La7; Hasegawa 109E-4 and G-6, bargain at £10 each; Airfix Hurricane I (another bargain @ £5); Aeroclub S-3 Viking undercarriage; Osprey "Slovak and Bulgarian Aces of WW2"; A bunch of paints; Some micro-nozzles for superglue (wow what a find, they make using superglue about 400% easier); and looking at my hotel bar bill, a few drinks as well. Thanks also to Graham, Seb and Brian D for the various freebies. I
  3. Indeed Ken, I remember your excellent talk on all things Flanker-related. Also remember you sent me some useful info on MiG 21s once, for which thanks again. The Fishbed's nearly finished btw, used the CMK resin set, and the build was, shall we say, not without its moments. :blink: I actually meant Jen, but of course, you'll always be welcome at the Rotunda too (as will any visitors or prospective new members). :blink:
  4. Jen, Very well done, a deserved win. Why not come along and join us at Avon? You're assured (as is everyone) of a warm welcome. We have quite a few members from your neck of the woods. Third Wednesday of every month. Check out the link in my sig (the webmaster is also an ARCer). Cheers,
  5. I'm in the front row between Julien and the gent kneeling down, wearing a black jacket and blue shirt. Nice to meet you all, see you next year hopefully.
  6. Not just Trumpeter - how long have we cat fans been waiting for the Hobbycraft F9F-8 Cougar?
  7. Michael Chilestone: based on the IPMS Avon stand, but if not there likely to be found around the USAAF WW2 SIG, Harrier SIG and PR SIG (exhibiting on all those).
  8. MikeC

    Fairey Gannet

    I think Modeldecal covered this aircraft (or at least a COD Gannet) on one of its earlier sheets. I can't remember the number, if I come across it I'll post it here.
  9. Well to put the opposite pov to Mr Chox: the first bit I always read in SAM is the "Tailpiece" column, and a bit of "human interest" (shed-painting or whatever) never went amiss. After all, it never ceases to amaze me how after a day of painting and wallpapering the house, I relax by painting and decalling a model aircraft! As for biased editorials, read any national dailies lately? You are, Sir, entitled to your opinion, but I fear model magazines without the odd bit of editorial "rambling" would be dull as the proverbial ditchwater. IMO a good mix of both is the key! Happy to debate thi
  10. Lucio, I was born and brought up in the county of Suffolk, where the Eighth's B-17 groups were based. Your photography had me (who knows the countryside) practically convinced that I was looking at a photo of a real machine on dispersal. Nice one :)
  11. Tony, After years of loyalty to Badger I bought an HP CS - the one with the larger gravity-feed built-in paint cup. I model 1:48 aircraft, and so far it's proved ideal. It can do wonderfully fine detail, free-hand RAF-type disruptive camouflage, and it holds enough paint to cover a reasonable area: the largest model sprayed with it to date is a 1:48 EA-6B. I was concerned as to whether the large paint cup would prove difficult to manage - it isn't, the brush is wonderfully balanced and controllable. I use acrylics with it, it takes them in its stride. Clean-up is easy too. Also bought
  12. MrsC and I will be there on the IPMS Avon stand, and I'll also have models with the USAAF WWII, Harrier and Recce SIGs. See you there.
  13. MikeC

    avro lincoln!!!

    I'll concur with Bob above: RE320 wore the Medium Sea Grey/Black scheme, and served with 100 Sqn at RAF Wittering, and on detachment to Kenya for Mau-Mau ops. Imho one of the nicer post-war RAF colour schemes.
  14. For a simpler build, AMT also have "Geronimo" as one of the decal options in the box.
  15. MikeC

    Achtung 109 Experten

    I was looking through Nowarra's book again last night, and on a page 174 there's a photo, captioned as aG-10/U4 that clearly shows the larger, more subtle bulges, that we now know. On the other hand, the GA drawing of a G-10 on P142 illustrates G-6-type cannon bulges. Seems the evidence was there, but we all missed it.
  16. MikeC

    Achtung 109 Experten

    Gents, Many thanks. May even start them tonight - I'm trying to decide between two Czech machines (AF and Police) or one Czech and one Luftwaffe; if I go for the latter, shall I do the Czech one as Police or Air Force??? Decisions Decisions! Thanks again
  17. I've not built a 109 for many many years, but recently bought a couple of Hasegawa G-10s to add to my increasing Czech collection. Anyway, in my dim 'n' distant youth I built a lot in 1/72, and had a few books, notably Nowarra's "Story of a Famous Fighter" (Harleyford). All these references showed the G-10 as having the same sort of bulges over the cannon as the G-6 and others. Now I see that the Hasegawa G-10s have much larger bulges that do not appear so prominent as the contours change more gradually. This is backed up by references I have seen recently. The question is: when did all t
  18. At least one more than you thought. :blink:
  19. MikeC

    Trumpeter Wellington

    I saw this model in the plastic at the Avon Show on 20 Aug (19th Aug next year, mark diaries now!) and it is impressive. :huh: Look forward to the article, particularly if he mentions the elapsed time it took to build.
  20. MikeC


    Three weeks ago I'd have said "Get a Badger Anthem", then I bought an Iwata Eclipse CS - it's a quantum improvement - easier to clean, but before the cleaning, better results.
  21. It cleans out some of the paint that accumulates - by changing the flow I imagine it creates disruption in the internal airflow and dislodges some paint that would otherwise stick fast. It's part of my regular end-of-session cleaning routine. Try it sometime, you'd be amazed at what comes out. Word of advice - for obvious reasons use a closed paint jar/cup or whatever. HTH
  22. MikeC

    F-3 Havoc

    Larry, Thanks, but no message received so far, could you please retransmit.
  23. MikeC

    F-3 Havoc

    A plea for help, having exhausted Google et al: does anyone know of any published and available photos that may show the F-3 Havoc, camera installation. I know that it was in the rear bomb bay, but lack info on whether there were any ports, or whether the bomb doors had to be opened to photgraph anything. This seems quite plausible, as the use was night PR, and the forward bomb-bay contained photo-flashes. In case you were wondering, I'm about to start on AMT's A-20J, with the markings for "Starize" using this sheet http://www.hannants.co.uk/search/?FULL=ESP48204. It will make a nice comp
  24. Rusty, I'll see your Rhinebeck, NY, and raise you the Shuttleworth collection at Old Warden. Nothing like watching a Gladiator land whilst the Hind is warming up literally in front of you. I only lived 10 miles away until I moved here!
  25. New Revell Canadair Sabre 6 (F-86F-40). Three decal options - two German for which you have to cut the -40 wingtips off and replace with resin ones provided, and a USAF -40. Seems to be the Hasegawa kit for not much more than half the price. :unsure:
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