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  1. With each release they have just got better and better. One of my favourite manufacturers now. Yes, perhaps a bit over-engineered, but the choices are great, with the variety of editions (weekend, profipack, etc) giving a wide choice of options to suit different tastes and budgets. My particular 1:48 favourites: the Avia B.534s (clearly a labour of love for them); the P-39 series (I've built 2 and have 4 more to do); the MiG-21 series; and the Spitfires. Eagerly awaiting the promised PR XI.

  2. Well, all they need now to be taken as a serious manufacturer is a 1/48 P-51D. ;-)

    And a Mustang I, P-51, A, B & C (with and w/o fin fillet) to complete the series

    As for the 109, would parts for one of the recce variants and/or one or more Slovak marking options be too much to hope for?

  3. I don't often do WIP photos, not out of principle but simply because I never think of doing it. But I have this time.

    I bought a decal sheet with "Ferocious Frankie" of the 361st FG, and then realised that she was an early D. I pondered kitbashing the Tamiya 1:48th D to produce a filletless bird, but that would involve a bit of work around the base of the fin to get the panels correct and looking reasonable. However, I was ordering a Mustang I conversion from Ultracast, so I stuck their filletless tail on to the order.

    When it arrived I was very pleased at the quality of the resin parts and the thoughtfulness of the design. The Tamiya tail is removed at the panel joint just forward of the tailwheel, and the resin tail fin and rear fuselage is a straight replacement. All you need is to thin the kit plastic a bit, and a bit of filler if, like me, you botch the cut slightly.

    There's a separate resin rudder, and the kit tailplanes are a drop-in fit. Very very pleased, can't wait to finish her.





    The parts do need a bit of clean-up like any resin bits, but I cannot recommend Ultracast highly enough.

  4. I don't know what IPMS (USA) meetings are like, but I've been a member of a number of different IPMS(UK) branches as I've moved around the country with my job. In general, those who will "flame" you for a less-than-perfect model, if there even are any in the group, are in a very small minority, and you soon learn who to avoid. In general, if people criticize it's constructive criticism. I've learnt so much over the years simply talking at meetings. But often, it's also praise. Don't forget that generally we are our own worst critics, because we've built the model so we are very familiar with it and know where the faults are.

    If anyone does "flame" you for something there are a couple of questions you can ask them: "What are your sources/where's your evidence?", and the question they often can't answer: "So which is your model then?"

    So go along, and good luck!

  5. Overstreet was one of Yeager's wingmen at one point wasnt he?

    R.I.P. Sir.

    Possible, of course, but not mentioned here. http://www.cebudanderson.com/overstreet.htm

    He does say on that page: " I flew with several [other flight leaders] until I flew as “Tail End Charlie’ with Anderson. From then on, I tried to fly with him whenever possible. I thought then (and still do) that he was the greatest. His record sure proves it."

    @ Don (post above) - you're welcome.

  6. I ordered a couple of P-51-related items from Ultracast on 23rd December. I got an email the next day telling me they had been despatched on Christmas Eve, and they arrived today, a week later. That's across the Atlantic in a week which happened to include Christmas.

    I've tested one item already - the filetless tail on a P-51D - and the fit is near perfect. High quality parts too.

    Great product, great service all round, so thanks to everyone concerned. :thumbsup:

  7. I prefer to do the wash and weathering first …


    There is no "one right, true and proper way." Find what works for what you are trying to accomplish. Don't forget to experiment once in a while.

    Absolutely right, otherwise modelling becomes just doing the same old thing over and over again. Having said that, we do have above what I would term not so much "correct" sequences as "generally recommended as a default sequence/starting point".

  8. ... you can never have too many Mustangs, can you?

    Very true, and yours is a great example of one from one of my favourite FGs.

    Now, all I have to do is find an aircraft named Sarah and build one for my daughter... anyone seen an example?

    Can't think of one offhand, but I'll let you know if I think of one. Have you seen Little Friends? You may find a "Sarah" here. Good luck.

  9. That's one large X-wing. That they of course made snap tite. Ugh. I wish revell would not dumby down the Star Wars kits and make some that require some effort. They've got to know the target Star Wars audience is over 30 years old.


    Not wishing to hi-jack the thread, but my 7-year-old Star-Wars-mad grandson may well disagree with you. :)

    We now return you to the thread.

    I don't build very many biplanes, but for a 1:48 Stearman I'll make an exception.

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