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  1. I've tried both, and get best results with Tamiya's own thinner (no I do not have shares neither am I on the payroll). I also add a drop of Cryla "acrylic flow enhancer" (drying retarder).

    Ratios? I tend to go on "that's about right", depends on the colour.


  2. Aeroclub used to do one in 1/72 that looked a better starting point, but this is no longer available.

    I built that, and cheated by using the Airfix Tiger to source the struts and u/c. It was finished as a Cambridge UAS machine post-war and turned out rather nicely, but alas when I moved house it ended up as a Cat 5 (=write-off) monoplane. :thumbsup: Shame, as I don't build many biplanes - the T/M was in 1994 or so, the next biplane I built was started a month ago. Anyway, if you can get hold of an Aeroclub that's what I'd recommend.

  3. I've left Eduard masks a few days, no ill-effects, just make sure they are stuck again before the second coat of paint.

    Incidentally, I have an Eduard P-51B set that has been used for 3 models now - is this a record?

  4. I read a great article on this once called the "Toxicolgy of Modelling" or something like that... can't remember where.

    I remember reading that - I think it was in Scale Aircraft Modelling in the late 80s or early 90s - must look it up.

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