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  1. From the age of about 8 I remember a constant stream of USAF and USN aircraft over my house and school, C-130s and KC-135s being very common, also VT-29/C-131s, C-117s and many more. But I've never lived anywhere but England. How so? Grew up not far from Mildenhall. Fond memories of open days there, and also at Lakenheath and Bentwaters; Wattisham too where I got my fix of Lightnings which were based there at that time, 29 and 56 Sqns iirc. Mildenhall air days had a unique aroma, a heady mix of burnt jet fuel and barbequeue. 1974, I was "on the fence" to see the SR-71 arrive after its Farnborough vist. Impressive!! Happy days ...
  2. This happened just 12 miles down the road from me: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/aviation/9368141/Pilot-killed-as-rare-1920s-plane-crashes-at-airshow.html Please spare a thought for the pilot's family.
  3. You could also try Paul Parkes. http://www.parkes682decals.piczo.com/?cr=5
  4. Simple answer from me is alas, no, and I wish I did know of one, I'd rather like to see an F9F-8, particularly the so-ugly-it's-beautiful recce version.
  5. Name and first letter of surname - fairly self-evident I hope. The avatar pic is Framlingham (aka Parham) airfield as it is today, one-time home to the 390th BG of the Mighty Eighth.
  6. This model really is a honey - very well done, and inspiration to dig mine out of the "deep stash".
  7. In case your good lady objects to being left in London while you head for Telford, MrsC informs me that the Telford shopping centre is a fine example of the breed, and it's a short walk from the venue. Hope you can make it.
  8. Just found this: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=234917813&hl= Nothing I can add to the sentiments expressed in the BM thread.
  9. MMmmmmmm: I like that. Very nicely executed.
  10. Very nice model. I hadn't realised how much the FJ-1 wing shows its North American lineage - it's almost pure Mustang with tip tanks.
  11. Interesting set of pics in the DT today. Not really sure where to post this, but Art seemed the most appropriate. Enjoy ...
  12. In "The Phantom Story" (Thornborough & Davies, Arms & Armour, 2000) a Lt Col John Roberts, USAF Ret, who was the former ops officer of the 92nd TFS at Woodbridge/Bentwaters, is quoted thus: "The alert aircraft carried one B61 thermonuclear weapon on the centreline, two fuel tanks and an ECM pod (my italics) on the wings and the usual four Sparrow AIM-7 missiles in the recessed fuselage wells." This implies it was SOP, certainly for this unit, and it makes sense if there was the requirement to carry the missiles - which the aircraft in the pic does not seem to be carrying when the pic was taken.
  13. "Appointment in London" complete with lots of library footage of Lancasters, plus an opportunity to play "Spot the Lincoln" "Went the Day Well"
  14. How many different boxes did these conversion kits come in? Your picture shows three different ones, all of those different from the box mine came in. Yes, I have one to build as well; I shall watch your Sabres with great interest.
  15. For those of us in the UK not fortunate enough to have our hands on it yet, mid-Feb is the best estimate I can find. http://www.anticsonline.co.uk/1849_1_18191.html
  16. I got some gift cards from various relatives, I spent the Amazon one on two Duncan Curtis books, the F-86 and the Canadair Sabre in RAF Service. You may gather I have a soft spot for the Sabre; come to think of it,, that includes the T-6, B-25 and P-51/A-36/F-6, so make that "I have a soft spot for North American aircraft".
  17. A quick search on Hannants reveals these: http://www.hannants.co.uk/search/index.php?adv=1&product_category_id=&product_division_id=&manufacturer_id=&product_type_id=all_decals&code=&scale_id=955&keyword_search=pv-1&setPerPage=25&save_search_name=&save_search=
  18. Auster something Cessna 172 Whirlwind HAR 10 Chipmunk (I'm a former Air Cadet from that era) Beagle Husky (One of the Auster family) Argosy Hercules BAC 111 Slingsby Sedbergh glider Kirby Cadet Mk 3 glider (Soloed ) Chinook Boeing 727 Boeing 737 Boeing 777 Jetranger Tiger Moth (MrsC's pressy for my 50th :wub: ) Still to do: Dragon Rapide, DC3, Harvard, Stearman and hot-air balloon. And in my dreams, that two-seat Spitfire - well a chap can dream!
  19. MikeC

    P-51H question

    I don't know about either of those you mentioned; I've built the Historic Plastic Models (HiPM) and whilst some say the wings have too narrow a chord it seems OK to me. Not an easy kit, but with a bit of work it scrubbed up well. The kit decals give 4 options (2 56th FG, 2 ANG) but the US national markings are proportionally incorrect - easily replaceable. The kit includes some resin and a small etch fret iirc, and has a thick but usable injection moulded canopy, in fact two, one open and one shut. One of the better limited run kits I've experienced. HTH
  20. In a word, YES!! So I feel your pain, but I am making progress, the beast is almost ready for the first coat of primer. It will not be perfect, but I figure that the model is just so impressive on account of size and subject that nobody will be looking to see whether there are any imperfections (there are!) hidden by the black paintwork, and it is going nowhere near any competitions. I've been fascinated by the Blackbird since my friend, we were both aged 10, built the old Revell 1/72 YF12A. A few years later I saw it at Farnborough in 1974 and biked to Mildenhall (near where I lived) the next day to see it fly in there. Impressive is too inadequate a word. So stick with it Sir, look forward to seeing the end result.
  21. I'd say NMF, the differing colour due to the way the light falls on, and reflects off, the curved surface. Compare the after portion of the turret with the fuselage adjacent (almost identical) and the front, brightest, part with the panel above the first window and level with the "scoreboard". Others may know more though ...
  22. Sounds like time to make a start on my Bentwaters F-16 Aggressor, or maybe an A-10, or then again perhaps an Alconbury RF-4 in the early "Navy" scheme ... Decisions decisions ...
  23. Many thanks Terry, that's great. The Widow's box is already open, just got a 109 to finish then off we go! Thanks again, Mike
  24. Less than a week to go folks until the Avon Show, hope to see you there ...
  25. Hi Terry, thanks for starting this thread, some very useful info in here. I'm just about to start on my Widow, which is going to be "Little Audrey", a 9th AF bird in France - a later attrition replacements I believe, and as such rare in the ETO in having the top turret. Anyway, regarding the earlier question about aftermarket sheets, I have this one by Kits-World - nose art only, you'll still need everything else. Question: the rocket installation for night intruder ops appears to be standard HVARs, but where are they positioned? Are there any plans or dimensions at all? I just have a hankering to mount some. I have tried google which throws up some photos, but any exact locations would be good. Thanks,
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