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  1. Ooops, what's happened? Finger trouble and not being used to the new Board perhaps ... Would a passing mod please delete the surplus duplicate? Thanks.
  2. And @ AlanM, thanks for posting the drawings, right-clicked for personal use, is that OK? (Edited because my keyboard can't spell )
  3. Many many thanks for posting those Don, love the painting in particular. I'm a Walsham-le-Willows boy - my Father owned the grocer and draper in the High Street. I was too young to remember Sabres, but it's a scary thought that while I was a young boy the Thor missiles were undoubtedly coming on alert during the Cuban Missile crisis
  4. Thanks for the info Don. I admit the photo is less than clear, I was going by the apparent lack of the central dividing line (compare the photos earlier in the thread). I'm not that bothered about making one, as I have the Cutting Edge set and (I hope) enough modeling skills, but I'm basically a lazy modeller, and if I can avoid unnecessary work I will. (So drum me out of IPMS ) I particularly want to make a Shepherds Grove aircraft as I grew up in the nearest village, and later developed an interest in the 81st FW/FBW/TFW/Whatever W. My late Father remembers seeing the Sabres as they first arrived - he spoke of a long, never-ending stream of jets. Any sight of your artwork and/or any photos, or pointers to where available, greatly appreciated. To everyone else, apologies for dragging this o/t into a nostalgia trip!
  5. Interesting. I'm planning to do an F-86A from the 116th FS at Shepherds Grove, the first Sabres in the UK. I'd always assumed I'd have to make the winscreen addition, but it seems not necessarily. Just checked out some reference pics, for example this one, and bearing in mind that afaik these were As and no other variant: http://www.century20war.co.uk/ShepGrove%201954.jpg
  6. MikeC

    New Frogfoot?

    Reviving an old topic, a friend at my IPMS branch brought a work-in-progress along last night. He'd got the fuselage together, having added a Neomega cockpit, and it looked great - very little filler.
  7. How about Pony? To drag this back on topic, I'm not bothered about what Hasegawa give us - in the Mustang stakes I'll take Tamiya over Hasegawa's tends-to-be-over-engineered approach, but this is academic anyway as my 1:48 stash is large enough to last me without moving into 1:32.
  8. I'll second OBD's method - almost identical to what I've evolved over the years. I don't bother to wipe the brush on a third palette, because I've never thought of it, perhaps I should ...
  9. Very nice model, and love the staff car as well - the open door really brings it to life.
  10. Mmmmm, very nice Michael (used to live in St Neots)
  11. Thanks for the input people, pleased to say that the second kit arrived this morning, which makes it just over two weeks. Where the first one got to who knows? :lol:
  12. Well I got myself a Monogram F-101, and the only way to finish it is in 81st TFW (RAF Bentwaters) markings. Minor detail, they used single-seaters and the Monogram is a two-seater F-101B. No problem, CandH Aero Miniatures makes a conversion kit. I ordered one, and after a month it hadn't arrived. I emailed the owner, who promptly and without question despatched another, also emailing me a scan of the receipt for the postage on the first and checking that he had my address correct. The second one was despatched 26th Feb, which is nearly two weeks now. Is this normal, to be expected? I have to stress that I do not not believe the fault lies with CandH - I have heard nothing but good about them, and my own experience bears this out. But where do I start chasing? Royal Mail? HM Customs? or where? Any advice appreciated. Thanks,
  13. Just checked back to 5 March last year, and I fear you missed one, but in 2011 it's even more significant as it's the 75th anniversary - I cannot believe that no-one else has mentioned the first flight of the most iconic fighter ever, the Spitfire (even on a "colonial" forum ;) ) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-12655848
  14. Very nice Viper, and from Bentwaters too.
  15. I'm looking forward to it too. The Academy Fishbed was nice enough, but did not (despite what the box said) ever represent an MF correctly. I tried to do a Czech one with a resin conversion set (no names no pack drill) and it ended up as one of the few models I've ever abandoned in frustration. When I get my hands on the Eduard one I can finally do a Czech AF model justice.
  16. A bit more complex than that unfortunately. Don't forget that the 9 was an upgarded 7, not a new build. The GR7 and GR9 had the same engine. The more powerful engine was in the GR7a and subsequently GR9a. Amen to that!
  17. I recently had this mysterious bubbling on my HP-CS with a brand new nozzle and needle, having replaced the old one. Eventually a (very) close examination of the nozzle revealed it was the tiniest fraction too long. So I replaced it (I always carry a stock of two or three spare needles and nozzles - never know when you'll need one in a hurry) and everything was fine again except that I have paid good money for a duff nozzle. C'est la vie!
  18. I feel weak reading this thread - I need a good tot of Laphroaig now - for medicinal purposes of course ...
  19. P-51D "Mary Mac" of the "Checkertail Clan", the mount of Lt Gordon H McDaniel. On 14 March 1945 he shot down 5 Fw 190s in one sortie, thus beoming an "Ace in a Day". Hasegawa kit, Eagle Strike decals, all in 1:48 scale. Photo © Phil Jones & IPMS Avon. Thanks for looking.
  20. Can you give us a likely geographical area? The lack of visible hills suggests Lincolnshire or East Anglia, but equally could suggest the camera didn't happen to be pointing towards any hills. Going by the hangars it's an Expansion-era RAF station, so perhaps knowing where you were likely to have been might help narrow it down. It it's East Anglia, it could be Honington or Coltishall perhaps, I don't think it's Wattisham but I could be wrong.
  21. Thanks to MrsC for Graham Haynes' "Bentwaters and Woodbridge": http://www.woodfieldpublishing.co.uk/conte...en-uk/p224.html Lots of inspiration to keep me busy on the modelling front. Now if anyone has the Revell 1:48 F-86D boxing with the 512th FIS markings and wishes to sell, please let me know. Season's Greetings,
  22. Me again. My kit is an old Monogram I bought a while ago - at least 10 years. However, according to the instructions I have part 58 is the nose radome for the P-61A version. 59 is the rearmost engine cover of the two detachable cowlings. HTH, and please post some photos when she's done. I may even start mine now I've unearthed it.
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