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  1. I visited with MrsC a few years ago - thoroughly recommended. Thanks for the memory.
  2. To be honest I probably won't bother with the PE - the minor application of skill is taken as read. I'm not a detail fanatic, I build so as to have a 3D canvas to put an interesting paint scheme on. It will sit well next to the R/M F-5E I built a few years ago in Alconbury agressor markings, plus the Kfir that's sitting on the "start me" shelf ...
  3. Nice, I never knew they did a two-seater. £13 vs £35 for the AFV Club examples make for an interesting value decision. A little more info here. http://www.revell.de/?id=203&KOKANR=01...p;sp=1&nn=1 Now all we need is a decent 1:48 F-5A/C and B/D - my ideal would include at least Canadian and "Skoshi Tiger" markings in the box. I saw the AFV club sprues when their E first came out, although I've not bought one yet, and it looked to me as if an A model could be got from a future boxing with some alternative sprues.
  4. Oh, and on the F9F-8 Cougar, could we please have an option for that wonderfully ugly F9F-8P recce nose.
  5. I always thin mine with distilled water 50:50, sprays a treat, fully agree that Mithril Silver, Chain mail, and boltgun metal between them make great metallics.
  6. All in 1:48 scale. Echo the F-94, T-6 (current one not the Harvard) and single-seat F-101, with 81st TFW (Bentwaters) markings of course. Also an out-of-the-box F-86A wouldn't go amiss. But I would forego all these for a decent state-of-the-art F11F Tiger!!!
  7. He-51 (in use during WWII as a fighter-trainer) Avia B.534 (ditto) Fury (ditto) Hart trainer (ditto) Gladiator (still used operationally by 247 Sqn at Plymouth during the Battle of Britain, and for meteorological reconnaissance up to 1944) Stearman
  8. I trust the discounts you'll be giving will be sufficient to offest the petrol from Brizzle + the bridge toll? Seriously, best of luck in your new job.
  9. Dare one ask, for the record, what about the ESCI kit?
  10. Avec moi, it seems to be French subjects. On an Italeri Mirage III I accidentally spilt a pot of liquid poly, the resultant mess could not be re-worked; a Trumpeter Dauphin and a Revell Falcon 10, both intended as French subjects, both went wrong in various ways, as did a Seafire XV for which I had - and still have - some interesting Aeronavale markings. It's not just modelling; the first time I went to France en holiday, my tuyeau d'echappment* fell off in Ste Mere Eglise, the second time I sustained a flat tyre 5 minutes off the boat in Le Havre. I have an Eduard Mirage IIIC about to be st
  11. I live in England not far from the Welsh border, and I can vouch for the fact that the rain was heavy!!! The West of the UK tends to be somewhat wetter than the East, as the weather systems move NE from the Atlantic, pick up all that Atlantic mositure, then deposit it on the land ... Incidentally, and only a little bit OT, there was a lovely line on the TV News last night about the Ryder Cup: "Great weather for ducks, but not for birdies."
  12. Paging the team at Eduard ... :D
  13. I used to think they were a luxury, and sat there cutting little bits of tape whilst smugly thinking "Some modellers can be persuaded to pay for anything." Then I tried a set - instant conversion of the unbeliever! I use them if I can on anything with more than a few frames, examples being P-40, Ju-87, Lancaster. I wouldn't bother for an F-16 or a P-51D, but where there are more than a few frames I do think the time and effort saved more than compensates for the cost. Fit in my experience is near perfect, provided you use them on the recommended kit. In a perfect world, of course, all kit
  14. Not going, no such luck, but I was lucky enough to fly from Goodwood in a Tiger Moth a few years ago - a present for a "significant" birthday from MrsC (That's me in the front seat).
  15. The Mowhawk is the old Academy (orHobbycraft kit) plus a bunch of resin, PE and decals. http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MH148001 The F-86 is billed as a K http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MH148002 Must be a new tool, as the K differs significantly from the D. Personally, I have plans that say "post-war Luftwaffe " when it does come out.
  16. You do get a Spook (admittedly not 6" tall) in the Hasgawa F-4 Eggplane kit for far les than 40USD afaik.
  17. I'm not making a yolk, your B-24 is all-wite! ;)
  18. MikeC

    Iwo Jima based P-51D's

    Molesworth (mentioned in my post above) also confirms that Lil Butch's stripes were yellow and black. I didn't realise it was your work on the sheet Jennings - my respect sir.
  19. MikeC

    Iwo Jima based P-51D's

    Thanks Ham. I'm not sure when I bought the sheet - it was some years ago, pre-2003 when I started cataloguing the stash in earnest because I was worried about losing track and "double-buying". as you say, it may have been updated over time, I'm just glad to have found out the relevant info. Carl Molesworth's "Very Long Range Mustang Units ..." (Osprey "Elite Units" series) has been a great help too - thoroughly recommended if you can still get hold of it. I'm a bit of a Mustang fan, all the models in-shot on the table are mine, except the dazzle-painted P-47 poking it's wing in on the left
  20. A radial-engined Mustang? How could a civilized person suggest such a thing? I feel quite unwell!
  21. Had a demo once. They did not like it because I would not "do as I was told" - for example I refused point-blank to allow them to vacuum the mattress on the bed to "demonstrate how dirty it is". I also worked out that for the price they were asking I could buy a brand-new ordinary and perfectly good vacuum cleaner every year for about twenty years. Interesting to observe the sales techniques used though, and they did shampoo the carpet in the lounge. @Big Nick: "... It looked like a relic from 1950 at a 2050 price ...": my thoughts exactly sir.
  22. MikeC

    Iwo Jima based P-51D's

    Just found this thread, because guess what, I'm about to start painting "Tiny Gay Baba" in 1:48 scale. I have the 1:48 version of that sheet (48-012) which does show TGB's bands as yellow. However, I notice that on the 1:72 sheet, the trim for "Li'l Butch" is blue and black, whereas on the bigger sheet it's yellow and black - I believe the latter is correct. BTW, I made "Lady Marion" from that sheet some years ago. Front and centre on this shot from the Farnborough model show 2006.
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